My solution: How to lower healthcare costs

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First of all, the government pays the education for all medical professionals. Just think! Lower costs because the professional doesn’t have to pass their student loan payment to the consumer!

The government pays the insurance premium for all healthcare professionals. Just think, lower costs due to the fact that the professional doesn’t have to pass their insurance costs to the consumer!

Next, the government takes over all drug companies. Just think, lower costs because the government is running it (We all know that the government is much more efficient than the private sector).

Next, the government, not the insurance companies, will pay for any legal settlements against medical professionals. Just think, since the government is paying for the settlements, there is no need for insurance premiums for the medical professional to go up due to a settlement payment; thus, the government saves money on insurance premiums!

Now for the fun part, how to pay for this. Quite simple. You raise the taxes on the wealthy and businesses! Isn’t that always the simplest and easiest way to go! And don’t give me the argument that if we tax the wealthy they will just move overseas. You know they won’t do that. Why would they want to leave this wonderful country with all of its freedoms and live in a socialistic country? And businesses aren’t going to move overseas and make American workers unemployed due to higher taxes. Why would they want to live this great county and work in an underdeveloped country? We can always increase the tax on oil companies. That will provide us lots of revenue. What if demand drops and that means less revenue? Well, that is great if demand for energy drops because that will show the world that we can! And regarding revenue dropping, well, we can just increase the tax on the evil oil companies and the wealthy. Some may ask, won’t an increase in taxes for oil companies hurt the middle and lower class the most since they need to drive to work? The government will provide tax credits to those consumers. But how will the government pay for that? Like what we normally do-tax the wealthy, businesses and oil companies! What if these companies threaten to shut down or move overseas? The government will take those companies over. As we all know, the government can run businesses more efficiently than the private sector. And what about that lost tax revenue from those businesses that are now run by the government? How is the government going to make up that lost revenue? Very simple-You tax the wealthy!! What if the tax rate becomes too high and the wealthy leave the county. How will the government make up that lost in revenue? Well, you raise the taxes on the upper middle class……

Well my fellow travelers, I have given you my solution to lower healthcare costs to help pay for Obama care.


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