DeMaio Statement: Our Fight is Far from Over

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This is a hard email to write. With only a handful of votes left to be counted, our campaign has fallen short of making the runoff in the race for Congress.

While I am disappointed, I am filled with two other emotions: gratitude for supporters like you and pride in the incredible campaign we ran.

In this race, we had to take on both the Democrat machine and the Republican establishment. Despite the odds, we broke records for grassroots support with over 34,000 contributors giving an average of $64 each, over 2,800 volunteers and 100 college students canvassing for votes, and over 72 Town Hall events packed to capacity.

I want you to know: our fight is far from over.

This campaign has never been about just winning a Congressional seat, but sparking a rebellion of Forgotten Californians to fight to take back our state from socialism.

That work must continue — and here’s what I intend to do next:

1. Reform California: Starting tomorrow I will resume my role as Chairman of Reform California! Our top priority is to Save Prop 13 and stop the property tax hike on the November ballot. We will also fight the local tax hikes the politicians are cooking up.

2. Returning to Radio: Within the next few days, I will be resuming my weekday radio show so we can continue to use the power of the bully pulpit to inform and engage voters in our fight. Stay tuned for our start date!

3. Uniting the Team to Win: We must unite behind the best candidates in the best target seats to win in November — including David Valadao, Young Kim, Darrell Issa, Michele Steele, etc. I have pledged to use the entire grassroots political operation we have built to help those candidates.

I am 110% committed to continuing our fight to TAKE BACK CALIFORNIA and hope you are as well.

In the coming days, I will share more details of how we will deploy our political operation as we pivot to the November election and hope you will be willing to continue to be involved in the fight.

In appreciation,

Carl DeMaio

PS: Please share this email with anyone you know who has been supportive of the campaign. I don’t want to leave anyone out of the loop! We need every single Forgotten Californian to remain in this fight!


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  1. @Alistair Campbell
    Your comment went to spam. We value intelligent discussion on this blog. The first sign of a troll is someone using a fake email address that has foul language in it. Maybe get a clue if you want your comments posted. We’ve let you know this before, to no avail. Some might call you dumb. We won’t, of course.

  2. Although I appreciate Carl’s swift statement, where’s the apology? What happened to the Carl who lied, badmouthed, and fed the Democrats a heap of material to go after Congressman Issa? Carl showed little class in his constant fabrications regarding anything he could against an honorable Vet, a powerful member of Congress, and a pretty decent guy, Darrell Issa.

    So Carl, man up and deliver the honest apology you owe all of us in our district who watched a shameless carpet bagger (you) come in and deliver lie after lie about a Congressman who had actually represented 1/3 of our district prior to gerrymandering? With our district having more Vets, Retirees, Active Duty Military, and DOD employees than anywhere else in the State, you should take a shot at apologizing at every one of us after you badmouthing one of our Veteran Brothers (Yes Darrell Issa).

    Carl, very few people of honor care that you’re going back to your personal cash cow “Reform California”, or your radio show where you badmouthed our President for months. What we care is you should take a long look at leaving our Republican Party, you’re caustic, downright mean, and have lost tens of millions of good folks hard earned dollars.

    It’s time you followed in the footsteps of another disaster of a liberal and go on your own “Apology Tour”.

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