Help Keep The 50th Congressional District Away From The Democrats

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I’m Dr. Bill Wells, the Mayor of El Cajon, and I am running for Congress in the 50th district. This election is unusually important. For the first time ever, liberal Democrats have the chance to take this conservative district.

I am the Conservative Republican choice who can represent your values and save the district from being flipped and subjecting President Trump to the Blue Wave and impeachment. As the Mayor of El Cajon you have seen me unwaveringly stand for:

• Protecting the Constitution
• Fighting against Sanctuary City laws
• Protecting Life
• Protecting Religious Liberty
• Safeguarding our border
• Defending the Second Amendment
• Mental Health Reform

Please visit my web site at and my Facebook page at

People throughout the district often ask me who they should be loyal to, Congressman Hunter or myself. This congressional seat does not belong to Duncan Hunter. It does not belong to myself. This is YOUR seat, as the hard-working residents of the 50th. Vote for what you know to be right, and let’s keep this district safe from Democrat domination.

Dr. Bill Wells, Mayor of El Cajon
Candidate for Congress, California 50th District

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Admin Note: Mayor Wells sent out the above as an email today. He did not refer to a new POLITICO article, also from today. Yet as he is quoted in it, we’re sharing it here as well…

‘People are afraid of retribution’: Hunter clan fights for survival


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