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  1. Lest we get all warm and fuzzy about El Cajon GOP fiscal successes, let us recall that this conservative city has the highest sales tax rate in the county (matched only by National City) — a full 1% higher than most parts of the county. Moreover, this high sales tax is probably in the top five in the entire state of California (I don’t have the latest figures).

    But balance this with a bit of good news — there is ONE “El Cajon” Walmart (a Supercenter) off I-8 that is JUST outside the city limits (it’s on the east end of the city just south of I-8 — probably less than 100 yards outside city limits) — so shoppers there don’t pay this unnecessarily high rate — and the city struggles along without that windfall.

    Walmart Supercenter
    13487 Camino Canada
    El Cajon, CA 92021
    East County Square‎

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