Water conservation, alternative energy and government agencies.

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Don’t you like how government likes to impose restrictions on business and residential users, but they rarely go out and change their landscaping or retro fits their government restrooms?

On another note, I’m a stronger supporter of alternative energy; however, my household income isn’t enough to qualify for the incentives and rebates for, for examples, solar panels (and cars). Now I don’t expect the government to pay me to install these panels, I’ve wondered why government isn’t more actively pursuing the installation of solar panels on their buildings. Look at all of the sun we get! If it isn’t cost effective for the government to actually benefit financially from their totally ownership of these panels, the least they could do is arrange partnership with some of these firms that do install panels, that the government will have them on their buildings and buy the energy at a discounted rate.

On a final note, I consider myself to be a “green” Republican (Republican meaning: less government and less taxes). While I would love to have solar panels and drive a hybrid vehicle, it doesn’t make economic sense because as I stated above, we don’t make enough to qualify for the aforementioned rebates and incentives. However, you still can be green. You can recycle and live smart. What do I mean “live smart”? Well, I own a 01 Chevy Silverado that gets 18mpg. When I changed jobs which now includes a 81 mile RT commute, I knew that I would have to get a vehicle that made much better MPGs. So I bought a Honda Civic. So my big 6’2” and over 250lbs frame fits inside that civic almost every day. On snowy days, I drive the truck (And if Poway catches on fire again, it’ll be our evacuation vehicle).


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