San Diego Unified School District and administrative leave for bureaucrats

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It was recently brought to my attention that the Director of Transportation for San Diego Unified School District, who had been on administrative leave for over 3 months while the District investigated charges against her, was recently terminated but after being paid a settlement not to sue the District.

Okay, maybe I need to be slapped, but if the District thought that after their investigation, that there was enough evidence to prove their case, why did they pay her off? I wonder if it was more of a “Golden Handshake” kind of payoff. Apparently the School District can do this kind of thing, no matter if they are facing a 100 million deficit.

Here is something else. When I worked for this District, employees received not only a “longevity” bonus in December, but also another bonus check in August. You must also know that they have one of those “Cadillac” health plans. How can the District continue to afford to pay for these benefits? I’m also curious what other government agencies give benefits like this district?

Folks, real reform is needed throughout all levels of government. Bureaucrats and politicians must relearn that they are NOT dealing with an infinite source of money.

I was taught to live below my means and to put the difference away for “rainy days”. If you’re a government entity, you should be required to do the same. If this means living with less, then less is good.

BTW, am I writing this because of a grudge against the district? No. When I departed, it was to a dream job.


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