Democratic Voters Are Cowards (and Far From Democratic)

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Hillary Clinton rigged the election to defeat a septuagenarian socialist (and STILL almost lost). Read the source documents (emails) proving her complicity. Please chant, “This. Is. What. De-mo-cra-cy. Looks. Like.” as you denounce Hillary Clinton. You won’t. You will say, “But Trump” Cowards.

Democratic Voters are Cowards: Hillary Clinton is a Bigot

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That time when Hillary Clinton called her husband’s campaign manager a “f****** jew bastard.” Or when her Presidential campaign tried to paint her black opponent as a terrorist and suggested he wasn’t born in this country. Remember when she and NYC Mayor, fellow “progressive” Bill De Blasio, joked about being on “colored people’s time”? How horrified were students when Clinton …

Is A Vote For Trump A Vote For Clinton?

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Libertarian candidates Gary Johnson and Bill Weld, both successful past Republican governors in traditionally Democratic states, are starting to say that: “It may get to the point where Mr. Trump is not able to win and you may hear from us that a vote for Trump is a wasted vote so you had better go with Johnson/Weld”– past MA Gov. …