Mayor Wells wants El Cajon cops to stand down on COVID enforcement

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On Friday I am calling a special council meeting to discuss instructing our police to not enforce Covid-19 laws and or regulations. The people of El Cajon are suffering and it is highly unfair and nonsensical that big box stores, grocery stores, club stores and now even schools are open while nail salons, restaurants, churches, other businesses and organizations are shuttered.

The state of California and the County of San Diego, of course, may continue to levy fines and criminal charges for violations, but I am proposing that the El Cajon police department not waste their valuable time enforcing mask, non-essential business and social distancing laws.

My people are suffering from not only financial ruin, but many are enduring severe depression, anxiety, isolation, and many other emotional, spiritual and sociological deprivations as a result of this stunning governmental overreach.

The Council meeting will be on this Friday (tomorrow) at 3:00 pm at an in person council meeting.


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  1. Mayor Wells,

    You’re leading. As you did when you demonstrated courage and ran for Congress and challenged a “safe” Congressman with a “C-“ Heritage Score.

    As you did when you challenged the state for sending our sons to war but denying them the individual liberty to smoke.

    When government is deployed for purposes other than defense of natural rights the result is tyranny. Denial of God given freedom. Because of the theological makeup of the City Council it is logical the El Cajon City Council would lead. It’s consistent. It coheres. It reconciles.

    We love our neighbor in the civil sphere via the reduction of suffering. In this way our theological, legal and economic ideas work in harmony while demonstrating our gratitude for the cross.

    Our inalienable rights precede government and are superior to it.

    Like golf our follow through is important. We desire to conserve transcendent principles, not the status quo. God doesn’t need our good works. Our neighbor does.

  2. El Cajon council tells police to keep on same path.

    After more than an hour of discussion that included letters from the public and input from City Council and staff, the end result was the City Council giving City Manager Graham Mitchell direction to allow Police Chief Mike Moulton to instruct his officers to keep on the same path the department has been on.

    Since March, the city’s police department has given no citations to businesses or people who defy the state-mandated face mask rule, don’t adhere to social-distancing guidelines or keep “nonessential businesses” open, the city said.

  3. Thank you Mayor Wells. Everybody deserves the right to choose instead of some bureaucrats in Sacramento and DC.

  4. To be consistent, I hope the El Cajon police also refuse to issue citations for speeding, not wearing seat belts and motorcyclists not wearing helmets. I also hope no one is forced to leave an establishment if they choose the “no shirt, no choose” option.

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