CA population growth rate is slowing down — DRAMATICALLY

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The California population growth rate is slowing down — DRAMATICALLY

by Richard Rider

In recent years, our nation’s population growth rate has slowed. The 2019 U.S. Census population growth figures are now out.  The national population’s growth rate was only 0.5%.  That growth rate has been dropping annually for the last 5 years.    Indeed, it’s the slowest annual U.S. growth rate in decades, and perhaps since the founding of the country.

But California — arguably the most physically attractive state in which to live — finds its population growth rate slowing even quicker.  In 2018 the rest of the nation grew over 50% faster than our Golden State.

Now our CA 2019 growth rate is 0.35%.  That means that, slow as it was, the nation grew about 43% faster than California.

But remember, that national average growth INCLUDES the huge population of moribund California with its 39,960,000 people. Comparing CA with just the other 49 states, those states grew about 52% faster than our tarnished Golden State.

Oh, one other point:  I always talk about the “net domestic migration” — the movement of Americans between states.  Since 1992 California has lost about 4.5 million more people to other states than people who moved to California FROM those states. And I say again — that’s a NET figure.

But it’s particularly disturbing how rapidly our annual California NET out-migration is growing.  It’s been steadily increasing annually since 2011.  In 2018 it was 156,000.  Remember, that’s a NET figure.

I put myself on record (check my other writings) that 2019 would see our net domestic (out)migration would rise above 200,000.  The above 2019 Census net outmigration figure for CA?  203,414.  That’s a 30.4% increase — in ONE year.

I hate being right about this growing problem, but I gloat nevertheless.


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