East County Performing Arts Center: The Reality

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I’ve had a lot of calls about the UT article regarding the “razing” of the ECPAC. I want to weigh in and say that to my mind, there is long ways to go before this was to happen. The current proposal is to build a hotel on the site, which would include a new performing arts center. I have to admit that a major hotel in Downtown El Cajon would be welcome, but I’m still not sure how it would be financed, or if that proposed site is a given. There is a lot of discussion that has yet to occur. Remember also, that the whole equation has changed since the state has disbanded the Redevelopment Agency. In light of this it is premature to think that ECPAC will be torn down.

I do agree that something must be done about ECPAC. We are currently working on several possible solutions. As always, the entire El Cajon City Council and I have the best interests of the community in mind. I am also personally aware of how important this theater is to so many in this community. I promise that I will keep this fact in mind as we go through the process. I will also keep you all informed as much as I possibly can, as to all of the developments.


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  1. Why would you think people want to go to El Cajon as a vacation spot when we have beautiful hotels along our coast and in our deserts?

  2. Lowering your sales tax back to what most of the county has would help businesses. I can tell you that some larger firms have been told either not to buy in person (in El Cajon) or to have the item that they are buying, shipped to their address, if it is outside of the city. Let’s look at chainsaws. It’s pretty much the same distance to Masons (In El Cajon) and to A & B Saw (In Lakeside). If I am going to save money with my purchase by going to A & B saw, why should I even consider going to Masons? I think the worst thing El Cajon did in recent years was to raise the sales tax, but then their raising the tax, has sent tax dollars to other communities.

  3. This “performing arts center” is a lingering aftereffect of El Cajon’s outbreak of the “edifice complex.” This infectious complex (which erects complexes, among other edifices) is a bipartisan mental disorder compelling politicians to build something big and impressive — a legacy paid for with OPM.

    I guess the only good effect of this affliction is that it does indeed “reach across the aisle.” Party affiliation is no immunization against this expensive infection.

    It’s a rare instance of a contagious mental affliction. Sort of a “mad cow” disease, complete with a lot of mooing.

    There is no known cure — aside from removal of the infected politicos — hopefully in a more merciful manner than that employed with hapless disoriented bovines.

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