Pay cut for high level government bureaucrats? Yes and it is happening!

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“The KHSD Board of Trustees is scheduled to meet in closed session with labor negotiators Monday to discuss compensation reductions for each member of the district superintendency for 2010-2011.”

So why not in San Diego? Also, take away their car allowances. When you make as much money as some of these bureaucrats, why is there a need for a car allowance?

In this era of supposedly “extreme” government belt tightening, I would hope that San Diego cuts at the top first and reduces their benefit packages too. Every cent does matter.


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  1. The money saved is of secondary importance. The PRIMARY reason for cutting their compensation is so they lead by example. How can they tell the other employees to suck it up while the bosses continue to rake in the dough?

    Also, look at cutting their lifetime heath care benefits — which I believe the SDUSD (and most other smaller districts — both schools and many other small special districts) often get. Normally this valuable benefit for these part-time trustees is provided for free.

    This windfall benefit is worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, yet flies below the radar of the public and the press.

  2. Good comment Richard. I forgot about that “hidden” benefit. We need to be much more vocal with the school board next time the contract comes up. Every penny saved, can go to the classroom.

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