All-Republican Slate takes County Offices at Swearing-In Ceremony Tuesday in Downtown San Diego

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Six Republicans took their elected oaths of office this morning at the historic  County Administration Center, opposite the Star of India and San Diego waterfront.  With the victory of Ernie Dronenburg as Assessor – Recorder, all County offices are now held by Republicans, including Sheriff, DA, Treasurer, and all 5 county supervisors.

Depicted in the adjoining photos are North County’s Supervisor Bill Horn, with  Daughter-in-law Holly holding grandson Samuel and wife Kathy.  Not pictured, but in attendance:  Son Geoff, Daughter Julie and grandsons Jackson, Will, and Luke.  Judge Tim Casserly administers the oath.  Ernie Dronenburg is shown with his wife Marilyn holding the family Bible.  That is popular Superior Court Judge Kenneth So reciting the required oath of office for Ernie.

Congratulations to all who took their offices today, and to their families!


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  1. Sandy:
    This brief financial summary comes from a SD Union-Tribune
    article of January 4, 2011, authored by their reporter Craig

    “The county is faring better financially than most public agencies.
    A December 7 report estimated the county would have a surplus
    of $109 million
    in its $3.7 billion operating budget in the current
    fiscal year, which ends June 30. That money could come in
    handy if the state raids funds headed for the county to help
    close a massive deficit.”

  2. Democrats control the City and State. How’s their financial outlook these days?

    Your see, Sandy, there is a difference. The City of San Diego and the State of California have financial problems based on the unwillingness of their elected officials to rein in spending (something within their control), which in turn has been exacerbated by the economy (not wholly within their control).

    The County of San Diego has been impacted by the economy, like every government agency.

    So, since you asked the question, it then follows. The Republican controlled County’s financial outlook is based on something largely outside their control. The financial outlook of the Democratic controlled City and State is based on something largely within their control, but that they are unwilling to address.

    Thanks for asking.

  3. I commented on this site a few months ago that the states of California and Texas have similiar-sized budget deficits. CA is controlled by Dems, TX by Reps — should be interesting to see how they deal with their respective deficits, and what the end result in each state will be.

  4. I’ve never heard that Texas has a budget deficit even close to California’s. Do you have a link to a site with that info?

    I would be surprised, especially since they have a part time legislature there.

  5. Found this one. No links however. Would this be it?…

    D7 Voter
    2010/11/12 at 12:50 pm

    Both California and Texas have massive budget deficits. California is $25 billion in the red and, if I recall correctly, Texas has a shortfall of $21 billion or so.

    Over the next few months it will be interesting to watch how the leaders of these two states try to address their budget deficits. Will they try to raise taxes? Cut programs? Offer incentives to attract businesses and create jobs? What will they do? And what will the respective results be?

    California will be controlled by Democrats. Texas by Republicans. Which state will come out ahead?

  6. Yeah, that’s it. Thank you for looking. I guess I didn’t include links as I had thought. Nevertheless, if you google the topic a bunch of new articles pop up.

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