Mayor Bill Wells: DeMaio protests the Issa press conference

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Yesterday, Darrell Issa made his announcement he is running for Congress in the 50th District. The press conference was civil and not at all controversial. That is, except for the tantrum that Carl DeMaio was having a couple of hundred feet away. Armed with lawn signs and the clever chant of “CARL, CARL, CARL,” they protested the former Congressman’s press conference.

To make matters more bizarre, the area the DeMaio team used for their protests was an area that can be used by the public, but only if they pay the rental fee. The Issa campaign had paid their fees. Carl refused to relocate, however, and made a stink about his constitutional rights. He also made threats to sue various people. Rather than cause a scene we decided to allow the intrusive and classless protest.

As the Mayor of the City of El Cajon, I was embarrassed by DeMaio’s behavior and it saddens me that the incivility in Washington has seeped into how we even treat members of our own party. Let’s demand a bit of a higher standard from those who seek the highest offices in the country.


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