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Larry Himmel, RIP (VIDEO)

Thursday, November 6, 2014
posted by Erica Holloway

Reposted, from a 2012 Erica Holloway entry…

DSDP 2012 Installation Dinner - Larry on the Street from FortyOneTwenty on Vimeo.

What do San Diegans Really Think About the 2012 Mayoral Race?

It’s not too often that we get to hear from the average San Diegan about politics.

In our world, the high-propensity voting public tends to consume our daylight (and midnight oil) hours.


Faulconer pushes to bring City technology into 21st century

Tuesday, April 17, 2012
posted by Matt Awbrey

Faulconer calls for approval of Mayor Sanders' IT reform plan

Are you reading this using a computer system from the 1980’s? You’re probably not firing up a Commodore 64 each morning, yet much of the City’s information technology network still uses decades-old systems.

This morning Council President Pro Tem Kevin Faulconer joined Mayor Jerry Sanders and Councilmember Lorie Zapf to unveil the potential savings from two competitively bid IT services contracts. He called on the City Council to approve the agreements, which will help bring City of San Diego operations into the 21st century while creating millions of dollars in efficiencies and savings.


Remember back in 2010 when the local Municipal Employees Association went crying to its state level big brother, Public Employment Relations Board (PERB), about Mayor Jerry Sanders using the power and prestige of his office to inspire and endorse Prop D, the sales tax increase?

No I don’t remember that either, because it did not happen. However, I do recall more recently the Municipal Employees Association asking PERB to bully over 120,000 San Diegans, including Mayor Sanders, by blocking the Comprehensive Pension Reform initiative from getting on the ballot. Last Tuesday, Judge William Dato told Goliath, labor groups and their heavy-handed bureaucrat friends, to back off of little taxpayer David… until after the election.


Politics & Media Mashup: your weekend news aggregator leads off with big budget news from San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders. Also included: Links to some of the week’s best stories about local, state and national politics as well as social and traditional media.

Mayor Jerry Sanders at Thursday's news conference. Photo courtesy of FOX 5 San Diego

San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders dominated the news cycle late this week with his announcement that he had finally solved the City’s budget problems.


From The Los Angeles Times:

San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders took his campaign for pension reform to Washington on Monday, suggesting a June ballot measure in his city will influence governments nationwide struggling with spiraling pension costs.

The measure would put newly hired San Diego city employees, except for police, into a 401(k)-type plan rather than a traditional pension.

It also would end “pension spiking,” freeze pensionable salaries for five years and eliminate a pension for any employee convicted of a felony for at-work conduct. (An ex-San Diego police officer was just sentenced to eight years in prison, Sanders noted).


Naked? There’s An App for That

Monday, February 6, 2012
posted by Erica Holloway

Just four days remain before Mayor Jerry Sanders and team closes the AT&T San Diego Apps Challenge.

So far, a total of 43 app ideas posted propose everything from wanting a nuts-and-bolts explainer on the enrollment process in “good public schools” to a full list of all the contact information for local elected officials, from email addresses to Twitter handles.

Interestingly, there’s a number of apps that ask for social information on meeting people of similar interests and the latest goings on.

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[captionpix imgsrc=”” captiontext=”Bob Kittle”]

Politics & Media Mashup: your weekend news aggregator leads off with an exclusive Q & A with Bob Kittle and includes links to some of the week’s best stories about local, state and national politics as well as social and traditional media. 

Most of you are familiar with Bob Kittle, the former editorial page editor at U-T San Diego who was best known for his conservative views and aggressive voice. For years, Kittle was the face of the paper, the architect of its toughest editorials. He was let go in 2009 in a round of layoffs. He ran news operations at KUSI for a year and now is writing a book. You will be shocked to learn he still has a few things to say. In a Rostra exclusive, Kittle weighs in on the new U-T, the Mayor’s race, the Chargers search for a new stadium and more:


I published a blog post Friday that questioned Mark Fabiani’s criticism of Mayor Jerry Sanders’ Convention Center expansion plan. Fabiani, who serves as special counsel to the San Diego Chargers and is the team’s point man on stadium talks, sent me a response on Saturday. Here it is:

Tony, thank you for the opportunity to weigh in on your latest Chargers stadium post.

I particularly appreciate the chance to give you a direct answer to your question about why the Chargers made the proposal to combine a new stadium with the convention center expansion. The answer: Because we are doing everything possible to keep the Chargers in San Diego, and we believe that the combination idea gives us perhaps our last and best chance to accomplish that goal.


Some Friday thoughts for your weekend…

Mark Fabiani is clearly the toughest man on the San Diego Chargers payroll. While he’s been going around town taking shots at Mayor Jerry Sanders, the guys who suit up on Sundays continue to play like a bunch of Lotus Eaters.

Fabiani’s latest jab arrived this morning in Tom Blair’s column. Fabiani once again says the Mayor’s financing plan for a Convention Center expansion is seriously flawed and possibly illegal.

“The mayor, who says he’s already been advised the plan is legal, is standing firm,” Blair writes.


From Cat Food to Caviar: Solidarity Ends at Retirement

Monday, August 8, 2011
posted by Guest Column

Guest Commentary
by Derrick Roach

Recently, Lorena Gonzalez, Secretary-Treasurer of the San Diego-Imperial Counties Labor Council AFL-CIO, delivered a can of cat food to San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders claiming that is all union members will be able to afford if voters approve pension reform measures for city employees.

While Gonzalez’s concern for the plight of union members is laudable, it seems that as head of the Labor Council and a member of two unions, she will not share in the solidarity of her unionized brothers and sisters as she lives a life of luxury sipping gourmet coffees and snacking on caviar like one of the “fat cats” that she so regularly criticizes.


The Strange Bedfellows of Pension Reform

Tuesday, July 19, 2011
posted by Erica Holloway

The woes of public pensions seems a universal problem. Governments around the globe grapple with these unsustainable money pits in the hopes of avoiding more trouble down the road.

San Diego’s not unique.

But just a year out from the 2012 June primary, we’re seeing lots of hubbub about the pension reform ballot measure out trying to beat the clock on submitting enough valid signatures to get it before San Diego voters for consideration.

Tied into this issue: the mayor’s race. Councilman Carl DeMaio’s planted himself firmly in the center of this issue along with his drum-beating partners, Mayor Jerry Sanders and Councilman Kevin Faulconer, who support his opponent, fellow Republican District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis.

Historic agreement helps San Diego avoid years of costly legal battles

City Attorney Jan Goldsmith lays out $700 million retiree health agreement with labor unions

City Attorney Jan Goldsmith lauded the agreement the City reached today with labor unions to drastically reduce retiree health costs — a move that will save San Diego taxpayers more than $700 million.

“This settlement … achieves an excellent result for the City,” Goldsmith said today at a joint news conference with Mayor Jerry Sanders, Council President Tony Young, Council President Pro Tem Kevin Faulconer and others.

Faulconer praised Goldsmith and Sanders for brokering this historic deal.


School reform initiative supporters turn in signatures

Friday, April 15, 2011
posted by Erica Holloway

SAN DIEGO — Petitions containing more than 133,000 signatures were turned-in to the San Diego City Clerk for verification Friday during a news conference in support of the San Diego Unified School District Accountability and Student Performance Initiative.

The measure requires at least 93,085 valid signatures to qualify for the next citywide election. The City Clerk contracts with the San Diego County Registrar of Voters to conduct the validation. The Clerk and the Registrar have 60 working days to complete the process and report the results to the San Diego City Council.


On Fiscal Issues, Where Art Thou Mayoral Candidate Bonnie Dumanis?

Tuesday, March 15, 2011
posted by Ryan Purdy

Maybe mayoral candidates should approach the 2012 election as if they were running for Homecoming King or Queen of San Diego. This seems to be Bonnie Dumanis’ tactic so far. She is willing to put herself out there… in the sense that she is willing to have folks voice their opinion about her at the ballot box. Of course, nominees for Homecoming court go through that too.  As I recall from my own high school experience, and watching every coming of age movie including Mean Girls, the Homecoming court is determined by popularity alone. The nominees do not have to engage in questions of sales taxes, labor unions, deficit reduction, crumbling infrastructure, response times and business environment, to name several issues. First, Homecoming court nominees make a few big posters with markers.  Then they smile at both the nerds and  the popular kids for the week leading up to the vote.  Finally, to their credit, they put their popularity on the line in front of God, man, the principal and the janitor. Dumanis seems more than willing to do that.  However, she is not willing to put a stake in the ground on issues, especially fiscal ones.


Bonnie Dumanis is running… for Mayor Jerry Sanders’ third term

Friday, March 11, 2011
posted by Ryan Purdy

San Diego has a longstanding tradition of electing establishment Republicans, often with either military or law enforcement roots as its mayor. Before becoming U.S. Senator and California governor, former Marine Corps officer and Republican Pete Wilson was mayor of San Diego from 1971-1982. Wilson, a moderate to liberal on social issues, did limit the growth of the city’s budget, cut property taxes locally and helped revitalize downtown. However, he was against Prop 13 in 1978 (limiting California’s property tax and requiring a 2/3 majority for increases in state taxes) before he was for it. San Diego city workers opted out of Social Security in 1982 when then-Mayor Pete Wilson promised the city would provide taxpayer-funded health care for retired workers. This promise has played a significant role in increasing the city’s unfunded liability.


Mayor Sanders and all current GOP mayoral aspirants:

Do you support or oppose the use of a project labor agreement (PLA), which would mandate the hiring of union workers, on the $700 million San Diego Convention Center Expansion?


Gettin’ Hot in the 2012 Kitchen

Monday, January 10, 2011
posted by Erica Holloway

So, it’s only January 2011 and already, we’re seeing some folks filing papers to run for office. Good thing, ’cause some of us just can’t stand a breather.

[See full list of candidates who have filed so far at the County Registrar of Voters for 2012]

Of course, tongues were wagging last week when Republican San Diego City Councilman Carl DeMaio filed papers to run for termed-out Republican Mayor Jerry Sanders in 2012.

The SDUT announcement included a quote from Republican political consultant John Dadian, who said the early filing technically means little. But he also concluded that the “media hound” will continue building on his name ID.






Good evening, and welcome to beautiful Irwin M. Jacobs’ Qualcomm Hall.

January 3rd marked the 157th year of County government.

We have accomplished a lot since the first Board of Supervisors rode to meetings by horseback, coach or wagon.

There have been good times and bad but we have always weathered the storm.

 At the very center of today’s storm is the most difficult economy we have faced in decades. It has forced many companies to change the way they do business, and many households to cut back on spending.

Comments Off on State of the County Addresses Budget Concerns for 2010

The San Diego County Taxpayers Association has written an open letter to the San Diego Union-Tribune via a public posting addressing why the Association believes it’s premature to declare “mission accomplished” on pension reform.  I’m also posting it here for Rostra readers and invite your comments.

That there is a need to post a letter stating the glaringly obvious (at least to THIS Libertarian thinker)  is a commentary in itself on the state of the City of San Diego’s budget crisis.

Comments Off on Taxpayers Association to City of San Diego: Not So Fast!

Yesterday, the Union-Tribune published a story about the City of San Diego recently increasing it’s solar permit fees by a multiple of six.

You may recall the across-the-board fee increases implemented by the City of San Diego in 2009. From the April 2, 2009 Union-Tribune story about that fee increase:

Mary Lewis, the city’s chief financial officer, said the mayor’s goal is to price the fees and permits so that they cover the city’s costs to administer programs and provide oversight, such as police or code enforcement inspections.



This Thursday evening, Voice of San Diego reporter Liam Dillon posted an article on San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders’ plan to study possibly two new back-door taxes on city residents – a stormwater fee and a trash collection fee – as part of a $179.1 million budget-balancing deal with the City Council. As Dillon notes, these two fees have been on the City Hall dais for years, but have never been acted upon, as California state voters approved taxpayer protections  (Proposition 218) which requires a public vote before municipalities can begin collecting new local surcharges. It is critical that San Diego city taxpayers do not become complacent on this study initiative, as history suggests its conclusion may already have been written.


Mayor’s Spokesman Compares Republican Party to Mass Suicide Group

Tuesday, November 3, 2009
posted by Buck Turgidson

The has reported the following Twitter message from Alex Roth, a spokesperson for Mayor Jerry Sanders:

“I’m beginning to see more and more similarities between the Heaven’s Gate cult and today’s Republican Party.”

The spokesperson issued a clarification and apology after receiving media attention. Seems like a bizarre statement for a PR person to issue publicly.

Your thoughts?


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