My friend Steve Vaus

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Politics can be rough; a contact sport. I’ve been trashed and lied about a few times but tonight I don’t want to talk about me, but about my friend Mayor Steve Vaus of Poway. Steve’s in a tough race for Supervisor with another friend of mine. In the beginning of this race I made a hard choice to endorse Mayor …

Mayor Wells wants El Cajon cops to stand down on COVID enforcement

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On Friday I am calling a special council meeting to discuss instructing our police to not enforce Covid-19 laws and or regulations. The people of El Cajon are suffering and it is highly unfair and nonsensical that big box stores, grocery stores, club stores and now even schools are open while nail salons, restaurants, churches, other businesses and organizations are …

Mayor Bill Wells: DeMaio protests the Issa press conference

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Yesterday, Darrell Issa made his announcement he is running for Congress in the 50th District. The press conference was civil and not at all controversial. That is, except for the tantrum that Carl DeMaio was having a couple of hundred feet away. Armed with lawn signs and the clever chant of “CARL, CARL, CARL,” they protested the former Congressman’s press …

Help Keep The 50th Congressional District Away From The Democrats

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I’m Dr. Bill Wells, the Mayor of El Cajon, and I am running for Congress in the 50th district. This election is unusually important. For the first time ever, liberal Democrats have the chance to take this conservative district. I am the Conservative Republican choice who can represent your values and save the district from being flipped and subjecting President …

El Cajon fights against illegal pot shops

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El Cajon has been working to shutdown illegal marijuana dispensaries. This KUSI story (with video) shows how the war on pot is progressing in El Cajon. El Cajon continues drive to close medical marijuana dispensaries Wells is the Mayor of El Cajon

Congratulations to Mayor Bill Wells

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A hearty congratulations to SD Rostra’s own Bill Wells, appointed as mayor by his El Cajon City Council colleagues on Tuesday, following the resignation of Mark Lewis.  Here’s the U-T San Diego story. The mayor’s seat comes up again in 2014, when Wells will also run for the spot. We look forward to his continued posts on Rostra. Congratulations Bill! …

El Cajon City Council Imposes Harsh Penalty for Synthetic Drug Sales

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“Spice” and “Bath Salts” are names for synthetic drugs that can cause severe psychosis, brain damage and death. This was the drug at the heart of the “Miami Cannibal” case, which left one man dead and the other with most of his face “eaten off”. This week the El Cajon City Council imposed a $2500 fine for selling these substances …

El Cajon places Charter question on June ballot

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Last night the El Cajon City Council voted to place a Charter City proposal on the June 5, 2012, ballot. Becoming a Charter City will allow El Cajon to establish greater autonomy from Sacramento and save millions of dollars in building costs. As a Charter City, El Cajon will be able to exempt itself, in certain situations, from paying prevailing …