The California Handgun Roster – A New Proposal to Make a Bad Law Worse

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Most California gun owners are familiar with the California Handgun Roster. Those who aren’t can get up to speed here and here. The roster lists handguns that can be sold to law-abiding citizens in California. Handguns not listed cannot be purchased by Californians in stores or on the internet. As with most bad California gun laws, law enforcement is exempt. …

To Ride, Shoot Straight, and Speak the Truth – 100 Years of Colonel Jeff Cooper

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May is the Centennial of Col. Jeff Cooper. Jeff Cooper is truly one of the legends of the firearms community. For those not familiar with Col. Cooper and what he’s done I offer this short article to acquaint you with the Colonel. I hope this inspires you to pursue additional information and learn more about this great man. Jeff Cooper …

The official Richard Rider Fan Club

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FROM MY FACEBOOK PAGE: Safe spacing? Not here! Masks? No way! It’s my weekly meeting of the official Richard Rider Fan Club. I DID get some blowback when I announced the dues increase. Indeed, some of my fans turned on me.

Do women pro soccer players want equality with men? Yes!! Well, actually, NO!

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Do the women on the U.S. Soccer Team demand equality with male soccer players?  YES!!  Well, mostly.  Sometimes.  Actually, NOT. IF these wonderful women soccer players TRULY demanded equality, they would be lobbying (and suing) for the chance to play men’s professional soccer, where the salaries for top players can be much, MUCH higher. I don’t know for sure, but …

MAY 18 San Diego County coronavirus deaths confirm that we should end the lockdown

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End the California state and local lockdown mandates.  Sensibly. As of 5/15/20, there’s been 5,662 reported coronavirus cases in San Diego County — a huge county of 3.3 million people. Doubtless there were many more cases.  But the symptoms were so mild that the victims didn’t get themselves tested or treated for the virus. Now look at the KEY …

Their father’s hell did slowly go by

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Just this past week, a video was uploaded to social media, showing teenage-ish boys skateboarding on the granite walls of the Mt. Soledad Veterans Memorial Monument. Fox 5 has the story and video. “A skateboarder caused controversy Monday after a video surfaced of him riding across the sacred walls of the memorial honoring military members at Mt. Soledad. “Over 5,000 …