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Sanders on San Diego’s proposed minimum wage hike

Wednesday, April 23, 2014
posted by Thor's Assistant

“Given the State of California’s recently adopted 25 percent increase in the minimum wage to $10.00 per hour by 2016, the San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce supports federal efforts to equalize the national minimum wage in order to promote an equitable and competitive business environment, as well as help our nation’s workforce and create jobs. The proposal to create a separate minimum wage in the City of San Diego and significantly increase the rate well in excess of what has been adopted by the State of California not only puts San Diego at a competitive and economic disadvantage, it would also hurt the very workforce the proponents are purporting to help.”

May 10 – Join the New Generation

Wednesday, April 23, 2014
posted by Carl DeMaio

It’s not your age that makes you part of the new generation, it is your mindset.

We stand on principle. We are measured by results, not rhetoric. And we reach out to all communities.

Join us – and capture the future!

Dan Bongino: Portrait of a Patriot

Friday, April 18, 2014
posted by Brian Brady

From Congressional candidate Dan Bongino’s Facebook page:

It’s all backwards. What do I mean?

Tonight, while at a Lincoln Dinner, I was talking to a few of our state elected-officials here in Maryland, when I noticed an older gentleman in a green sport-jacket. I wasn’t sure if he was waiting to talk to me or someone else so I didn’t bother him.  After about 15 minutes he approached me and said, “I’m not one of those guys, I’m just a little guy.” He then proceeded to sincerely thank me for taking on this fight.

DeMaio to Call on Rep. Scott Peters to Reimburse Taxpayers for $7 Million Legal Bill for His Failed Pension Scheme

City Attorney’s Office Assigns “Responsibility” to Scott Peters’ Council for TWICE Voting to Indemnify Pension Officials for Their Illegal Pension Scheme

Carl DeMaio today called on Rep. Scott Peters to “reimburse taxpayers for the millions in legal fees resulting from his decision to indemnify himself and his fellow city pension officials for their illegal deal to spike city pensions.”

I was wrong about Lori Saldaña. She’s talking over at the San Diego Free Press and it ain’t gonna be pretty for the San Diego County Democratic Party Central Committee. Wednesday’s piece (Part Two) is going to directly answer the question I posed to her:

Did the San Diego Democratic Party threaten to withhold support from you if you refused to endorse Filner in the Mayoral election?”

She alludes to the answer in today’s installment (Part One):

Core values and money in the 52nd Congressional District

Tuesday, April 15, 2014
posted by Steve Gramm

Beliefs do matter. Principles matter as well.

On the part of a candidate, his or her core values are meaningless without the ability to communicate them to voters.


This says it all right now. The rest is meaningless.

Carl DeMaio
Cash On Hand $985,991
Net Contributions $1,080,294

Kirk Jorgensen
Cash On Hand $62,768
Net Contributions $206,890

Fred Simon
Cash On Hand $343,231
Net Contributions $14,510

Last night, the Republican Party of San Diego County endorsed Navy veteran Larry A. Wilske for Congress in the 53rd Congressional District race against incumbent Susan Davis.  A super majority of 2/3 of the voting members was required for endorsement.  The endorsement permits Wilske to go on the Republican voter guide, designed to communicate with registered-Republican voters the county organization’s recommendations.

Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association Cites DeMaio’s Experience in Balancing Budgets, Reforming Pensions, & Holding Government Accountable

Carl DeMaio accepting the endorsement of HJTA, alongside Richard Rider and TJ Zane

San Diego – As millions of taxpayers rush to file their taxes on time, California’s leading taxpayer group today endorsed Carl DeMaio for Congress as a way to make sure those taxes are efficiently and accountably spent.

Assemblyman Jones Calls on Legislature to Support Middle-Class Jobs

Wednesday, April 9, 2014
posted by Assemblyman Brian Jones

SACRAMENTO, CA – In today’s “Are You Kidding Me?” segment, Assemblyman Jones (R-Santee) calls on the Legislature to support middle-class jobs by opposing the latest move to boost California’s minimum wage. Just last year, Assembly Bill 10 raised California’s minimum wage to no less than $9 per hour beginning in 2014, and $10 per hour in 2016. A new proposal on the table will increase wages to $12 per hour by 2016 and $13 per hour by 2017.

The reasoning behind the Ed Harris appointment

Wednesday, April 9, 2014
posted by Greg Larkin

The San Diego City Council on Tuesday appointed Ed Harris to serve out the remainder of Mayor Kevin Faulconer’s vacated council term in District 2.

Doug Porter at San Diego Free Press wrote a good article outlining some of possible logic behind the selection.

The Council was faced with 20 potential candidates to fill the seat for the remaining eight months of the term, before a newly elected council member is seated in the first week of December.  (As a reminder, Lorie Zapf is running for re-election to the Council; as a result of redistricting she is now in District 2.)

Revolvis and Faulconer Campaigns Celebrate Pollie Awards

Tuesday, April 8, 2014
posted by Thor's Assistant

Following Kevin Faulconer’s recent victory in the City of San Diego mayoral contest, his campaign strategists walked away with some additional accolades during Friday’s “Pollie” Awards.

“What Kevin Faulconer’s campaign and State Senator Andy Vidak’s victory last July have proven is that Republicans can win Democrat areas if they run the right kind of campaign with the right kind of candidate,” Revolvis Consulting partner Jason Roe tells SD Rostra.

Congrats to the Faulconer and Revolvis teams!

But, there’s no conflict here…

Monday, April 7, 2014
posted by Vito Andolini

from KPBS…

The San Diego City Council appointed San Diego lifeguard union chief Ed Harris to fill a vacancy in council for the next seven months.

Read it here.


Guest Commentary
by Joel Marchese, CA-53 Congressional Candidate

The history of the United States is unique and exceptional among nations, to say the least. It began with open rebellion against a tyrannical king, and by embracing constructs of Natural Law (God’s Law) over man’s law: “We the People, hold these truths to be self-evident…that all men are created equal.” Living up to that statement became a cornerstone of idealism which would shape both people and events during the first 75 years after the American Revolution.

Noah, the most inclusive film this side of deluge destruction

Friday, April 4, 2014
posted by Bob Siegel


On April Fool’s Day I sent out a fake review of Noah, talking about how warm, family friendly, and biblically accurate it was: Here is my real review:

Originally published by Communities Digital News

SAN DIEGO, April 4, 2014 —Director Darren Aronofsky ’s  ambitious film version of Noah and the deluge has something for everybody unless those particular bodies happen to believe in the original flood story as told in Scripture.

Strong Fundraising Tally of $1.6 Million Adds to National Interest, Key Endorsements and Favorable Polls San Diego

San Diego – Continuing to show an impressive fundraising pace, Carl DeMaio announced today that his campaign for Congress raised over $410,000 in the first quarter – bringing his campaign’s tally to over $1.6 million cycle-to-date.

With more than 7 months to go before the November 2014 election, DeMaio sits with more than $1.2 million in cash-on-hand. The tally does not include any funds provided by DeMaio himself.

Danger Zone: Goldens are coming!

Thursday, April 3, 2014
posted by Barry Jantz

The SAN DIEGO U-T story (below) concerning San Diego’s improving employment numbers (higher than just prior to the start of the 2007 national recession) offers good information to consider, but leaves some aspects unanswered — and some information appears to be outright misleading.  Consider:

1. How many of our employed are part-time in 2014 vs. 2007? Remember, to be counted as “employed” by the government, you need work only one hour a week. If two full-time employees are replaced by three part-time employees (thanks, Obamacare), is that an improvement?

NRO: Radio Silence on Leland Yee

Wednesday, April 2, 2014
posted by Thor's Assistant

from National Review Online…

Having assiduously ignored one of the gonzo corruption stories of the last decade, CNN this week offered a peculiar defense of its silence. Rankled by a curious Twitter user, who asked why “the Leland Yee story appears nowhere on CNN’s website,” the outlet explained that the decision was “in line with us covering state senators & state secretary of state races just about never.” “You see another conspiracy?” the account asked its inquisitor, snippily.

Democratic State Senators see the writing on the wall and are putting some distance between them their lobbyist pals by cancelling a schmaltzy golf outing at Torrey Pines.  What will the Democratic State Senate Caucus be doing instead of cooking up deals in La Jolla with the lobbyists?

Exactly what the Republican State Senate Caucus should be doingcampaigning for the upcoming elections:

Covered CA / Obama Care Update.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014
posted by Jerome Stocks

This email came to me, as I am a Covered California Certified Insurance Agent,  from Covered California re the end (sort of) of Open enrollment which is (sort of) today, April 01 @12:01AM aka April Fools Day:

Bottom line is that if you missed the open enrollment to apply for your potentially subsidized Health Insurance through Covered CA, you can get a mulligan by contacting a Certified Insurance Agent and simply asserting that you were “unable to create an online account or start your online application because of technical difficulties  prior to March 31, 2014″ or because you “experienced difficulties”. . . unspecified… We’ll take your word for it… Because we like you…

With La Mesa Councilmember Ernie Ewin’s announcement this morning that he will not seek reelection this year, at least one open City Council seat will appear on the November ballot.

It is anticipated that Ewin’s council colleague Mark Arapostathis will make an announcement in the next day or so as to his intentions. If he doesn’t announce his plans to run for mayor against incumbent Art Madrid, my intel is sorely lacking.

Ernie Ewin announces retirement from La Mesa Council

Tuesday, April 1, 2014
posted by Guest Column

Guest Commentary
by Councilman Ernest Ewin

Good Morning La Mesa!

After being away from the La Mesa City Council for 12 years, in 2002 the voters returned me to the Council.

Now after another 12 years, I will have served you for a total 18 years on the Council come this November. Thank you!

For the last year and a half, I have been contemplating those closing words of a favorite childhood song and “dance”…the “Hokey Pokey”. Do you remember? “And you turn yourself around. That’s what it’s all about…”

Bob Siegel’s Review of Noah Film

Tuesday, April 1, 2014
posted by Bob Siegel


I must confess, I heard so many terrible things about this movie from fellow Christians, I was prepared to hate it. Much to my pleasant surprise, I found director Darren Aronofky’s version of Noah and the deluge to be well written, emotionally stirring, and most important, Biblically accurate. One would think that true believers would embrace this epic, stylish slice of cinema instead of wasting so much time with inappropriate protests.


Joel Anderson’s lone nay vote to suspend State Senators Wright, Calderon, and Yee was the right thing to do.  His floor speech was excellent, suggesting that those who brought forth the suspension still believe State Senators are “above the law” and that it “incentivizes bad behavior”.

The Republican State Senate Caucus, save Anderson, is wrong; Wright, Calderon, and Yee should be expelled from the Senate.  This is about the integrity of the California State Senate.  The Democratic State Senate Caucus is in embroiled in this scandal,  Over 10% of their caucus is facing time in San Quentin and their leadership is running cover for the crooks.

The latest tactic in the California Democratic Party’s machine?  Brand Leland Yee as an outlier.  From the San Jose Mercury-News:

The Democratic Party establishment however, never really trusted the enigmatic Yee.  That much became clear when Yee failed to gain a single endorsement from a top Democrat during his unsuccessful 2011 campaign for San Francisco mayor.

It’s a good public relations strategy, so good that I think every Democratic politician in the State will be saying “LeeYee, we hardly knew ya”.  More from the Merc:

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