Carl DeMaio Crushes Darrell Issa in Fundraising in CA50 Congress Race

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DeMaio raises $2.1M vs. Issa’s $818,735

In late July 2019, former Congressman Darrell Issa began fundraising for his bid to return for Congress – and because Issa delayed his formal filings with the FEC until October 2, 2019, his Q4 fundraising report crams in more than five months of fundraising into one single quarterly report. You would think a well-known former Member of Congress like Issa with all the extra time would raise more than his opponent.

No such luck. Even with his name ID and cramming Q3 contributions into his Q4 report, Darrell Issa got beat badly in fundraising.

While Issa posted $818,735 over the five month period covered in his report, Carl DeMaio raised $2,148,208 with over 31,000 individual contributors powering his campaign with an average cumulative contribution of $79 per individual – with more than half of contributions to DeMaio’s campaign $50 or less. Of that haul, $2,136,208 is allocated for Carl DeMaio for Congress and $12,000 is allocated to DeMaio’s recently-created Leadership PAC.

DeMaio has raised more funds in his first two quarters of campaigning than the vast majority of Congressional candidates and incumbents raise during an entire cycle.

By every measure, DeMaio’s fundraising haul is tremendous and demonstrates DeMaio’s true grassroots support. Reporting shows Issa’s haul was merely $818,735 – with a large percentage of that from maxed-out donors – illustrating the lack of true voter support for Issa.

DeMaio launched his campaign on August 5 and broke records right out of the gate by raising a shocking $250,000 in the first 24 hours and $450,000 in the first 72 hours of his campaign. The fact that DeMaio hauled in more than $1.3 million over 8 weeks demonstrated the sustainability of his fundraising momentum – and prowess.

On top of the total $2,148,208 in funds raised from donors, DeMaio has made an additional loan of $250,000 to his campaign and also transferred $36,200 from a previous federal committee. Total funds secured for DeMaio’s congressional bid now tops $2.4 million after just two quarters – with cash-on-hand at $1.75 million as of Jan 1 after all bills are paid.

“I’m so grateful for the support we’re receiving from grassroots contributors who believe that we can fight and win in California – it just takes a new model for how Republicans compete in a deep blue state,” said DeMaio.

“Carl DeMaio has built a grassroots money machine that will power his campaign to victory,” said Dave McCulloch of Capitol Media Partners who oversees DeMaio’s online fundraising efforts. “Look at the average contribution – you can bet most of DeMaio’s 31,000 donors will give again and again to him as the campaign continues to progress,” McCulloch concluded.

Reporters doing their math should download reports for two committees used by DeMaio to raise funding for his Congressional bid. Anticipating repeat donors over the long-haul, DeMaio launched his candidacy by establishing the DeMaio Victory Fund – a joint fundraising committee of his principal campaign committee of Carl DeMaio for Congress and his Leadership PAC called Gen-Next GOP Leaders Fund that allows DeMaio to aggregate campaign contribution limits in soliciting contributors.


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  1. Based on fundraising, it looks like Carl DeMaio won the election.
    But let’s take a look at our current public education.
    On his website, Carl is concerned that our schools are failing our children. What’s his solution? School Choice. Expanding parental choice and charter schools,
    #1 – For the parents who are flexible and can find a school they like and can drive their kids to, more power to them. For those parents unable to do that, their kids will remain in a poorly run school with a globalist agenda. Does that not create 2nd class citizens?
    #2 – How will Carl bypass all those strict federal, state, local guidelines in our public schools (and school boards) to stop their globalist agenda of deliberately dumbing down our kids?
    Carl’s website reform agenda says the solution is: School Choice.
    Parents in every party need to hear from all candidates on this very important problem.

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