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DeMaio to Call on Rep. Scott Peters to Reimburse Taxpayers for $7 Million Legal Bill for His Failed Pension Scheme

City Attorney’s Office Assigns “Responsibility” to Scott Peters’ Council for TWICE Voting to Indemnify Pension Officials for Their Illegal Pension Scheme

Carl DeMaio today called on Rep. Scott Peters to “reimburse taxpayers for the millions in legal fees resulting from his decision to indemnify himself and his fellow city pension officials for their illegal deal to spike city pensions.”

Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association Cites DeMaio’s Experience in Balancing Budgets, Reforming Pensions, & Holding Government Accountable

Carl DeMaio accepting the endorsement of HJTA, alongside Richard Rider and TJ Zane

San Diego – As millions of taxpayers rush to file their taxes on time, California’s leading taxpayer group today endorsed Carl DeMaio for Congress as a way to make sure those taxes are efficiently and accountably spent.

Strong Fundraising Tally of $1.6 Million Adds to National Interest, Key Endorsements and Favorable Polls San Diego

San Diego – Continuing to show an impressive fundraising pace, Carl DeMaio announced today that his campaign for Congress raised over $410,000 in the first quarter – bringing his campaign’s tally to over $1.6 million cycle-to-date.

With more than 7 months to go before the November 2014 election, DeMaio sits with more than $1.2 million in cash-on-hand. The tally does not include any funds provided by DeMaio himself.

Most notably, more than half of DeMaio’s contributions this quarter came from online vehicles.

DeMaio Named A Top “Contender” In NRCC ‘Young Guns’ Program
Signals DeMaio Is Top Recruit, Provides Additional Support

Washington, DC and San Diego Today, Carl DeMaio was upgraded to “contender” status in the National Republican Congressional Committee’s Young Guns program as DeMaio’s campaign continues its groundswell of support.

As described in this morning’s Politico Morning Score:

NRCC NAMES 17 ‘CONTENDERS’ TO YOUNG GUNS PROGRAM: The National Republican Congressional Committee is naming 17 House GOP candidates as “contenders” in its Young Guns program, singling them out as top recruits and giving them an additional level of support. “Contenders” are the second level of candidates for the Young Guns program: they are all, per a release, “on the path to developing a mature and competitive campaign operation” and are running for seats that look favorable for the GOP.

Sick of San Diego potholes?

Monday, March 3, 2014
posted by Carl DeMaio

We just launched a new website where San Diegans can submit potholes for repair — and learn who neglected our roads. Learn more:

“House of Carl” on Instagram

Friday, February 28, 2014
posted by Carl DeMaio

If you haven’t seen our campaign’s new ad entitled “House of Carl,” it’s a play on the critically-acclaimed Netflix series House of Cards — except here, I’m the ‘anti-Frank Underwood’, changing business-as-usual on Capitol Hill with my Fix Congress First initiative. It’s also the first photo we’ve shared on Instagram, the photo-sharing social network.

We’ve also got some great national media attention on our groundbreaking ad from Buzzfeed, NY Daily News, and The Hill.

If you haven’t yet signed up for an Instagram account, you can sign-up and follow me on CarlDeMaioCA.


We’re continuing to build a state-wide network of donors because the Democrats aren’t going to give up this fight easily.


Key Orange County Political Leaders
Endorse Carl DeMaio for Congress

“New Generation Republican” Is
Top Congressional Recruit for 2014

Irvine – Carl DeMaio today released a number of endorsements from key political groups and elected leaders in Orange County who support his bid to win a key nationally-targeted Congressional seat in Southern California.

DeMaio, who already has been garnering significant national media attention and support from national Republican leaders, is running for the 52nd District in the northern part of San Diego.

The Hill: GOP thinks one good win deserves another

Thursday, February 13, 2014
posted by Carl DeMaio

Fresh from The Hill:

“What you saw [Tuesday] night was our reform agenda won,” DeMaio told The Hill Wednesday morning.

“It absolutely validates my ‘new generation Republican’ philosophy: We win when we reform government to make it work. That’s the essence of the choice voters were given last night and they supported reform, as they’ve done time and again in the past.”

Read more at The Hill

Release: Scott Peters Downgraded Again

Monday, February 3, 2014
posted by Carl DeMaio

Rothenberg Changes CA-52 Race From “Tilt Democrat” to “Pure Toss Up”

San Diego – For the second time in recent months, Scott Peters’ chances of reelection have been downgraded – this time to “pure toss-up” – by Rothenberg Political Report, showing continued momentum for DeMaio in his race to unseat Scott Peters.

The analysis states Peters “is extremely vulnerable” – and “DeMaio may actually start the race with higher name I.D. than the incumbent.”

DeMaio Op-Ed: Fixing Congress First

Wednesday, January 29, 2014
posted by Carl DeMaio

This op-ed appears on page A18 in this week’s Poway News Chieftan

Tired of members of Congress passing laws for us to live under, but exempting themselves?

Now more than ever before, we need a Congress that works for us — not the other way around.

The double standards and special privileges in Washington have to end. If we want better results from Washington, we have to start by changing the culture of special privilege that politicians have created for themselves.

It’s 3am and my alarm clock goes off. I don’t want to leave my warm bed, but I have to get downtown by 4am to participate in the “We All Count” Annual Survey of the Homeless.

The survey is important for so many reasons. First, they survey gives local leaders and support organizations the data they need to understand how many homeless we have in San Diego and what kinds of challenges they face. Second, the survey helps San Diego get its fair share of funding to address this problem.

New DeMaio Ad Gains National Attention

Tuesday, January 21, 2014
posted by Carl DeMaio

Our new ad released from my camapaign picked up national attention this morning, getting mentions in USA Today and Politico’s Morning Score.

The ad illustrates how cockroaches, zombies, and Lindsay Lohan are more popular than Congress, including Bob Filner and Scott Peters.

Take a look:


PS: If you haven’t signed my petition to Fix Congress First, there’s never been a better time.

New DeMaio Ad: Fix Congress First

Friday, January 17, 2014
posted by Carl DeMaio

There’s no doubt about it: Congress is completely broken and dysfunctional – and the work of the American people is not getting done.

If we want better results from Washington, we have to start by fixing Congress first – and our first web ad of the campaign highlights just that. Take a look:

We’re also having a town hall tomorrow (Saturday) at 10am to talk more about the #FixCongressFirst plan in RB. If you want to see Congress fixed, you won’t want to miss out on this.

ICYMI: DeMaio on saving Mt. Soledad Memorial

Wednesday, January 8, 2014
posted by Carl DeMaio

Yesterday, I appeared on the Roger Hedgecock Show to talk more about our efforts to save the Mt. Soledad Cross – and about endorsing Rep. Duncan Hunter’s proposed legislation that could end the dispute over the Mt. Soledad Cross by transferring federal ownership the site to a private non-profit. Take a look at the segment!

Two weeks ago, I sponsored the Save Mt. Soledad petition you may have seen (, and it’s been signed by an amazing number of San Diegans – 6,519 in just this short amount of time.

The outpouring of support for the Mt. Soledad Memorial being heard loud and clear!

This morning, I sent a letter to Congressman Duncan Hunter, expressing my endorsement of H.R. 3810 – legislation introduced last week by the Congressman that could end the dispute over the Mt. Soledad Cross by transferring federal ownership of the site to a private non-profit.

Join me this Saturday evening (7-10pm) in Pacific Beach at the San Diego Young Republicans Annual Holiday Party! Not only will it be a blast, but with your help, we can also make the Christmas of our Armed Servicemembers’ children brighter when you bring an unwrapped toy for the USO.

Tickets are $10 for members, and $15 for non-members, and can be purchased online.

More details are on the event page

Saturday, December 21 – 7-10pm
PB Bar and Grill

860 Garnet Avenue
San Diego, CA

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I’m sponsoring a petition to get Congress to intervene to keep the Mt. Soledad Memorial where it is.

Can you sign the petition so we can send a strong message in support of keeping the memorial?

Here’s the petition link:

Congressman Scott Peters supported the removal of the Mt. Soledad Memorial, and since then we have seen millions in taxpayer dollars spent on endless lawsuits.

In fact, over 70% of San Diegans disagree with Peters’ extreme position on this issue – as do I.

DeMaio: The Republican Party Must Change

Thursday, December 12, 2013
posted by Carl DeMaio
Fresh off the press from The Hill:

California House candidate Carl DeMaio wants to be known as a GOP problem solver, not as one of two openly gay Republicans running for Congress this year.

The libertarian-leaning former San Diego City Councilman, who is challenging freshman Rep. Scott Peters (D-Calif.) in a swing district, boasts of the work he did to help his city avoid bankruptcy.

“I don’t think the biggest unique thing about my candidacy is that I’m the gay guy. I don’t think that’s true,” he said. “I think the uniqueness in my candidacy is I get things done.”

Scott Peters may try to spin away history, but we remember what happened.

November 18, 2002

11 years ago today, whistleblower Diann Shipione spoke out against Scott Peters’ pension underfunding scheme that nearly sent San Diego to the brink of bankruptcy.

Councilmember Scott Peters blindly votes to spike pension benefits and underfund the pension system – creating what experts called a “Ponzi Scheme” that put San Diego on the brink of bankruptcy.

What’s worse?  Peters attacked the whistleblower for speaking out.  Instead of attacking whistleblowers like Peters did — calling her “crazy and mad” — we should be protecting them.

DeMaio Blasts Peters for Refusing to Act on Health Insurance Cost Spikes and Cancellations
Challenges Scott Peters to Honor Promise to Allow San Diegans to Keep Existing Plans

San Diego – A week after Scott Peters dismissed the growing calls for reforming Obamacare, mounting evidence proves that promises made by Scott Peters are being broken – as thousands of San Diegans have lost their preferred health care insurance and/or seen massive increases in health care premiums.

Carl DeMaio today blasted Scott Peters for his refusal to support common-sense reform of ObamaCare, saying Peters is so blinded by partisan loyalty that he is unwilling to challenge the Administration or his own Party’s leadership.

DeMaio Blasts Rep. Peters for “Symbolism Without Substance” on Jobs & Entrepreneurism

Peters Trying to Hide Record of Hurting Entrepreneurs and Killing Jobs

San Diego – He’s one of the biggest supporters of some of the worst policies that have created obstacles to San Diego’s entrepreneurs and small businesses, but Scott Peters today proposed creating a “national day” to honor entrepreneurs.

Carl DeMaio, who has built a reputation of getting tax and regulatory relief for San Diego’s small businesses, blasted Peters for the stunt as “the height of hypocrisy and a perfect example of what is wrong with Washington politicians.”

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UPDATE: Check out the segment we did this morning on Good Morning San Diego, kicking off our College Week events and launching my #FreeToBe plan!

Tomorrow I’ll kick off a College Week tour and release my “FREE TO BE” plan to restore economic opportunities to the Millennial Generation.

We can win the youth vote if we offer positive ideas that maximize freedom and opportunity for all.

The UT San Diego has a preview of our effort you can read here:

Darrell Issa Endorses Carl DeMaio For Congress

Tuesday, October 29, 2013
posted by Carl DeMaio

Cites need for experienced, effective leaders to reform government

San Diego, Calif. – U.S. Congressman Darrell Issa (CA-49) today endorsed Carl DeMaio in his bid for California’s 52nd Congressional seat.

“In Congress, we need more Members who are committed to improving government transparency and accountability, and I know that Carl DeMaio is the perfect person for the position,” he continued.

During his time on the San Diego City Council, DeMaio effectively led the way on scores of fiscal and government reforms, including putting an end to pension spiking, opening city services up to competitive bidding, cutting red tape on small businesses, and defeating the largest tax increase in the history of San Diego.

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Petition Rallies to Save Jobs in San Diego

Saturday, October 19, 2013
posted by Carl DeMaio

Our petition rallies in front of neighborhood stores have brought thousands of San Diegans out to sign the referendum to protect maritime jobs from costly regulations recently passed by the City Council.

It is time to take a stand against runaway regulations that cost jobs!  This is one easy way to turn back big government and score a win for the free market!

Join us at an upcoming Petition Rally!

DeMaio Announces Support for Campaign to Save Maritime Jobs
Organizes Petition Drive to Stop Flawed Regulations Restricting Maritime Investment

San Diego — Two weeks ago, the San Diego City Council passed a flawed plan to impose costly new regulations that would severely restrict investment in San Diego’s vital maritime economy, which today contributes $14 billion annually to the regional economy. Today, Congressional candidate Carl DeMaio announced that he is joining a growing coalition of more than 5,000 residents, shipyard workers, small businesses, and maritime organizations who are waging a referendum campaign on the flawed plan.

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