Carl DeMaio’s Voter Guide: March 2020 Primary Endorsements

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It’s time for a new generation of FIGHTERS to take back California!

In the 2018 election cycle, Carl DeMaio’s voter guide was downloaded by over 100,000 voters in San Diego county – more than the official Republican Party Guide (though that one is good too and widely used.)

In the 2020 election cycle, DeMaio’s campaign will be using this voter guide in a series of “Ballot Harvesting” initiatives throughout San Diego county.

Read Carl’s full San Diego election guide at


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  1. I looked over Carl’s endorsements to see if he really meant what he said – to shake things up in California, restore our state, bring in fresh blood to bring back the principles the Republican party used to stand behind. I have friends in some of these districts and they have looked to me in the past for my recommendations on the ballot.

    Let’s take 80th District Central Committee candidates. My friend, JD Bols, who I highly respect. recommended people not on Carl’s list. Very interesting. I have talked to all 6. If San Diego voters are really serous about restoring our state starting with the 80th District, the 6 who need our votes are:
    JD Bols, Craig Candelore, Allen Candelore, Marco Cisneros, Lincoln Pickard, Robert Santos.

    Let’s take Carl’s 4 recommendations for District 80. (only 4, not 6?). Since the lists do not match, I have to wonder why. It appears he wants to keep everything pretty much the same. status quo, again.
    That now makes me suspicious of all the recommendations he provides. Am I incorrect?

  2. I have always supported Carl ever since he has been on the pollical scene. I have been to his house twice to support him. Am I missing something? Is he not allowed to have a voter guide because he is running for office?

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