Betty Rexford and former Congressman Cunningham. They both did good, but their shame brought them down.

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This morning I received an email from a supporter (Yes, they still exist, and I was one up until several weeks ago. What convinced me to join the recall effort was the email between Betty and the City Manager) of Betty Rexford. The email wanted people to recall all of the good that Betty has done for Poway. Well, yes, I will admit that she has, but what got me was how this letter reminded me of former Congressman Randy “Duke” Cunningham. Cunningham, in my view, was a good Congressman, prior to joining the ranks of politicians who couldn’t resist the joys of power (In other words, the fringe benefits of knowing lobbyists too well AND getting caught). He did lots of good for his District and the nation. But all of his good works doesn’t make up for becoming a corrupt politician. As I stated earlier, Betty did a lot for Poway, but she has now overstepped her authority as a Councilmember, which is uncalled for. None of her good works will ever make up for the tarnished name that she has given to Poway. BTW, I’m STILL waiting for Betty’s press conference in which, hopefully, will be before the recall effort turns in their petition. I mean, with all the “dirt” that is hitting her, if I was her, I would have had that press conference a LONG time ago.


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