Is Tony Krvaric “the marketing and ticket sales guy for the Football Team, not a coach or a player”?

Jim Sills Jim Sills


A liberal reporter this week expressed a view common among the news media that Tony Krvaric is mainly a PR guy as he heads the Republican Party of San Diego. The scribe (Dave Maass of San Diego CityBeat) wrote, “I think Tony Krvaric, he’s more like the marketing and ticket sales guy for the football team; but not a coach or player.”


But the media did not see candidate after candidate get up at last Monday’s GOP committee meeting, and thank Krvaric and the party for Mailers and volunteers which were critical to their 2010 victories. From Escondido, to San Diego, from Lemon Grove to Poway and Imperial Beach, they held up the oversize party mailings sent to rank-and-file Republican voters around San Diego county and said, “this was the turning point.”

Supervisors Bill Horn and Ron Roberts, Assessor/Recorder-elect Ernie Dronenburg and councilwoman-elect Lorie Zapf joined the parade of the GOP who’s who paying tribute to Krvaric, executive director Barrett Tetlow, and the mainly women volunteers who ‘womaned’ 7 regional Republican HQs.

………………………….THE 4% SURGE

SD Rostra has already chronicled the 4% “surge” since 2008 in the GOP share of mail ballots this year. With mail ballots now accounting for about 60% of the total vote this year, that is vital, and again the Republican Party of SD worked to ‘bank’ those GOP mail ballots.

One veteran observer I contacted said Tony Krvaric was not just the head coach, “but the quarterback and the Chairman of the Board too.” But we’ll keep all that to ourselves. Let our competitiors continue to underestimate Coach K. I doubt he will mind.