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Rostra has received confirmation from the San Diego County Registrar of Voters that the “fledgling” recall petition against Poway Unified School Board Member Andy Patapow (as reported below on Wednesday) isn’t even fledgling — it’s DOA.


Apparently, some of the petitioners that signed the “Notice of Intention” to circulate recall papers aren’t voters at the address listed in the document.

Scuttlebutt that McCarthy and Ellmers will both resign from Congress by Monday

Friday, October 9, 2015
posted by Thor's Assistant


More on the fallout from WeaselZippers

Gaspar rolling in endorsements — Faulconer, Chavez, Zapf, Sherman, Kersey, Cate

Friday, October 9, 2015
posted by Press Releases / Media Advisories

Just the last few days…

Wednesday, from Kristin Gaspar:

“Assemblyman Rocky Chavez made it official with an endorsement of my campaign for Supervisor.

“I am so honored to have Rocky’s support. His commitment to public service, distinguishing himself in the Marine Corps and then recommitting himself to public service as an elected official is truly commendable, and I look forward to working with him as a member of the Board of Supervisors.”


I hear conservatives criticize Rand Paul’s foreign policy a lot.  Some have even called it “scary”.

For the life of me, I can’t understand what is wrong with THIS foreign policy “doctrine”:

1- There should be a stated objective at the outset.  It should be directly tied to U.S. national security.
2- We should use overwhelming force to that objective.  We should not have rules of engagement that tie the hands of our soldiers, sailors, airmen, and Marines.
3- We should get the heck out … It is not the job of the US military to engage in nation building to turn foreign countries into democratic utopias

Assemblyman Jones Discredits California’s Environmental Agenda

Tuesday, October 6, 2015
posted by Assemblyman Brian Jones

SACRAMENTO, CA – Assemblyman Jones (R-Santee) today released an “Are You Kidding Me?” segment discrediting the Democrat’s environmental agenda. In light of recent news that Governor Brown will sign SB 350, which will require California to get 50 percent of its power from renewable sources by 2030, Assemblyman Jones is disappointed that small scale solar will not count towards the 50 percent goal.

An opportunity to meet Mike Huckabee this weekend, while supporting Mike Harrison’s State Assembly bid.

RSVP as noted on the flyer.

Huckabee Harrisonclick for a larger view

[Biden] decried the fact that the US is “basically the only civilized country in the world where we have these massive murders.”

“We are the only advanced country on Earth that sees these kinds of mass shootings every few months,” Obama said.

Neighborhood Market Association members sue organization and CEO Mark Arabo

Thursday, October 1, 2015
posted by Steve Gramm

Citing illegal compensation and a breach of fiduciary duty, members of the politically active Neighborhood Market Association (NMA), including one of its founders, are suing the organization and CEO/President Mark Arabo, alleging a lack of transparency and a “failure to provide financial documents.”

The complaint seeks information regarding an alleged real estate transaction in which the NMA is said to have “realized a substantial profit.” The disenchanted members are seeking to determine how the “profit was distributed for the benefit of NMA members.” The lawsuit alleges that Arabo received approximately $210,000 as a “finder’s fee” for the deal, while noting he “was not a broker in the transaction or otherwise entitled to this compensation.”

CA state and local governments deem inmate brush firefighters a valuable asset that makes good sense. But the idea of forming CIVILIAN VOLUNTEER brush firefighting brigades to fight the fires and protect homes when these fires approach housing areas is somehow not safe — for union firefighters.

Few people realize how big our California prisoner firefighting effort is.  There are 196 inmate fire crews that perform more than 3 million hours of emergency response work annually. It’s estimated to save California $80-$100 million a year — combating CA brush and forest fires. The story below about this program is illuminating (sorry), but should result in some heated (again, my bad) debate.

Freedom of Expression and Flag Flying on College Campuses: Why is this an issue?

Wednesday, September 30, 2015
posted by Guest Column

Rostra readers may have seen stories the last couple of days about the student military menbers at SDSU threatened with expulsion for not removing the U.S. flag from their balcony. We asked if anyone would be doing anything in their defense.

We thank the SDSU College Republicans for their quick response to that query, posted below.

Jordan Dennison, the SDSU chairman of the school’s CR chapter, additionally notes the following:

Breitbart: San Diego State May Expel Students for U.S. Flag

Wednesday, September 30, 2015
posted by Thor's Assistant

In the “old days,” someone from YAF or CRs would have stood up for these guys. Anyone?

San Diego State May Expel Students for U.S. Flag

Jacob Re-Election Endorsed by San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer

Tuesday, September 29, 2015
posted by Press Releases / Media Advisories

Date: Monday, September 28, 2015

County Supervisor Dianne Jacob’s re-election campaign today announced the endorsement of San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer.

“I’ve worked closely with Supervisor Jacob on a number of issues, most recently on the Alzheimer’s Project, which seeks to accelerate the search for a cure for this devastating disease,” said Faulconer. “I appreciate Dianne’s dedication to serving her constituents and her enthusiasm for addressing challenging issues facing our county. I’m proud to join dozens of other community leaders in supporting her re-election,” he said.

In April, when the California Department of Fish and Wildlife conducted one of its monthly surveys for an adult smelt, it found a single fish at the confluence of the Sacramento and San Joaquin Rivers. Not if, but when it goes extinct, cities and farmers can get the dead fish off the endangered list. Will we get water to our parched regions then?

Watered-Down SB 350 Still Threatens California

Monday, September 28, 2015
posted by Diane Harkey

This op-ed originally appeared in the Riverside Press-Enterprise

Once in a while, even in the California state Legislature, we witness democracy in action or a rare moment when a well-intentioned, but harmful, strongly supported and lobbied bill, is rejected due to a lack of votes.

In the final days of the Legislature’s 2014-2015 session, the right number of elected officials listened to their constituents and defeated a costly measure that would have forced every Californian to cut their gasoline use in half and increased the cost of electricity in the Inland Empire and throughout California.

Republicans for Bernie Sanders?

Monday, September 28, 2015
posted by Eric Andersen

EricAs I write, a few friends are posting pictures with Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) (Heritage Action Scorecard 65% and below the Republican average of 68%). I’m not sure that’s a good idea. In academia when we only understand the subject matter 65 percent of the time, we get a “D”.

If Congress chooses Rep. McCarthy as the next Speaker I think we’re going to see more of the likes of Bernie Sanders.

Voters: Choose Your Strongman for 2016!

Friday, September 25, 2015
posted by Vince Vasquez

As an avid observer of the presidential contest underway, I can’t help but notice (and be exasperated by) the large number of voters in both parties who seem to be clamoring for a “strongman” candidate – someone who is willing to bypass the separation of powers to unilaterally bring radical change to our country. I can’t really get into the psychology of this phenomenon – maybe it’s a combination of partisan frustration, an inability of candidates and the parties to manage expectations among their base, and a heightened urgency to overcome the partisan games and gridlock that have paralyzed reasonable policy making in Congress. I won’t play Freud.

by Richard Rider

Jaded cynic that I am, still I was stunned by the biased “news” story today in the nominally centrist SAN DIEGO U-T. It’s an awesome demonstration of how liberal bias in media is so strong that the reporters and editors don’t even think of it as bias.

Immigration, Cooperation with ICE & Public Safety

Thursday, September 24, 2015
posted by Press Releases / Media Advisories

Email this morning from the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department…

On July 1, as Kate Steinle walked with her father in the Embarcadero District of San Francisco, she was fatally struck in the chest by gunfire.  She was 32 years old. Within hours, police arrested Francisco Sanchez, an undocumented immigrant, who had been repeatedly deported from the U.S.  Shortly before he shot his victim he had been released from the custody of the San Francisco Sheriff on local charges. His release from jail–and not to ICE authorities–has prompted debate over the enforcement of immigration laws and over San Francisco’s self-proclaimed status as a sanctuary city.

See some updated information at the end of this post.


A recent poll in the brewing battle between Assembly Speaker Toni Atkins and State Senator Marty Block for the latter’s current 39th District seat shows Atkins leading among likely voters:

Head-to-head matchup (initial question):
Atkins: 39%
Block: 20%
Undecided: 23%
Neither: 19%

After brief biographies provided:
Atkins: 48%
Block: 28%
Undecided: 10%
Neither: 14%

The conclusion reached by EMC research in a September 10-14 survey of 400 voters:

Here’s one of the ways our media fails to accurately report a story.   Indeed, in this government “charity” category, this misrepresentation is more the rule than the exception.

Granted, it’s not a big story.  It’s a feel-good episode that might have raised some interesting points, but didn’t.

HEADLINE:    [Chula Vista] Police Dept. outfits kids with new shoes, socks

Retiring Toni Atkins

Tuesday, September 22, 2015
posted by Brian Brady

If you read San Diego Rostra, you probably already know that dethroned Assembly Speaker Toni Atkins has chosen to challenge the incumbent State Senator from the 39th District, Marty Block — this is no small announcement.  Say what you will about Atkins’ future plans, but the Democratic Assembly Caucus knows something that the voters of San Diego should know — Atkins is wholly ineffective as a legislative leader.

On Vetting and Endorsing

Monday, September 21, 2015
posted by Eric Andersen

EricI’m going to meet two candidates for Congress this week. Neither has a voting record. In light of our nation’s multi-generational slide from freedom and prosperity, I will ask questions in an attempt to understand their philosophy of government.

I want to determine to my personal satisfaction if they have the requisite knowledge to initiate and lead necessary government reform.

Labor not so happy

Sunday, September 20, 2015
posted by Thor's Assistant


See prior post on Assembly Speaker Toni Atkins taking on Senator Marty Block for his current seat.

As her tenure as Assembly speaker winds to a close, Toni Atkins is preparing for her next major political battle: intra-party combat.

Atkins is taking on state Sen. Marty Block for his San Diego seat, a highly unusual challenge in a political culture that privileges — and fiercely protects — incumbents.

Read it at The Times

The CNN Commander-In-Chief Debate

Thursday, September 17, 2015
posted by Elliot Schroeder

Last night, we saw CNN’s Big 11 in the GOP race face off for a boost in the polls. At times trying to show off their National Security and Foreign Policy credentials. For the record, here’s the picture of the GOP candidates who have military service:

Yeah, none. The political party that is about patriotism, strong defense, and often a hawkish foreign policy does not have one leading candidate with military service. Something to think about my fellow Republicans.

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