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Yesterday I fielded one of those automated voter polls concerning the San Diego downtown stadium. The recorded voice read the glowing summary of how many things the stadium would do for the city, and said that the cost would be borne (entirely) by a higher hotel tax. None of the many arguments against this boondoggle were presented. Then it asked how I would vote (oddly enough, their pitch did not sway me from my “hell no” position).

Businessman John Renison Picks Up Key Senate Endorsements

Wednesday, May 4, 2016
posted by Press Releases / Media Advisories

Senate Republican Leader Fuller, Eight Senators Support 39th Senate District Candidate

SACRAMENTO (May 4, 2016) — Businessman John Renison of Coronado today announced several key endorsements for his 39th Senate District run, including Senate Republican Leader Jean Fuller. The Republican will square off against Democrat Assemblywoman Toni Atkins (D-San Diego) in the 39th Senate District. The incumbent, Senator Marty Block (D-San Diego), has dropped out of the race.


We’re All RINOs Now

Wednesday, May 4, 2016
posted by Elliot Schroeder

Cruz is out, Kasich is far behind. Trump is the presumptive nominee. Love him or hate him, one thing is for sure he’s not the Republican of the past. He’s never held office. He’s the most “outsider” of any candidate since Wendell Willkie. Either in the primary or in the past he has been all over on the GOP platform from single-payer health care, protectionism, guns, and abortion. The platform and principles of the GOP aren’t a guide for him. Of course, his supporters will point out that it wasn’t for the GOP establishment (GOPe) either. So what is a Republican now?

Republican Disenchantment

Tuesday, May 3, 2016
posted by Barry Jantz


I’m disenchanted with the GOP, not because Republicans are nominating Donald Trump; but because the country’s Republican leaders are so out of touch with the electorate that — through their own ineptitude — they unwittingly created an environment accepting of him.

Sanders, Boling and Lutar urge support for City Council candidates who will protect pension reform

Tuesday, May 3, 2016
posted by Press Releases / Media Advisories

SAN DIEGO (May 3, 2016) – Jerry Sanders, April Boling, and Lani Lutar released the following joint-statement today:

“June’s election could determine the fate of pension reform in San Diego. Four years ago, we campaigned for Proposition B – the Comprehensive Pension Reform initiative that 66 percent of San Diego voters supported.

“The measure is expected to save taxpayers $1 billion – money that would have gone to bloated pensions. San Diego can now invest those funds in road repairs, parks, libraries, more police officers and firefighters, and other critical services the City provides.

Maybe you’re stupid too.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016
posted by Greg Larkin

Regarding Donald Trump repeating a tabloid journalism article, well, it can’t be said any better than Martin Roules said it on Facebook:

Ted Cruz’ father in the Kennedy assassination? The Miami Herald notes, with almost comical understatement, “The explosive suggestion that Cruz’s father would have had any affiliation with Oswald is not corroborated in any other way.”

Fiorina and the Cruz Hindenburg

Monday, May 2, 2016
posted by Erica Holloway

Carly Fiorina stood on the airship platform contemplating her political future.

Standing just inside the cabin, Ted Cruz extended a clammy palm to yank her aboard for the last hurrah of his crashing presidential campaign.

“There’s enough fuel to get us both some more air time,” he wagered, his hands trembling. “We can even call it a ‘ticket’ and you can put Vice Presidential candidate on your LinkedIn.”

Cruz-Fiorina Ticket

Cruz-Fiorina ticket catches fire.

Her lips pursed.

Adjournment in Memory of Peter Kanelos

Monday, May 2, 2016
posted by Senator Joel Anderson

Peter Kanelos was more than a dedicated public servant for San Diego; he was my dear friend. Join the Senate session today online as we adjourn in memory of Pete. At the end of the session I will remember the life that so earnestly enriched our community. Visit at 2 PM to live stream the Senate session. Alternatively, I will be live streaming the video on my Facebook page. Visit to view it live or watch the recap.

Senator Anderson Introduces Donald Trump at CRP

Friday, April 29, 2016
posted by Senator Joel Anderson

San Diego Campaign Fundraising Roundup: 1/1 – 4/23

Friday, April 29, 2016
posted by Mason Herron

Please see the attached links for an overview of campaign fundraising throughout San Diego County for the period of 1/1/2016 – 4/23/2016. Included here are only competitive races for Supervisor District 3, City of San Diego races, and Chula Vista District 4. Enjoy!

PDF version

Excel version

Happy SANDAG Tax & Spend Republican Day

Friday, April 29, 2016
posted by Brian Brady

It looks like the SANDAG Board of Directors will vote to approve the SANDAG Sky Gondola Tax for a public vote today.  The anticipated scorecard should look like this:

City of San Diego: Faulconer (R) NO, Gloria (D) YES
County of San Diego: Roberts (T&SR) YES, Jacob (R) NO – Horn voted NO, with Jacob absent.

That cancels out the big dogs in SANDAG and leaves the vote to the cities:


New Statistical Model Projects Trump Wins 133 of 172 State Delegates (77%)

SAN DIEGO – Businessman Donald Trump is likely to win the California Republican primary election on June 6th. That is the findings of a new report released today by the National University System Institute for Policy Research (NUSIPR), a regional economic think tank.

Using demographic data from the United States Census Bureau, statistical techniques, and electoral results from four recent state elections, NUSIPR developed a statistical model to project the California vote by Congressional District. Overall, they found:

Can we get some more Republicans to place a pro-SANDAG tax resolution on their City Council’s agenda?  We really need to do this to get each and every Republican Council member and Mayor on record about this SANDAG tax.

Escondido City Council placed it on the agenda and not one council member voted for the tax. Poway and La Mesa rejected it unanimously as well. It is now fair to say that every Council Member in Escondido, Poway, and La Mesa (as well as two in Vista and one on El Cajon) are NOT tax and spend Republicans –– one could even call them taxpayer champions.

Bravo to the taxpayer champions in La Mesa for unanimously rejecting the SANDAG Sky Gondola tax.  You may have seen Councilwoman Alessio and I debating on these pages about procedural points but, when push came to shove, she (and her colleagues) stood up to this horrific tax proposal.  Here’s Alessio:

San Diego – Last Thursday night on the hanger deck of the USS Midway, the San Diego County Gun Owners PAC (SDCGO) held its first annual dinner. In attendance were over 350 Second Amendment enthusiasts, including elected officials, veterans, and people from every political party and all walks of life.

“I’m thrilled to see so many Second Amendment supporters stepping forward from across San Diego County, joining us not only for a dinner but for a prolonged effort to elect pro Second Amendment politicians and stop gun control politicians at the local level,” Michael Schwartz, the Executive Director of SDCGO noted.

Rather than waiting for the new California $15 state minimum wage law to be phased in over five years, UC Berkeley decided to accelerate its own minimum wage to $15, starting this coming September (2016).

Naturally the Progressives celebrated. Shortly after making that decision, the administration announced the layoff of 500 workers, as the school now has a $150 million deficit to contend with. 

MONOPOLY: Special Election 2016 Edition!

Saturday, April 23, 2016
posted by Bob Siegel



Written by Bob Siegel and originally published by Communities Digital News


SAN DIEGO, April 22, 2016 —Five candidates are still in the race for the White House; two Democrats and three Republicans. We’ve seen them in debates. We’ve seen them on news shows. Now, let us watch the most compelling test of all! How would our presidential hopefuls perform while sitting around a table playing Parker Brothers’ famous Monopoly game?


Pete Kanelos, RIP

Friday, April 22, 2016
posted by Barry Jantz

The worst, or maybe the best thing about being Pete Kanelos’ friend was his dedication to the Raiders. Sure, I’ve had other friends who like Kanelosthat team, but in Pete’s case it was a personal badge of pride and honor. Almost as if being able to shove it in his friends’ faces was the real motivation, not so much a love for the team itself.

The copy desk is officially gone

Thursday, April 21, 2016
posted by Barry Jantz

The last bastion of credible journalism no longer exists.

The famed copy desk, the last defense before going to print — once known at major metropolitan and many smaller newsrooms as having “the greatest knowledge in the world” sitting around it in the form of intelligent, questioning, incredulous editors — has long been dwindling with the decline of print media. The number of spelling, grammar and punctuation errors making it to print has been on the rise for years.

Here’s an upbeat (if rather bizarre) story from a California jail.  When faced with an inmate security problem in the Santa Clara County jail, there was the $20,000,000, two year government solution, and then there was the $761.24, one week Costco solution.  Kudos to the sheriff for making the right call, and putting it on her own credit card!

Poway Mayor Steve Vaus deserves praise for raising awareness about the SANDAG tax scheme.  He acted on the suggestion to get an up or down vote from the Poway City Council.  Last night, Poway rejected the SANDAG tax scheme unanimously.

Escondido unanimously rejected the tax a couple of weeks ago.  Coronado and Vista have it on their agendas for up or down votes.  Efforts are being made in Santee, El Cajon, La Mesa, and Solana Beach to get Council members on record.  The “No New Taxes” coalition is getting stronger in San Diego County.

I spoke with Encinitas Mayor and County Board of Supervisors candidate Kristin Gaspar today about the SANDAG tax scheme.  We are hopeful she can get its support on the Encinitas City Council for an up or down vote– We’d like to smoke out the tax hikers on the City Councils.  (FWIW, Kristin Gaspar is opposed to the SANDAG tax scheme).

While I was pitching my “Republicans oppose any and all efforts for new taxation”, Mayor Gaspar interrupted me:

Gitsham Raises Five Times More than All Republican Candidates Combined

Monday, April 18, 2016
posted by Press Releases / Media Advisories


(San Diego, Calif.) – Today, first quarter FEC filings further solidified Denise Gitsham as the leading Republican congressional candidate in the 52nd District. Gitsham raised five times more than all other Republican candidates in this race, combined.

“I’m humbled and grateful for the strong support of district residents, and our shared commitment to the priorities of our community,” said Gitsham. “With your help, we will win in November, and usher in a new generation of leadership – one that works for San Diego, instead of Washington DC Special Interests.”

SANDAG Tax and Spend Republicans #FeelTheHeat

Wednesday, April 13, 2016
posted by Brian Brady

We warned the SANDAG tax and spend Republicans to vote against putting Proposition X on the ballot:

Thus, the Republican Party is the “no new taxes” party.  Nationally, we ask our federal candidates to sign a pledge to oppose new taxes.  Statewide, we ask our statewide and legislative candidates to sign that pledge.  Locally, our standing policy is “no new taxes”.  If you run as an endorsed Republican, especially in San Diego County, the compact with the voters is that you will OPPOSE any new taxes.

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