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  1. T.A.,

    I can’t explain it either. Nor can I explain how Ronald Reagan, the Conservative icon, revered by all Republicans, was also responsible for the largest state tax increase not just in California, but in our entire nation’s history. I guess people just change.


    By the way, your question doesn’t answer mine – why are you so afraid of a candidate you obviously consider to be seriously flawed?

  2. HQ: Rostra Admins were neither addressing your question, nor asking a question, but simply posting a reader’s tweet that included his question.

  3. T.A.,

    Obviously Bonnie Dumanis is afraid or her supporters wouldn’t being attacking Fletcher.

    In response to the reader’s tweet, President Trump used to be Pro-Choice. I guess that Mr. Robak has no issue with Presidents Trump and Reagan having a “fundamental shift in values.”

  4. H.Q.

    GOP afraid? I don’t know personally but logically, NO as the jungle primary is forcing all five candidates to fight it out and what the GOP is doing is called “politics.” It looks to me like the San Diego County GOP has learned some tactics from the more warrior-like party, the Democrats.

  5. William,

    Actually, this is, as you point out, a tactic used by both parties in attempt to choose the opponent that they want to run against in the General Election. Since Dumanis is the only Serious Republican candidate in the primary, the assumption is that she will make the run-off. Since the Republicans are attacking Fletcher, and only Fletcher, with their Primary ads, it stands to reason that Fletcher is the candidate that they are most afraid of running against in the General Election. Again, I ask the question: Why are the Republicans afraid of Fletcher if they believe he is an obviously flawed candidate? One would think that Dumanis would want to run against the most flawed opponent she could find.

  6. Hypocrisy, that’s easy. Fletcher’s the one likely to be in the top two because of the Democrat endorsement which equals their GOTV machine and everything else that comes with it, specifically funds. So, they’re attacking now.

    It’s another typical political move. If you remove the “D” and “R” from the candidates, you’ll find the most qualified on paper and has presented himself well is Omar Passons but just because I said that doesn’t mean I would vote for him as I view leadership and management as key essentials as well. I’ve heard he struggles there.

    That said, Passons is also broke and in debt. Ken Malbrough has no money to compete, and Lori Saldana is fighting both her own party and her own missteps ($ from an organization led by an alleged sexual assaulter she condemns one month and welcomes the next) BUT outside of Fletcher is the other legitimate opponent as she’s able to rally her Latino base.

    I believe the Republicans view Fletcher winning in that outcome. He’s also easy to attack as he’s extremely flawed (despite Saldana’s issues) regarding his struggles to explain his shift. Personally, I view him as politically ambitious and doesn’t care about the party as much as himself.

    By going after him now, it likely helps to split the Democrat primary vote, ensuring Dumanis advances (remember, nothing’s ever a given in politics – just ask Hillary). Right now, it’s about getting to the November ballot – although, if I was the Republican Party, I’d be figuring out how to get 50 percent now with so many Democrats running).

    By going after him now it also forces the Democrats to react and provide more manpower and funds to his campaign. They’ve given nothing to my knowledge or minimal to the District 5 endorsed candidate and is part of that because they’re forced to defend these attacks along with three other Democrats targeting him (I’m speculating) or they don’t care about District 5? Probably a little of both?

    As far as the GOP being “scared,” nah, don’t buy it, they’re being proactive here and for once playing it smart by going after who they believe will be on the ticket in November. That said, instead of scared, I would say angry and wanting a little bit of “revenge” over his betrayal is playing a part in this as well.

    Finally, there is always risk in going after the wrong person early. Just ask Hillary about that. 😉

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  7. William,

    That is a very good analysis of the candidates and I agree that the Republican plan is, at least in part, to weaken Fletcher for the General Election. I hope you would agree that it is also partly to try to keep Fletcher out of the General Election entirely. That was the Republican strategy in the last two Mayoral elections and it worked last time as Kevin Faulconer beat David Alvarez. It was less successful the previous time as Bob Filner became Mayor.

    I also have to question the strategy of splitting the Democratic vote. I understand if the fear is that Fletcher could otherwise get 50%+1 in the Primary, but in a district that is overwhelmingly Democratic, the strategy runs the risk of putting two Democrats into the General Election.

    One final question, are you (were you) as concerned when Presidents Reagan and Trump switched parties as you are with Fletcher’s switch?

  8. I think Republicans are worried about #FakeNews. Lorena’s husband campaigns today as the ideological opposite of what he represented in every previous campaign.

    Is that possible? Sure, it’s possible but the notion that a 41 year old man goes from seeking Grover Norquist’s endorsement to Hoffa-type progressive is highly improbable.

    Lorena’s husband is all about himself. He will say, do, and be anything to obtain power. I fear ANYONE who is like that.

    The truth about this power-hungry statist should be told over and over again.

  9. Brian,

    Do you have similar concerns about President Trump who was previously “very pro-choice,” supported “universal healthcare,” advocated for higher taxes on the rich and was a registered Democrat?

  10. T.A.,

    “Why are Democrats so afraid to run against Nathan?”

    For the same reason that Republicans are. They know that they cannot beat him in the General Election.

  11. Fletcher hasn’t won a general election as a Democrat because he hasn’t been in a general election as a Democrat. Both of those facts will change this November.

  12. H.Q.

    The problem with your assessment is that we can read how Reagan’s shift happened over time but in Fletcher’s case, there’s too many present in the here and now with first-hand accounts regarding Fletcher’s shift. I’m sure that’s from former friends, political enemies and people who don’t care about it who were there to witness this. They all pretty much state his anger, bitterness and holding grudges over those he feels betrayed him. Ranges from the party to individuals. This is what I’ve heard. I wasn’t there, so I take it all in with a grain of salt but have no reason to not believe as the stories are all pretty similar.

    To be frank, I don’t care as that’s not an issue for me to ponder as much as I recognize it as a problem for him. I do know as adults, ideological type change takes place over time. His was rapid, thus why many question it as well as the fact many were present in watching it happen.

    Personally, if I was Dumanis I would rather face him than Saldana as I believe you can use his former GOP voting record against him to get Democrats to ignore that race and write it off. The downside for the Republican Party is that Fletcher is charming, likable and polished. Whereas, Dumanis is bland, surprisingly, doesn’t’ have as good a grasp on the issues as some of her opponents and tries to play it down the middle on other issues (Second Amendment).

    She comes across as playing politics with her middle-of-the-road issues and doesn’t come off believable and honest. Moreso a politician trying to placate both sides. Hey, maybe I’m wrong on her but I go by what I see.

  13. William,

    I could not agree with your more. I also find both Fletcher and Dumanis to be politicians at the core. On the other hand, we are deciding who we want to hold a political position so maybe being a politician shouldn’t be seen as a detriment.

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