New filings show the S.D. Deputy Sheriffs Assn had a good 2010 election Year — Here’s How they did it

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2010 was a year to forget for much of organized labor, but at least one local  employee group was celebrating on Election Night…the San Diego  Deputy Sheriffs Association.  Reports filed in the last 24 hours reveal the DSA found success through a willingness to back (gasp) Republican candidates !

The DSA did significant Independent Expenditures for Supervisors Bill Horn and Ron Roberts in the Fall, thus refusing to panic after the June primaries when Roberts and Horn were both forced into risky runoffs.  But then, you would not expect law enforcement officers to panic.

Perhaps they will reflect on these startling results in the coming  months over at the San Diego Labor Council.  OK, that’s not so  likely.

……………Crunching Some Numbers

In their just-filed reports, the Deputy Sheriffs PAC disclosed the scope of their Independent Expenditures effort. That included a total of $46,486 to assist Supervisor Bill Horn (North County, District 5), and another $71,960 aiding  Supervisor Ron Roberts (District 4, San Diego city).  Roberts and Horn turned back strong bids from candidates backed by more traditional AFL-CIO affiliated Labor Unions (Stephen Whitburn in District 4, and Steve Gronke in District 5.)

The DSA made use of phone banks, slate mailers and signage to spread the word that law enforcement professionals supported Ron Roberts and Bill Horn. And the DSA shrewdly turned to seasoned pros like The San Diego Group for sound strategic advice.

Current leadership of the DSA of San Diego includes Hank Turner (President), Matthew Clay (VP), Steve Purvis (Sec-Treas.) and Directors Tammy Bennets,  Ernie Carrillo, Mark Elvin, Marco Garmo, Tim Petracheck, and Dave Schaller. Congratulations to the DSA on their 2010 successes !

[And thanks to SD Rostra’s Hydrilla Guerrillas for finding the latest campaign information.]


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  1. Jim, I’d give the Deputy Sheriff’s Association credit for being SMARTER than the other unions. As I’ve pointed out here before, backing incumbents is VERY safe bet.

    It’s also a smart wager that these two Supervisors will be partial to the sheriffs when the compensation package comes up for review — especially compared to the labor unions who were not supportive of their reelection.

  2. The “over and under” bet on how long it would take Mr.
    Rider to respond to this post combining both (A) Cops
    and (B) Republicans …. was 2 hours and 30 minutes.

    The UNDER wins it at 2 Hours and 23 minutes! … 😉

  3. The incumbency factor alone doesn’t speak to the mindset that was established for many in the community when the two supes didn’t make it out of the primary, the oft-heard resulting thought being that it meant real trouble for them. That most of the labor community would back the challengers is not a surprise. So, it is news that the DSA would counter its “peers” with significant IE monies. Kudos to Jim for being the first to report on this information.

  4. I’d say the BIGGER news is the foolishness of the OTHER unions. They lost what I consider a sucker bet, so now their influence with these two incumbents is surely diminished.

    The odd thing is the strange nature of the SD County Supervisor term limits the unions successfully backed. It passed easily.

    But the unions took the teeth out of the measure, as past years don’t count — the clock started over for all the GOP incumbents. By the time the term limits take effect 8 to 10 years hence, most if not all the current incumbents will be old and retired — and some will perhaps retire early to get a designated successor in office.

    Assuming the unions wanted to get rid of some GOP Supervisors, they pretty much wasted their money. And that’s actually a GOOD thing!

    Yes, two Sup seats will go Dem — eventually. But that would have happened anyway. The unions got NOTHING or the term limits initiative.

  5. The DSA have shown themselves to be politically astute, indeed! In fact, they’ve aleady endorsed Steve Danon, a known Republican, for the 2012 District 3 County Supervisor’s race!

  6. Not only did the DSA back great candidates, they stayed away from the term limits initiative. They also agreed to a lower pension tier 2 years ago, saving millions in future dollars for San Diego County.

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