4th of July Reflections on Freedom

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Happy Birthday America! I felt the need to get that out there before the politically correct-police ban such speech as “divisive” or “extreme” or some other such beltway blather. Refreshingly, after reading this brilliant piece by Steven Greenhut today, I at least feel slightly less alone in my overall lack of confidence and enthusiasm – check that, my absolute disgust …

Republican Mayor’s Office Full of Obama Supporters? – That Would Explain A Lot

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The usage of Twitter by political folks is one of the most interesting developments of the past few years, if you ask me. It would appear that one of the Mayor’s PR folks may have provided us with a politically and philosophically revealing photo today. In a Twitter message, a Mayoral spokesperson talks about receiving a gift from outgoing Councilwoman …

More on the Rider/Mayor Debate

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Kudos to Richard Rider for taking on the Mayoral spokesperson. She seems to be beside herself at how he could have the audacity to call out the pro-sales tax side for threatening voters by trotting out the police and fire chief as political pawns and telling people that their lives are at risk if they don’t capitulate to increasing taxes. …

Republicans United Against Public Employee Unions? For Our Sake, They Better Be

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I am of the opinion that the Republican Party has suffered mightily in recent years for maintaining its low tax mantra (a good thing!), but at the same time not adhering to its purported fiscal conservatism on the expenditure side of the government ledger. A personal example: In 2008, I found nothing more detestable and downright frightening than the thinly-disguised …

Tax Hungry Firefighters Called Out for Desk Job Bonus

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As this blog has mentioned on several occasions, sales tax proponents have consistently  stuck to their “increase taxes or you will die” mantra. Channel 10 called out a “Desk Job Bonus” that is given to City of San Diego firefighters today. For anyone still wondering if they should support a sales tax, I highly suggest watching this segment immediately.