Posted: Fundraising data for all local City of SD, County, State Legislative and Congressional races

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Click for the database to view the most recent numbers for the following:

  • Fundraising data for local races for the reporting period ending 12/31.
  • Just released — Fundraising data for Congressional races for the reporting period ending 12/31.

The best indicator of campaign strength, from my perspective, is to look at the current cash on hand minus debt in the last column. Some campaigns may have spent a bulk of funds in January to pre-pay for items to be spent in February, so looking at that number in conjunction with cash on hand minus debt will give a decent idea of how much “firepower” each campaign has going down the stretch.

Note: I typically don’t include ballot measures, but included the most-watched measures since they are well funded and are drawing a lot of interest this cycle.

Note 2: I have left worksheets documenting fundraising for the first half of 2019 for historical reference, for those interested.

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