County treasurer, assessor get raises

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Why do I have a problem with this?
1) They knew what the salary was when we elected them
2) I don’t care what these other counties pay their elected officials. Apparently it’s too much, so why must we take the fiscal fall and do a fiscally stupid thing??
This is part of why we are in such a fiscal mess. Everyone wants to be paid what the next guy is making. Maybe if our dear bureaucrats would just learn to say “NO” to increasing the wages and benefits of not only fellow bureaucrats, but also their own employees, we wouldn’t be in such a mess. Bureaucrats have shown that they have either forgotten where the money comes from, or just doesn’t care anymore.


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  1. Outrageous!! When many people are losing their jobs or taking big pay cuts to stay employed, these greedy folks take raises..I hope voters remember this when these guys ar up for re-election.

  2. question: Did they accept the raise?

    Also, what makes this even more troubling, is David Butler is the APPOINTED Assessor. If he decides not to run for re-election, he will get the higher Assessor salary for the remainder of his retirement. FOR TWO YEARS OF SERVICE. Taxpayers should be fuming, but most do not know this.

    If I am wrong on this, somebody please correct me

  3. Regor, please provide a link the the UT article or other source, if possible, as a matter of course. I believe the office-holders were quoted.

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