Issa: $1.6 Million Cash on Hand after Raising $782,000 Since Launching Campaign

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The Darrell Issa for Congress campaign raised $782,000 since Issa announced his candidacy for the 50th Congressional District. Issa officially joined the race on September 26, just days before the beginning of the fourth quarter fundraising period. The Issa campaign enters the final stretch of the primary with more than $1.6 million cash on hand. Issa’s fourth quarter fundraising numbers make him one of the top fundraisers in the country among House candidates.

“We have built a grassroots campaign that gives a voice to voters across the 50th District who want to send someone to Congress to fight for them and stand up for President Trump and his agenda,” Issa said. “As more voters learn that Carl DeMaio is a Never Trump, pro-amnesty liberal, we continue to build momentum with fundraising and in the polls. We are ready to finish strong.”

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  1. LOL – Darrell, your COH for the primary is only $400k when you back out the $168k in General Election monies you received and you back out the $1.2 M of your own money.

    How embarrassing for you that as a 20 year national-name ID career politician you got out-raised badly.

    And due to a technical reporting trick you crammed 5 months of fundraising into one report and you STILL got beat.

    Lousy fundraising is a BIG reason why establishment GOP politicians are losing in California. Time for new, fresh energy…

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