Why I Dropped Out of the Race for Congress and now Support Darrell Issa

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by Bill Wells, Mayor of the City of El Cajon

As the Mayor of El Cajon and a former candidate for Congress in the 50th Congressional district I am passionate about who will replace Duncan Hunter and represent all of us in Washington. I’ve long known that this time of change could be a period of great danger to our way of life and to the ideas and values that propel so many of us.

I am sure you are aware of how rare a place the voters of the 50th hold in California political life. Surrounded by progressives on all sides, the 50th has been able to maintain a place of solid conservatism. It is important that we are mindful of this when we make our votes next month. I have come to believe that only Darrell Issa can maintain our conservative political significance. It is not trivial; it is perhaps that last chance that California has to maintain resistance to overwhelming forces of the left.

But isn’t Carl DeMaio a conservative?  Well, the answer is yes and no, but mostly no. He claims the mantle of conservatism based upon his fiscal ideas, but being a conservative is about so much more than money and taxes. For those paying attention, Carl DeMaio has been telling anyone who will listen that it is time for the Republican Party to jettison ideas, that in his mind hold us back; ideas like opposition to abortion and belief that President Trump is the right man to lead us in our battle for America and against toxic radical leftism. In fact, he has been overtly vocal in his opposition to President Trump, calling him names and taking on the position of being a “Never Trumper”. However, now that he finds himself running in a district that overwhelmingly supported and supports President Trump, he is sending out mailers stating that he is a supporter of the President. Another reversal is his claim that he is pro-life when the record has shown that he has always been pro-abortion.

Darrell Issa is a full and total conservative. He has a history of 18 years in Congress, aggressively fighting for our values and holding liberals accountable for their actions.  You may remember Benghazi and how Darrell Issa was the defender of the truth in that liberal debacle. Most importantly, right now, he has a history of defending the President and our right to elect the person we want to lead us.  The Democrats are Hell bent on overturning our votes and we need a proven ally of the President to make sure that does not happen. He will fight against impeachment and any other attempts to circumvent the will of the people.

I decided to run for Congress in 2018 because I did not want to see the Duncan Hunter scandal result in the 50th Congressional District being represented by a politician that did not share the values of the majority of voters. In 2019 the dynamics had changed and I decided to get out of the race, because I did not want to be in any way responsible for a Carl DeMaio win. The math was pretty clear to me and I knew that I could not win, but I realized that I could possibly shave off enough fully conservative voters to prevent Darrell Issa from winning. I cared enough for the district to put my own desires aside and to get behind Issa. Frankly, Brian Jones is in exactly the same situation today and though I like and respect him, I pray that he would come to the conclusion that this race is more important than self or career.

Thank you for hearing me out on this. I know that collectively the 50th will make the right decision and put Darrell  Issa back in Congress.


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  1. You dropped out because you couldn’t win – and Issa offered to buy you a steak dinner at Denny’s. Period.

    This website is for highly informed and engaged political activists. You lose what little credibility you had when you call Carl DeMaio a “Never Trumper.”

  2. We all know he’s gonna try to run for higher office again and again in the future.

  3. Details Details… Carl,

    Your badmouthing Bill Wells just shows how low you go and just how much denial you’re in. You’re losing and we’ll be rid of you in our district tomorrow night.

    Calling you a “Never Trumper” is pretty accurate. Just how many times did you badmouth President trump on your radio show? What’s that quote, “Rude, Crude, and unattractive”? If you’re such a President Trump supporter, why did he invite Mayor Wells to DC and not you? Why after his fundraiser in San Diego did he invite Darrell Issa back to DC on AF-1 and not you? I do however enjoy how your campaign is in total denial of who you are… Where’s your quote of “I’m a gay, pro-choice Republican”? Haven’t heard that one much lately! When did you become Pro-choice and remove all gay references from your web site? Just how much re-identifying are you willing to do in order to find your way back to DC?
    But the bottom line here is simple, if you’re such a “fighter” then where the hell were you after 9/11? If you’re such a bad ass, why didn’t you raise your hand and swear an oath to defend our country after we were attached? You were a military aged male at the time, fully qualified to enlist, well Mr. “Fighter” why were you unwilling to square off and face a formidable enemy? Simple, you’re a coward and a bully that will only succeed in getting your ass kicked out of our “Conservative” district. Take a powder Carl, Mayor Wells is a better man than you will ever be, so lay off!

  4. In the next election, Carl can once again claim that he’s “not a career politician.”

    That’s a true statement, but it’s not for a lack of trying.

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