Paul Ryan Represents “Opportunity to Set a New Course”

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WASHINGTON, DC – Congressman Darrell Issa (CA-49) today released the following statement in response to the election of Paul Ryan as Speaker of the House: Paul Ryan is a friend and respected colleague. His election as Speaker gives the House the opportunity to set a new course that better serves our nation, to hold ourselves accountable, and to live up …

The San Diego Union-Tribune’s Whitewashing of Left-Wing Lies Targeting Darrell Issa

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The San Diego Union Tribune’s April 2nd story, Issa’s Earmarks Questioned, was based on a false allegation by the liberal think tank Center for American Progress that San Diego Union-Tribune reporter Jeff McDonald sanitized and white-washed to publicly present the remnants of wholly unfounded allegations. This one-sided story left out critical information: the clear reasons why Rep. Issa supported the widening of West Vista Way; the fact that in 2009 Rep. Issa stopped requesting earmarks altogether; and clear factual errors in the Center for American Progress’ false allegation.

Washington Post – Darrell Issa wants to freeze some federal worker raises

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Buried amid the hundreds of proposed amendments to a Republican-backed government spending measure is a proposal to prohibit federal agencies from giving pay raises to workers who receive a promotion…Rep. Darrell Issa’s bill targets period step increases for federal workers paid under the General Schedule. About 20 percent of federal workers get the pay raise each year, mostly for seniority and not performance reasons, according to the California Republican’s office.