Santa Claus’ Special Gift List for some of the ‘SD Rostra’ Regulars

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Please add your “gifts” to Santa’s List for fellow Rostrafarians:

For Gayle Falkenthal … more shelf space to store the trophies and plaques she copped from the SD Press Club and other societies.

Barry Jantz …a peaceful year at Grossmont Healthcare District.

Marie Waldron… an abacus, to discreetly count how often she is once again the Majority Maker on the Escondido city council!

Gabriella Hoffman … more guys taking her advice to be an American Gentleman…

Erica Holloway … New business clients and reasons to laugh out loud in 2011. It is a good gathering when Erica H. is laughing.

Bob Siegel… the freedom to get annoyed occasionally with obtuse callers to his Sunday, 3 pm show on KCBQ, am-1170.

Jason Roe & Duane Dichiara … more election wins in California, Florida, Michigan, Illinois and Guam.

Mighty Thor… Keep that Hammer handy and in good repair. You will have plenty to do in 2011.

Sunshine… more of your accurate and startling predictions! The Lorie Zapf will win ‘call’ still sticks in a number of local craws. 😉

Vince Vasquez…. a new computerized color Map pin-pointing the 7 Cities of Gold, sought since the days of Cortes and Coronado. We split the tips 50-50.

Bradley Fikes… Good health, good work, and many more fine contributions to SD Rostra in the year ahead.

Gwen… new things to say in 2011.


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