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Panel to consider new pay cut for California legislators

Thursday, April 22, 2010
posted by Regor

I’d like to hear if you believe that our friends in Sacramento deserve what they are paid and why.

As I see it, they can’t really balance a budget (They continue the old smoke and mirror approach-pushing the dreaded day of gloom to the future, thus creating even more of a crisis) and their best method to balance the books is not by fiscal constraint, but by raiding the funds of cities, counties, school districts and other agencies (We’re the blame here since we voted to allow this as long as Sacramento pays these entities  back with interest, but how can they do that when they don’t have any real money??).


Just more proof that the Democrats are evil too. Read the article and you will see that Brown is two-faced, just like so many of the (Financially well off) Democratic elite that try to impose restrictions and higher costs on the poor since it really doesn’t impact them. Such as Al Gore, who preaches one thing and practices something totally different. Because he is well off, Gore can buy “carbon credits” to offset his wasteful ways instead of looking for ways to actually cut his carbon footprint.

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“Teachers and other San Diego school employees could take pay cuts next year of up to 8 percent to help offset a projected $93 million deficit, under a proposal presented to labor groups this week.”

Let’s look at this proposal. First of all, I’d like to know if the district has already made fiscal changes to their Cadillac benefit package (See my previous post about this- Also take a look at- The district has one of the best benefit packages around; this includes 2 bonus checks during the year (If you can, please name some other government agency that has such a sweet plan). This kind of benefit package is unrealistic, but don’t blame the unions for it-blame the bureaucrats and board of education that approved it (I’m not aware of anyone holding a gun to their heads to force them to sign).


It was recently brought to my attention that the Director of Transportation for San Diego Unified School District, who had been on administrative leave for over 3 months while the District investigated charges against her, was recently terminated but after being paid a settlement not to sue the District.

Okay, maybe I need to be slapped, but if the District thought that after their investigation, that there was enough evidence to prove their case, why did they pay her off? I wonder if it was more of a “Golden Handshake” kind of payoff. Apparently the School District can do this kind of thing, no matter if they are facing a 100 million deficit.

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County treasurer, assessor get raises

Monday, January 11, 2010
posted by Regor

Why do I have a problem with this?
1) They knew what the salary was when we elected them
2) I don’t care what these other counties pay their elected officials. Apparently it’s too much, so why must we take the fiscal fall and do a fiscally stupid thing??
This is part of why we are in such a fiscal mess. Everyone wants to be paid what the next guy is making. Maybe if our dear bureaucrats would just learn to say “NO” to increasing the wages and benefits of not only fellow bureaucrats, but also their own employees, we wouldn’t be in such a mess. Bureaucrats have shown that they have either forgotten where the money comes from, or just doesn’t care anymore.


A 1966 Prophecy by Ezra Taft Benson coming true??

Sunday, November 22, 2009
posted by Regor

First of all, a disclaimer. I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. This email has been going around recently and I thought I’d present it to you for a read. You can read the whole book at:

My Church membership has been labeled as conservative, but I beg to differ. There are lots of liberals in it and vocal too. For example you have everyone’s favorite US Senator from Nevada, Harry Reid.

Ezra Taft Benson served as Secretary of Agriculture in the Eisenhower cabinet. He later was President of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

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My solution: How to lower healthcare costs

Saturday, November 21, 2009
posted by Regor

First of all, the government pays the education for all medical professionals. Just think! Lower costs because the professional doesn’t have to pass their student loan payment to the consumer!

The government pays the insurance premium for all healthcare professionals. Just think, lower costs due to the fact that the professional doesn’t have to pass their insurance costs to the consumer!

Next, the government takes over all drug companies. Just think, lower costs because the government is running it (We all know that the government is much more efficient than the private sector).

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Once again, our justice system amazes me. In regards to the “runaway” balloon parents in Colorado ( UT, Saturday, Nov 14, “Parents involved in balloon hoax…”), our justice system was willing to deport the mother back to Japan (She is a legal resident of our country), however, our prisons have thousands and thousands of CONVICTED felons that are here Illegally, serving their time. May I ask why our system is willing to deport a LEGAL resident, but NOT convicted felons? If anyone is here legally (Resident) or illegally, and they break our laws, they should be immediately deported.

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Lawmaker pay cuts legal, commission boss insists

Sunday, November 8, 2009
posted by Regor

I’m in utter amazement reading that there are elected officials (“Legislature’s top administrators”) in Sacramento that are protesting the 18% pay and benefit cuts that have been proposed by the California Citizens Compensation Commission. First off all, if these elected officials can’t handle this cut, then resign or don’t run for reelection. No one is forcing you to stay. Second, look at the fiscal mess that Sacramento is in. These elected officials are the ones that can’t solve it (“Borrowing” from cities and counties and making them suffer so Sacramento can balance their budget isn’t leadership). Third, I’d like to suggest at least an 18% cut in pay and benefits for all elected officials, starting from Congress, down to the local school board. Just look at the perks and benefits they get. Do they REALLY deserve it????

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“The KHSD Board of Trustees is scheduled to meet in closed session with labor negotiators Monday to discuss compensation reductions for each member of the district superintendency for 2010-2011.”

So why not in San Diego? Also, take away their car allowances. When you make as much money as some of these bureaucrats, why is there a need for a car allowance?

In this era of supposedly “extreme” government belt tightening, I would hope that San Diego cuts at the top first and reduces their benefit packages too. Every cent does matter.


A few years ago, a friend was getting ready to make a run for the Poway City Council. He started to tell me about the benefits of holding office, and as a small business owner, trying to scrape by, I saw one of his needs to want to run for office was for the benefits. On a side note, maybe one reason that Betty Rexford is fighting so hard to stay in, is for the benefits. Just a thought.

But this blog isn’t about the benefit package offered to the Poway City Council, but to most elected officials in general, and we will direct most comments to our friends in Sacramento and Washington.

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This morning I received an email from a supporter (Yes, they still exist, and I was one up until several weeks ago. What convinced me to join the recall effort was the email between Betty and the City Manager) of Betty Rexford. The email wanted people to recall all of the good that Betty has done for Poway. Well, yes, I will admit that she has, but what got me was how this letter reminded me of former Congressman Randy “Duke” Cunningham. Cunningham, in my view, was a good Congressman, prior to joining the ranks of politicians who couldn’t resist the joys of power (In other words, the fringe benefits of knowing lobbyists too well AND getting caught). He did lots of good for his District and the nation. But all of his good works doesn’t make up for becoming a corrupt politician. As I stated earlier, Betty did a lot for Poway, but she has now overstepped her authority as a Councilmember, which is uncalled for. None of her good works will ever make up for the tarnished name that she has given to Poway. BTW, I’m STILL waiting for Betty’s press conference in which, hopefully, will be before the recall effort turns in their petition. I mean, with all the “dirt” that is hitting her, if I was her, I would have had that press conference a LONG time ago.

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Ah San Diego Unified. The school district that claims it will have a $100 million deficit, but  still can justify the need to send their bureaucrats all over the nation for various conferences. If the district really cared about the deficit, they would say “no more free ride” to these conferences. If these bureaucrats want to attend, let them-give them leave for their time off to attend, but the district should not be paying their way. If the District really cared about the students, instead of paying for these conferences, direct the money to the CLASSROOM. While I’m pretty sure that all of these conferences that bureaucrats attend are good, the problem is that it is rarely a TEACHER that is attending. It is always a bureaucrat/administrator. Once again, the money needs to be going to the classroom. The School District is not wisely spending our tax dollars. Things are tight. Conferences need to be cut out of the budget.
So I wonder how much the District is spending to send transportation bureaucrats to the “National Association for Pupil Transportation” in Kentucky at the end of this month. Remember that this is the District that has soooooo much money that it can charge zero for transportation and send several bureacrats to this conference.

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A REAL solution to Sacramento’s never-ending budget mess

Sunday, October 25, 2009
posted by Regor

The current and ongoing (Hopefully not forever) budget fiasco in Sacramento can give the Republican leadership (If it is still the party of fiscal conservatism, which lately, I’ve come to doubt) a chance to shine as the party that actual walks the talk regarding fiscal leadership and responsibility. Instead of just talking, the party must start seriously writing a measure for the ballot that will once and for all require fiscal constraint in Sacramento (It will need more strength than the Gann Initiative did).

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Water conservation, alternative energy and government agencies.

Sunday, October 25, 2009
posted by Regor

Don’t you like how government likes to impose restrictions on business and residential users, but they rarely go out and change their landscaping or retro fits their government restrooms?

On another note, I’m a stronger supporter of alternative energy; however, my household income isn’t enough to qualify for the incentives and rebates for, for examples, solar panels (and cars). Now I don’t expect the government to pay me to install these panels, I’ve wondered why government isn’t more actively pursuing the installation of solar panels on their buildings. Look at all of the sun we get! If it isn’t cost effective for the government to actually benefit financially from their totally ownership of these panels, the least they could do is arrange partnership with some of these firms that do install panels, that the government will have them on their buildings and buy the energy at a discounted rate.

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Here are some very simple ways that they can save money and get more in line with other school districts in the county.
4th and 5th graders go to Old Town and Balboa Park for a week. They learn about old California and about the museums. Yes, they are great programs, but why is SDUSD the only district in the county that offers these special programs?? Where do they get the funds to pay for it? CUT it, but keep the 6th grade Outdoor Camp program. Why? Outdoor education is needed. Other districts have it too.
Free Bus Transportation??. Why doesn’t SDUSD charge for any of their transportation services (Of course I’m talking about non special ed)? Other Districts charge, which includes using a financial sliding scale. Where does SDUSD get the money to pay for the many children that they transport? This sliding scale could also be used for their “6 to 6” program. On a side note here, I once asked several school board members from a nearby school district how SDUSD can have free transportation, while their district charges. I was told by those several members that they wouldn’t be surprised if SDUSD moves money around and that someday this moving of money is going to come back and haunt SDUSD.
Their medical/dental benefit package. They have the “Cadillac” of plans. Unless they want to pay a token amount for the better San Diego City Schools Dental plan, employees pay ZERO. Most other Districts and government agencies charge their employees for part of their coverage.
Bureaucrats. Why is there so many? They create new programs and then they stay and stay. Before getting rid of teachers, the District should hire an excellent management consultant and actually follow the consultant’s advice for a change and cut their layers of bureaucrats.
SDUSD needs NEW blood in its management. They need YOUNGER outsiders with fresh ideas and solutions. Promoting the “good old boy” network is a big problem with SDUSD. These “good old boys” think the same as the managers they replaced. They also believe that they were due the promotion because of their years of service with the district. That kind of thinking has kept the District in the mess they are in. NEW, YOUNGER and OUTSIDE blood is needed.


Term limits for the Board of Supervisors and NOT for SEIU?

Monday, October 19, 2009
posted by Regor

Many of you might have heard that SEIU, the union that represents most of the County workers, has decided that there should be term limits for the County Board of Supervisors. I find that to be very amusing since SEIU doesn’t believe in term limits for their own elected officers. So, apparently, if you are an elected official and won’t follow the SEIU line, term limits are for you, but if you follow the union party line, term limits are NOT for you. So, since, for the most part, Democratic elected officers tend to follow the Union, term limits are not for them, but if you’re an elected Republican, then term limits are a MOST for you. Well, I guess choice isn’t an option when you’re with SEIU.

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3 different fire agencies for Julian?

Sunday, October 18, 2009
posted by Regor

We’re hearing about the merging of fire protection districts, but let’s focus on Julian, which has no plans to merge any of their THREE, yes, THREE fire agencies. You have the Julian/Cuyamaca Volunteer FD, which has a chief, and you have the CalFire station that has two, yes, TWO chiefs, One Cal Fire and one from the County’s fire authority (Which has no station, well, as of now). I’ve been told that the volunteer FD handles structural fires and CalFire fights the wildland fires, but both will respond together. But what exactly does the County fire authority chief do?
In this effort to save money, wouldn’t it make more sense to shut down the volunteer FD and only operate the CalFire station? Also, why do we need so many chiefs?
So I’d like to know the justification for so many Fire Chiefs and the need for 3 different fire agencies for such a small area. Shouldn’t government be consolidating to save money instead of expanding it or keeping it as status quo just to keep bureaucrats happy? My vote would go to CalFire to run the whole thing.

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