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Peters Took His Politician Pension Early

Thursday, August 14, 2014
posted by Carl DeMaio

Peters Took His Politician Pension Early

Former City Attorney Says “Scott Peters could have declined his pension.”

San Diego – Even though Congressman Scott Peters is personally worth more than $100 million, records from the city pension system released today by the DeMaio campaign reveal that he opted to take his government pension early.

On top of that, a former Chief Deputy City Attorney is calling out Congressman Scott Peters for falsely claiming to the media that he could not decline his politician pension while on City Council.

Scott Peters Lies About Role in Pension Scheme – But Independent Auditors Catch Him

Peters issues statement in 2014 that deceives voters the same way he was found “negligent” for illegally deceiving bondholders in 2004

San Diego – Scott Peters’ pattern of deception continued Monday with his campaign issuing a statement with the outrageous claim that Peters had nothing to do with the pension crisis that almost bankrupt San Diego. Peters even goes as far as trying to leave San Diegans with the impression that he “wasn’t on the City Council” that created the crisis.

How Scott Peters Helped Create Government Millionaires With His Pension Spiking Scheme

San Diego – The DeMaio for Congress campaign today released a new ad titled “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire: Government Edition” which spoofs the popular game show by highlighting how Congressman Scott Peters helped create millionaires out of government employees by voting to spike their pensions.

Yes, Scott Peters helped make millionaires out of government employees.

“Scott Peters voted to spike government employee pensions even though he knew San Diegans could not afford it,” said Dave McCulloch, spokesperson for the DeMaio campaign. “Because of Scott Peters’ pension scheme, many government employees now get pensions higher than $100,000 a year and some even became millionaires,” McCulloch added.

DC press knows what San Diego voters know — Scott Peters makes the “Endangered” List.

Roll Call’s latest edition of the “Top 10 Most Vulnerable House Members” shows several more incumbents in peril. Some of them face top-notch opponents, others are running in unfavorable districts; a couple members just don’t run good campaigns.


Rep. Scott Peters, D-Calif.

Peters got a spot on the last edition of this list because he faces a top GOP candidate in a competitive district that will likely see Democratic turnout drop off this year. San Diego Councilmember Carl DeMaio is his opponent.

Breaking: ABC News profiles my efforts to reform the Republican Party. Take a look and tell me — are you a New Generation Republican?

In fixing our immigration challenges, our number one priority must be to improve our border security — ensuring the United States remains secure from the threat of drugs, guns, and criminals coming through our borders.

The federal government has failed in its basic obligation to secure our border. It’s time to demand accountability and results – no more excuses. A secure border must be the prerequisite and foundation for any additional reform of immigration laws.

Sign my petition and help me tell Congress it’s time to act. Now.

“Congress should be held accountable to the people they serve – not to special interests”

San Diego– After the House of Representatives quietly ended the practice of requiring Members to disclose free travel that they receive from outside groups – often to the tune of tens of thousands of dollars or more per trip – Congressional candidate Carl DeMaio blasted the behavior.

“By hiding the luxury trips that Members of Congress are taking from outside groups, Congress is showing complete disregard for transparency and openness,” said DeMaio. “This lack of transparency is appalling,” DeMaio concluded.

Peters “Thanks” Obama Administration for Swapping 5 Terrorists and Votes to Transfer Detainees to Civilian Courts

 San Diego – Within the span of just one week, Rep. Scott Peters voted to transfer dangerous detainees from Guantanamo Bay and issued a statement congratulating the Obama Administration for its illegal move to release five known terrorists for Sgt. Bowe Berghdal.

“While we all share a commitment to bring our servicemembers home, Congressman Peters puts partisanship over principle when he refuses to join with Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein in calling out the Administration for negotiating with terrorists and breaking the law,” Carl DeMaio said.

Why Scott Peters Had a REALLY Bad Night

Thursday, June 5, 2014
posted by Carl DeMaio

Election Analysis: Rep. Scott Peters Had a Really Bad Primary Night
Peters Posts Worst % Among CA Dems; LA Times Says “Most Likely to Flip”

San Diego – The Los Angeles Times ran a story noting Rep. Scott Peters seat is seen as the “most likely to flip” in the 2014 election and the dismal showing by Peters in Tuesday’s primary underscores why.

San Diego – Carl DeMaio today accepted the endorsement of prominent flag officers and veterans in his race for Congress – and released a plan to hold the Veterans Administration accountable for proper treatment of veterans and proposals to help returning service members transition to civilian work.

“I find it completely unacceptable that our veterans are not getting the help they deserve – and pledge to hold the VA accountable to fix these problems,” declared DeMaio. “We must also improve the job training and placement efforts so we can transition our veterans to work once their service ends.”

ICYMI: Carl DeMaio was just named to Washington Post’s 40 Under 40, a list of “the top 40 political rising stars who are under 40 years old.”

New Mailer: Which side are you on?

Tuesday, May 13, 2014
posted by Carl DeMaio

One of our supporters put this cartoon piece together. I liked it so much, we’re mailing it to voters this week!

Whose side are YOU on?

Carl DeMaio: Early Voting Begins

Tuesday, May 6, 2014
posted by Carl DeMaio

Monday was Election Day — at least for me! Early voting and absentee ballots make it easy to be a part of the process.

KUSI met up with me as I went to vote yesterday. Take a look:

Coming soon to a mailbox near you…

Saturday, May 3, 2014
posted by Carl DeMaio

The first slate mailers of the season are on their way to a mailbox near you. Check it out:

Happy Anniversary to Bob Filner & Scott Peters

Scott Peters and His Backers Continue Pattern of Hypocrisy and Partisan Political Games on Social Issues

San Diego – Today, April 30, marks the second anniversary of Scott Peters’ political alliance with Bob Filner – and serves as a reminder that Scott Peters and his allies have a pattern of hypocrisy and partisan political games when it comes to important social issues.

The DeMaio campaign is posting an anniversary card on its social media networks to mark the occasion, and offers the following statement: “Scott Peters claims to be concerned about women, but he was perfectly willing to overlook Bob Filner’s bad behavior towards women for his own political gain,” said DeMaio campaign spokesman Dave McCulloch.

Fox News: Fixing Broken Politics

Tuesday, April 29, 2014
posted by Carl DeMaio

ICYMI: Take a look at my interview this morning on Fox News’ America’s Newsroom, where I talk about fixing the face of broken politics.

May 10 – Join the New Generation

Wednesday, April 23, 2014
posted by Carl DeMaio

It’s not your age that makes you part of the new generation, it is your mindset.

We stand on principle. We are measured by results, not rhetoric. And we reach out to all communities.

Join us – and capture the future!

DeMaio to Call on Rep. Scott Peters to Reimburse Taxpayers for $7 Million Legal Bill for His Failed Pension Scheme

City Attorney’s Office Assigns “Responsibility” to Scott Peters’ Council for TWICE Voting to Indemnify Pension Officials for Their Illegal Pension Scheme

Carl DeMaio today called on Rep. Scott Peters to “reimburse taxpayers for the millions in legal fees resulting from his decision to indemnify himself and his fellow city pension officials for their illegal deal to spike city pensions.”

Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association Cites DeMaio’s Experience in Balancing Budgets, Reforming Pensions, & Holding Government Accountable

Carl DeMaio accepting the endorsement of HJTA, alongside Richard Rider and TJ Zane

San Diego – As millions of taxpayers rush to file their taxes on time, California’s leading taxpayer group today endorsed Carl DeMaio for Congress as a way to make sure those taxes are efficiently and accountably spent.

Strong Fundraising Tally of $1.6 Million Adds to National Interest, Key Endorsements and Favorable Polls San Diego

San Diego – Continuing to show an impressive fundraising pace, Carl DeMaio announced today that his campaign for Congress raised over $410,000 in the first quarter – bringing his campaign’s tally to over $1.6 million cycle-to-date.

With more than 7 months to go before the November 2014 election, DeMaio sits with more than $1.2 million in cash-on-hand. The tally does not include any funds provided by DeMaio himself.

Most notably, more than half of DeMaio’s contributions this quarter came from online vehicles.

DeMaio Named A Top “Contender” In NRCC ‘Young Guns’ Program
Signals DeMaio Is Top Recruit, Provides Additional Support

Washington, DC and San Diego Today, Carl DeMaio was upgraded to “contender” status in the National Republican Congressional Committee’s Young Guns program as DeMaio’s campaign continues its groundswell of support.

As described in this morning’s Politico Morning Score:

NRCC NAMES 17 ‘CONTENDERS’ TO YOUNG GUNS PROGRAM: The National Republican Congressional Committee is naming 17 House GOP candidates as “contenders” in its Young Guns program, singling them out as top recruits and giving them an additional level of support. “Contenders” are the second level of candidates for the Young Guns program: they are all, per a release, “on the path to developing a mature and competitive campaign operation” and are running for seats that look favorable for the GOP.

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Sick of San Diego potholes?

Monday, March 3, 2014
posted by Carl DeMaio

We just launched a new website where San Diegans can submit potholes for repair — and learn who neglected our roads. Learn more:

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“House of Carl” on Instagram

Friday, February 28, 2014
posted by Carl DeMaio

If you haven’t seen our campaign’s new ad entitled “House of Carl,” it’s a play on the critically-acclaimed Netflix series House of Cards — except here, I’m the ‘anti-Frank Underwood’, changing business-as-usual on Capitol Hill with my Fix Congress First initiative. It’s also the first photo we’ve shared on Instagram, the photo-sharing social network.

We’ve also got some great national media attention on our groundbreaking ad from Buzzfeed, NY Daily News, and The Hill.

If you haven’t yet signed up for an Instagram account, you can sign-up and follow me on CarlDeMaioCA.


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We’re continuing to build a state-wide network of donors because the Democrats aren’t going to give up this fight easily.


Key Orange County Political Leaders
Endorse Carl DeMaio for Congress

“New Generation Republican” Is
Top Congressional Recruit for 2014

Irvine – Carl DeMaio today released a number of endorsements from key political groups and elected leaders in Orange County who support his bid to win a key nationally-targeted Congressional seat in Southern California.

DeMaio, who already has been garnering significant national media attention and support from national Republican leaders, is running for the 52nd District in the northern part of San Diego.

The Hill: GOP thinks one good win deserves another

Thursday, February 13, 2014
posted by Carl DeMaio

Fresh from The Hill:

“What you saw [Tuesday] night was our reform agenda won,” DeMaio told The Hill Wednesday morning.

“It absolutely validates my ‘new generation Republican’ philosophy: We win when we reform government to make it work. That’s the essence of the choice voters were given last night and they supported reform, as they’ve done time and again in the past.”

Read more at The Hill

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