How North County Was Won — Supervisor Bill Horn took 3 of the 4 North cities and the “Rural Majority” — also overcame U-T’s Logan Jenkins!

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The “Final Canvass” of the November election is now in from the SD Registrar of Voters, and here at the Rostra Institute, we’re looking for patterns in the key local races.

Bill Horn did it the old-fashioned way in North County, winning 3 of 4 cities (Carlsbad, Oceanside, San Marcos), key suburbs (Del Dios, Lake San Marcos, Rancho Santa Fe) and the famous Rural Majority (Fallbrook, Bonsall, Ranchita).

Vista Councilman Steve Gronke had his innings too, winning his home town (58% in Vista), a few suburbs (Buena, Hidden Meadows, Elfin Forest) and also two rural outposts (Valley Center, Pauma Valley).

The Grand district-wide Totals were…Bill Horn 86,105… Steve Gronke 75,985


It’s long been an article of faith among Horn critics that if only folks in the Sticks knew ‘the truth’ about Horrible Horn, he would lose. But That approach did not work (2002).

U-T writer Logan Jenkins, for a decade, has written columns explaining how Bill Horn could be beaten THIS TIME… When the Rural strategy did not work, THEN the critics pointed their fingers at those know-nothings in the Cities. If only the city people knew the truth about Horn the Hun, why then he would lose…… That did not work either (2006).

This time Bill Horn won a majority in the Cities and the Rural zone (where Fallbrook is the big vote-rich Enchilada ) thus confounding Logan Jenkins’ assertion he’d be in trouble, “in November when the turnout will be larger and more liberal.”…. Frustrating!

Here at the Rostra Institute, we find Logan Jenkins to be entertaining and original. We look forward to reading the NEXT political formula which will surely chase Bill Horn away for good in 2014.

1st Moral of the story: U.S. Marines like Bill Horn do not go away quietly.

2nd moral: Bill Horn has an excellent County staff, led by Joan Wonsley and the energetic John Culea. Mr. Culea is still remembered for his stellar TV news career at Channel 8 in the past.

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  1. When one of our staff writers at the North County Times left for a job with the county, we threw a Bill Horn-themed party for him. Horn showed up for it. That was nice of him, regardless of his putative foibles.

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