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The UT Shifts to the Left and Nathan Fletcher Sells Out Conservatives

Monday, July 25, 2011
posted by Steve Baldwin

The UT Shifts to the Left

I’m really sick of the bias of the UT.  There are critical stories breaking every week about the fiscal trouble our country is in, not to mention stories about the corruption of the Obama administration – such as the “Fast and Furious” scandal  – but you wouldn’t know much about such stories from reading the UT. If all you read was the UT, you would think everything in the country is fairly hunky-dory.  But, no, both our state and our nation are on the verge of fiscal collapse and all we get from the UT is biased, dumbed-down wire service national stories and politically correct local stories.

The Top Ten Reasons why the Revolution Bypassed California

Friday, November 5, 2010
posted by Steve Baldwin

Many pundits are trying to explain what happened in California.  After all, Republicans lost every state-wide race,  picked up one Congressional seat and actually lost a seat in the State Assembly. Moreover, California voters elected dozens of hard left wackos and removed the 2/3 vote in the Legislature that had protected us from out of control budgets.   Unfortunately, California will pay a heavy price for such stupidity at the polls.  Hundreds of our largest businesses have already fled and many more are now planning to do so.  There is little hope at this point that California can escape a long-term – perhaps permanent – recession.

The Tea Party Movement has a lot to learn

Wednesday, June 9, 2010
posted by Steve Baldwin

Well, so much for the Tea Party Movement.  At least here in California the Tea Party proved to be almost meaningless.  Carly “I’m a conservative now” Fiorina suckered many Tea Party leaders into supporting her campaign, thereby successfully breaking off what should have been unanimous Tea Party support for Chuck DeVore, one of the most articulate conservatives to run for high office in decades here in the Golden State.  Make no mistake about it; Carly comes from the establishment GOP and her tendencies will be, of course, to moderate once elected.  I don’t really care how well she was coached to pretend she was a conservative; she had absolutely no record of supporting conservative causes or candidates.  None.  The Tea Party needs to recognize that the only way to judge candidates is on their past records; forget the pretty ads and the poll-driven sound bites.

Baldwin hosting the Rick Amato Show this Thursday, 9-11 PM, 1170 AM

Tuesday, May 11, 2010
posted by Steve Baldwin

I will have some experts on government waste calling into my show this Thursday, including David Williams from Citizens  Against Government Waste.  Obama, of course, lied to the voters about how he will eliminate the corrupt “earmark” process.  I also will talk about the growing case for the impeachment of Obama, the Arizona illegal immigration bill, and the recent take-over of the internet by Obama’s regulatory agencies (What, you mean you didn’t read about that in the UT?)   We will also get into some of the elections.  If fact, here are my thoughts on the elections so far:


Baldwin hosting Amato show, this Thursday, 9-11 PM, 1170AM

Wednesday, March 17, 2010
posted by Steve Baldwin

Once again, I am hosting the Rick Amato show this coming Thursday on 1170 AM KCBQ from 9-11 PM.  My first guest will be Brian Kennedy, President of the Claremont Institute, perhaps California’s leading conservative think tank.  Mr. Kennedy is an expert on the Progressive Movement, missile defense, and defense issues in general.

At 10 PM, my guest will be Bob Knight, senior writer for Coral Ridge Ministries and a Senior Fellow at the American Civil Rights Union.  His latest book is Radical Rulers, a book that identifies more than a dozen White House appointees who are all working to bring extreme change to America. This is the most racial group of people ever to run America and many of them have socialist and communist backgrounds.  Naturally, they reflect the socialist sentiments of President Obama.

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Baldwin Guest Hosting Amato Show Tonight, 7-9 PM, 1170 AM

Thursday, February 18, 2010
posted by Steve Baldwin

I will be guest hosting the Rick Amato show tonight from 9-11 PM, KCBQ, 1170 AM.  My 9 PM guest will be Marc Thiessen, former aide to Donald Rumsfeld, former Bush Speechwriter, and author of the new best-selling book, Courting Disaster: How the CIA Kept America Safe and How Barack Obama Is Inviting the Next Attack.  This book is the definitive book on the interrogation techniques used during the Bush years and how such techniques were legal and  saved thousands of lives. Thiessen also examines how the media and the Obama wackos lied about this issue in order to win his election.  Marc had unprecedented access to the people who carried out these interrogations and predicts that Obama Administration’s refusal to interrogate terrorists (Yes, our government NO LONGER interrogates terrorists!) will eventually cost American lives. 

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Baldwin hosting Amato show tonight, 9-11 PM, 1170 AM

Thursday, February 4, 2010
posted by Steve Baldwin

I will be guest hosting tonight for Rick Amato once again, 9-11 PM, KCBQ, 1170 AM.  My call- in guests are Mark Krekorian and Lance Izumi.  Mark will come on shortly after 9 PM.  He is the Executive Director of the Center for Immigration Studies, the nation’s foremost immigration reform group.  We will discuss Obama’s dismantling of border security and his funding cuts for the Border Patrol.   At 10 PM our guest will be Lance Izumi, Director of Education Studies at the Pacific Research Institute, one of California’s leading conservative think tanks.  He will discuss charter schools, vouchers, the Obama education agenda and so forth.   Of course, if there’s any time left over, there are plenty of other issues to discuss such as terrorism, Obama’s budget, the State of the Union speech, the lifting of the national debt, etc.   Feel free to call in tonight.   The call in number:  888-344-1170.

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The Worst State of the Union Speech Ever?

Thursday, January 28, 2010
posted by Steve Baldwin

What a joke the State of the Union speech was.  I have never heard a president utter so many cliches, phony policy ideas, and insults in what used to be considered, historically, a speech composed of substantial policy proposals.

Obama retierated his promise to use the federal government to create jobs, a phony proposition if there ever was one.  As everyone now knows, the stimulus bill created hardly any private sector jobs, a fact the Obama administration appears to have purposely misled Americans about.  Indeed, the Obamanites created 440 fake congressional districts in which they claimed they created jobs.  The only new jobs researchers can locate are  government jobs.  I’m sorry but making local government bigger and more intrusive has nothing to do with growing the private sector economy.  In fact, empowering local government may actually impede private sector growth.

Baldwin hosting Amato show tonight, KCBQ, 1170 AM

Thursday, January 21, 2010
posted by Steve Baldwin

I will be hosting the Rick Amato show once again tonight from 9-11, 1170 AM (or listen on the web at  My guests are Brian Camenker and Brad Dacus.

Mr. Camenker will come on shortly after 9 PM.  He is the President of MassResistance, the leading conservative group in Massachusetts. Camenker will talk about the Scott Brown revolution and the impact Brown’s election will have upon Congress. Camenker is also the nation’s leading expert on Mitt Romney, someone we all know is once again running for President.

Baldwin’s New Year Round-Up

Monday, January 11, 2010
posted by Steve Baldwin

The UT misses the story regarding Al-Awlaki

In the January 10 UT, Matthew T. Hall had a misinformed story about a former local imam named Al-Awlaki whose taped pro-jihadist rants apparently influenced both the Christmas Nigerian bomber and the Ft. Hood shooter.  The gist of the article is that Al-Awlaki used to be more moderate when he was based at a local mosque on the La Mesa/San Diego border.

Hall doesn’t seem to know the Mosque’s name — Ar-Ribat Al-Islamic – nor does he seem to be aware that this is the same mosque where two 9/11 terrorists attended under Al-Awlaki’s leadership. Moreover, this mosque raised funds to bail out yet another 9/11 plotter who worshiped there.  Oh sure, they’re a “moderate” mosque.

Baldwin on Amato Show tonight, 9-11 PM, 1170 AM

Thursday, January 7, 2010
posted by Steve Baldwin

I am hosting the Rick Amato show tonight from 9-11 PM on KCBQ, 1170 AM. My first guest will be Anita Moncrief, a former ACORN leader who defected a few months ago. She will detail how ACORN is a criminal enterprise; how it works exclusively with Democrats, and the role it played in pressuring banks to make loans to high risk recipients. Indeed, Obama worked with ACORN to create the mortgage crisis we find ourselves in today.

Baldwin Hosting Amato Show tonight, 9-11 PM, 1170 AM

Wednesday, December 30, 2009
posted by Steve Baldwin

I’m hosting the Rick Amato show tonight on 1170 AM KCBQ from 9-11 PM. My guest is Chris Colton, Vice President of the Center for Security Policy, one of the nation’s leading anti-terrorist groups.  We will be discussing the latest terror incident – the Christmas bomber – and what this means in terms of US Security needs. 

 I will also be discussing how the Democrats have reversed the phonics reading reforms of the last decade and the devastating effects of AB 32, which, if implemented, will send California into a depression. I may also touch on health care “reform,” the Copenhagen meeting, taxes, guns, Iraqi pro-democracy protests, you name it. It would be great if some of you could call in.  The call-in number is  888-344-1170.

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Baldwin’s Christmas Round-Up

Friday, December 18, 2009
posted by Steve Baldwin

What Happened to the ACORN Investigation?

All over America ACORN is being investigated for voter fraud and other illegal activities.  But not in San Diego.  Why is that?  ACORN has an office in National City and over the last few years has registered at least 25,000 voters inside San Diego County.  Based on investigations into ACORN’s voter fraud activities elsewhere, it’s a good chance that at least half of its voter registrations are fraudulent.  These “voters” may be illegal aliens or they may be fake names using a fake address or perhaps using someone else’s address.  

Baldwin Hosting Amato Show, Tonight, 9-11 PM

Thursday, December 17, 2009
posted by Steve Baldwin


Starting tonight and every other Thursday I will be hosting the Rick Amato show from 9-11 PM, 1170 AM.

Tonight’s show will feature Marlo Lewis, one of the nation’s top global warming experts.  He will fill us in on the outrageous activities going at the Copenhagen globalony-warming summit.  We will also talk about the numerous frauds being perpetrating upon Americans by the climate change lunatics such as the recent “ClimateGate” emails scandal.

At 10 PM, Richard Rider will come on the show to discuss the numerous taxes and regulations hurtling toward us as part of  Obama’s glorious socialist regime. We will discuss taxes at the local and state level as well.

Baldwin’s Weekly Round-Up

Wednesday, November 25, 2009
posted by Steve Baldwin

Since the UT seems intent to ignore national stories of serious import, I find myself having to mention stories that have been ignored or misreported. Enjoy — or cry.

  • The lame-stream media is going gaga over simulated sexual acts by blatant homosexual and American Idol runner-up Adam Lambert.  Lambert simulated fellatio on a male dancer during prime time television on the American Music Awards.  If this behavior was engaged in by a heterosexual male and directed toward a female, all hell would have broken loose, but with Lambert, he seems to have garnered nothing but positive media attention.  This type of crudeness is destroying our culture, regardless of what the “sexual orientation” is of the scumbag involved.  And the mainstream media should be ashamed of themselves for not condemning such behavior.

Reason #452 Obama should be impeached

Wednesday, November 18, 2009
posted by Steve Baldwin

Ok, its official. The Obama Administration is either the most corrupt or most incompetent administration I have ever seen.  Below is a link listing 440 congressional districts that do NOT exist and for which Obama has claimed jobs were created! These phantom districts are responsible for over 28,000 alleged jobs at a cost of $224,525.22 per job, so even if they were real, it is simply not a good investment for the taxpayers.

If it were only a few errors, it might be understandable.  But this is out of control. The errors are widespread and involve almost every state.  Such a pattern of fraud must either be purposeful or evidence of incredible incompetence.  Either way, all these people involved with preparing these reports should be fired.

Baldwin on Amato Monday Nite – KCBQ AM-1170

Friday, November 13, 2009
posted by Steve Baldwin


I will be hosting the Rick Amato show this coming Monday night from 9-11 PM.  The call-in number is 888-344-1170.  With Roger now national, Rick’s show is one of the few locally-based conservative talk shows left here in San Diego.  I will be talking about a number of issues:

* How dissenters to Obama’s health care initiative — if it passes – may get jail time

* The impact the health care plan will have on doctors (Hint: surveys show close to half of all doctors will leave the profession)

* The impact the health care plan will have on private insurance plans

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I’m thrilled to be part of San Diego Rostra and am convinced this is the medium by which the vast majority of Americans will receive their news, if not already, then in the very near future.  The old line media are dinosaurs, especially newspapers.  And it’s not just because the news cycles of newspapers are 24 hours as opposed to the instantaneous news offered by blogs and websites like San Diego Rostra, but it’s also because the UT and other mainstream newspapers have never fairly reported the news. And the people knew it.

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