Naked? There’s An App for That

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Just four days remain before Mayor Jerry Sanders and team closes the AT&T San Diego Apps Challenge.

So far, a total of 43 app ideas posted propose everything from wanting a nuts-and-bolts explainer on the enrollment process in “good public schools” to a full list of all the contact information for local elected officials, from email addresses to Twitter handles.

Interestingly, there’s a number of apps that ask for social information on meeting people of similar interests and the latest goings on.

The top vote-getting app submitted by Christopher S offers this gem: “I want a San Diego app that Provides real time bus & trolley schedules and plus the times as well. And the map of the bus stops, etc.”

Pretty good ideas.

However, what about an app for the man who has everything, but just doesn’t know how to put it all together?

You’re in luck.

Patrick G’s proposed such an app idea: “I want a San Diego app that Tells me what clothes I should wear today.”

I admire his faith in others.

But for the sake of his friends and family, I hope Patrick’s not gallivanting through life in the buff while awaiting the glacial pace of government.

Go an app idea? Be sure to submit yours before the February 10 deadline.

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