Once again San Diego Unified School District is predicting $100 million deficit. Possible solutions.

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Here are some very simple ways that they can save money and get more in line with other school districts in the county.
4th and 5th graders go to Old Town and Balboa Park for a week. They learn about old California and about the museums. Yes, they are great programs, but why is SDUSD the only district in the county that offers these special programs?? Where do they get the funds to pay for it? CUT it, but keep the 6th grade Outdoor Camp program. Why? Outdoor education is needed. Other districts have it too.
Free Bus Transportation??. Why doesn’t SDUSD charge for any of their transportation services (Of course I’m talking about non special ed)? Other Districts charge, which includes using a financial sliding scale. Where does SDUSD get the money to pay for the many children that they transport? This sliding scale could also be used for their “6 to 6” program. On a side note here, I once asked several school board members from a nearby school district how SDUSD can have free transportation, while their district charges. I was told by those several members that they wouldn’t be surprised if SDUSD moves money around and that someday this moving of money is going to come back and haunt SDUSD.
Their medical/dental benefit package. They have the “Cadillac” of plans. Unless they want to pay a token amount for the better San Diego City Schools Dental plan, employees pay ZERO. Most other Districts and government agencies charge their employees for part of their coverage.
Bureaucrats. Why is there so many? They create new programs and then they stay and stay. Before getting rid of teachers, the District should hire an excellent management consultant and actually follow the consultant’s advice for a change and cut their layers of bureaucrats.
SDUSD needs NEW blood in its management. They need YOUNGER outsiders with fresh ideas and solutions. Promoting the “good old boy” network is a big problem with SDUSD. These “good old boys” think the same as the managers they replaced. They also believe that they were due the promotion because of their years of service with the district. That kind of thinking has kept the District in the mess they are in. NEW, YOUNGER and OUTSIDE blood is needed.


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  1. Okay, I’m reading them in reverse order. Councilmember Gloria could hire Regor. SD Unified could hire Vince Vasquez. Or, all of them could save some money and read this blog for advice.

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