Panel to consider new pay cut for California legislators

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I’d like to hear if you believe that our friends in Sacramento deserve what they are paid and why.

As I see it, they can’t really balance a budget (They continue the old smoke and mirror approach-pushing the dreaded day of gloom to the future, thus creating even more of a crisis) and their best method to balance the books is not by fiscal constraint, but by raiding the funds of cities, counties, school districts and other agencies (We’re the blame here since we voted to allow this as long as Sacramento pays these entities  back with interest, but how can they do that when they don’t have any real money??).

Where is the leadership if passing the problem to the next generation is their only solution?

How can they really justify their salaries, but then maybe they really do deserve it, because we keep on electing them.


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  1. I say we take them back to 92′ levels (if memory serves me right that was $52,500) and then tell them to work from home (no per diem). And we should deduct $1000 for each bill that they introduce…that way hopefully we would have only bills that are really meaningful and necessary.

  2. It’s been stated hundreds of times but I’ll repeat it…if these people were in the private sector and ran a business they way they run the state there is no way they’d get raises, and most of them would have been fired years ago. If the State of California were a business it’d be out of business

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