Carl DeMaio Unveils “Freedom Slate” of Candidates

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With the June Primary Election underway, Carl DeMaio is hosting candidate debates and interviews all month long and is offering endorsements to candidates and positions.

Carl’s Endorsements – Candidates, Judges and Initiatives (click here)

Candidate Debates (click here), including the following:

  • Debate – District 1 City Council
  • Debate – District 3 City Council
  • Debate – San Diego City Attorney
  • Debate – San Diego County Board of Supervisors District 3
  • Debate – US Congress, District 52
  • Tom Del Becarro for US Senate
  • Scott Sherman for San Diego City Council

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  1. Carl could have saved a lot of space by simply saying “vote for all the Republicans.”

  2. You vote for all the leftist extremist Democrats. Isn’t that being a hypocrite Hypocrisy?

  3. Hat’s off- That’s a thoughtful, magnanimous, and worthwhile venture, holding debates. Everyone benefits from an open and transparent debate process, especially in vetting little known primary candidates.

    Too bad, however, he and the RPSDC didn’t think that when he was running back in 2014. Many of us recall he, his campaign, and an enabling RPSDC took great steps in avoiding having to debate or even accompany the other primary candidates in public open forums during the 52CD primaries. Its noteworthy he appears even bolder than another SD radio pundit, Roger Hedgecock, who outright refused to have a fellow GOP candidate on his radio show even for a profile segment.

    And here I thought Carl the radio jock was just underscoring the “good ole boy” nepotistic and self-promoting nexus between the donor, political, and media classes here in San Diego. It’s good to see debates are re-emerging again.

    Well done!

  4. Dan,

    I do vote for many Democrats. I have also supported and given personal money to:

    1. Mark Kersey
    2. Brian Maeinschein
    3. Jerry Sanders
    4. Joel Anderson
    5. Rocky Chavez
    6. Brian Jones

    How many Democrats have you supported?

  5. Hypocrisy, of course you gave money to these Republicans. You were trying to get a favor or a job for a crony in return. That’s why Republicans and Democrats alike can’t stand you establishment politicians.

  6. Dan,

    Which is it? Do I only support “leftist extremist Democrats” or do I support anyone who can do me a personal favor? Please tell me more about my motivations since I was under the (obviously mistaken) impression that I simply supported the candidate I thought would do the best job, and sometimes (though admittedly less often than not), that person was a Republican.

  7. HQ, Don’t bother with this guy. He’s a party over country dude. Even I, the evil liberal, thought Sanders was one of the best leaders in San Diego. The hard liners turned on him over gay marriage.

  8. HQ, you didn’t give money to these GOP candidates to help them get elected. You gave money in your labor union capacity to buy ACCESS to these candidates.

    What’s the common denominator of your GOP contributions? These are Republicans who have safe seats, and are sure to be reelected. IF any of these candidates had faced a serious Dem challenger, your donation would likely have been made to the Dem.

    Labor (and you) understand the value of backing a winner.

    BTW, it would be helpful to those who don’t know who you are if you posted your name here, just so folks could verify your claimed contributions.

    Silly me.

  9. Richard,

    I really couldn’t care less whether or not you believe me. As for only giving to Republicans in safe seats, I didn’t know the Mayor’s office was a safe seat, especially the first time Sanders ran. Finally, how many on this blog have given to Democrats running in safe Democratic seats? How much of your personal money have you contributed anyone?

  10. Oops! I hit HQ in a sensitive spot. Your response indicates that you’re becoming a bit unhinged.

    Sanders was a walkover. EVERY candidate in that special election understood that. Indeed, that race is my textbook example of why we need only one “preference vote” election rather than a primary and a general.

    There were six significant candidates in that race, and FIVE were fiscal conservatives who would (and did) endorse Sanders. Fry won the primary with a plurality of the votes because she was the only Democrat.

    Polling showed IMMEDIATELY that she was a loser in November. There was never any doubt. We candidates discussed this inevitable outcome BEFORE the primary results came in.

    I was self employed. Unlike you, my employer didn’t pay me extra money with the understanding that I’d contribute to political candidates. That said, I have. Thousands of dollars over time. You can look it up — I use my real name (novel idea, I know).

    But most of my contributions and my CRT (charitable remainder trust) goes to nonprofits. Some of these nonprofits advance my agenda — others like the Boys and Girls Club are just favored charities. But these nonprofits do NOT reward me for contributing by giving me the favored access that you seek from politicians with your contributions.

    Nothing wrong with your contributions, but don’t for a moment pretend that you are somehow even REMOTELY nonpartisan. You are a True Blue Democrat, and an effective representative for labor unions.

    It’s what you are paid to do. And what you believe in. A wonderful coincidence.

    And to state the obvious — most of us on this blog aren’t trying to buy influence with politicians, so we Republicans seldom contribute to Democrats. We give money to the people we WANT to win. Another novel thought for you, I’m sure.

  11. Quite a few accusations there Richard.

    Firstly, my employer doesn’t pay me extra to contribute to candidates. As you know, that would be illegal.

    Secondly, thank you for your charitable contributions, but if you are insinuating that I don’t give, you are sorely mistaken. The YMCA is my main charity of choice, but I give to at least half a dozen others every year.

    As for being a Democrat, guilty as charged. However, that doesn’t mean that I believe the Democrat is always the best candidate in every race. Unlike you, I don’t just knee-jerk my vote to the one Party or the other.

    Finally, “most of us on this blog aren’t trying to buy influence with politicians…” Well, thanks for the Sunday night chuckle.

  12. Paul: “Party over country dude?” No, just fighting to preserve traditional American values that made this country great. The only thing I see Democrats doing is using Nazi tactics for fiscal and social engineering to destroy the American family and American way of life. Modern day Nazis. That’s why I don’t vote for Democrats…ever.

    Thank you for being honest and admitting that you’re an evil liberal. You liberals preach tolerance and inclusion but hate anyone who disagrees with you, hate God, hate Christians, and try to destroy our lives. Nothing but a bunch of hypocrites and haters.

    To return to the original thread, I like Carl DeMaio, a gay Republican because he supports limited government, individual freedom, and is open minded and fair to Christians.

  13. Dan, you need to check your rhetoric at the door. The name calling goes both ways here. Rostra won’t be known as the blog where we disallow Republicans and conservatives from being called Nazis, but we allow it in the reverse. We know it’s much easier to simply call someone a name — evil, hypocrites, etc — but it’s so much better to not resort to that. Give it a shot.

  14. Didn’t Leo Hamel drop out of his assembly bid? Carl you may want to update this.

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