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What Happened to the ACORN Investigation?

All over America ACORN is being investigated for voter fraud and other illegal activities.  But not in San Diego.  Why is that?  ACORN has an office in National City and over the last few years has registered at least 25,000 voters inside San Diego County.  Based on investigations into ACORN’s voter fraud activities elsewhere, it’s a good chance that at least half of its voter registrations are fraudulent.  These “voters” may be illegal aliens or they may be fake names using a fake address or perhaps using someone else’s address.  

With upwards of perhaps 12,000 illegal votes in play, there are local and state races in which these fraudulent registrations may have made the difference in the outcome. Not only has ACORN been implicated in voter fraud all over the country but San Diego received national media attention when the local ACORN office attempted to assist an underage child prostitution operation.  While the UT hyperventilates over Joel Anderson’s minor campaign finance violations, they’ve refusing to do any basic investigation into the far more serious voter fraud by ACORN.  Now we know why many people refer to the UT as Useless Trash. 

The person whose job is to investigate such crimes is San Diego County District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis.  She considers herself a law and order Republican but I have yet to see any action by her office on this matter. The integrity of San Diego elections is at stake here and yet our District Attorney seems to have ignored ACORN.   Since investigations elsewhere have found the Democrat Party conspiring with ACORN to steal elections, any investigation should also ascertain to what extent the local Democrat Party collaborated with ACORN.

I would suggest we all call Ms. Dumanis at 619-531-4040 and ask her why her office is not investigating ACORN.  If she doesn’t have the guts to go after ACORN, then perhaps when she’s up for reelection the voters should find another District Attorney willing to uphold the law.

How Obama Helped Create Today’s Credit Crisis.

While we’re on the topic of ACORN, I’ve been investigating the work Obama did for ACORN in the 1990s which helped create the regulatory environment that led to the credit crises we now find ourselves in.  This piece below has been published elsewhere and has gone “viral” the last few days: 

This week we saw Obama on all the news shows blaming banks for the credit crisis saying that “you guys caused the problem” and calling them “fat cats.”
This is the height of hypocrisy.  Let me remind everyone that banks only operate within the regulatory environment that politicians create for them.  All throughout the 80’s and 90’s, leftist groups led by ACORN harassed banks with protests, boycotts and lawsuits, falsely claiming banks were “discriminating” against minorities in terms of their lending practices. 
The allegations were bogus.  Banks do discriminate, however, against people with shaky finances regardless of race. And they should.  Banks are not a welfare program. They’re a business.   They make lending decisions based on hard numbers such as a person’s credit rating.  That really don’t care what race a person is; if someone’s credit history gives a bank reason to believe its loan will be paid back, they’ll make the loan.  However, this was all before Congress started to meddle in banks’ lending decisions.
Many of the 60’s activists ended up getting involved with groups that harassed banks and filing lawsuits against them. Some of these suits were successful in that they often ended in settlements in which the banks agreed to make high risk loans to people who simply were not credit-worthy. Eventually, this movement led to Congressional legislation called the Community Reinvestment Act, which applied even more pressure onto banks to make lending decisions based not on fiscal worthiness but on “diversity.”  And that was the beginning of the credit crisis.  
So let’s be clear here. Banks have been forced to make high risk loans as a result of years of protests, legislation, boycotts, and the CRA act.  And who was involved with all of this? Why, our very own anointed one.  Barack Obama.
You can see his name here in the actual docket from one ACORN suit against Citibank:
Or you can read more about this case here:
Yet Obama has the audacity to blame banks for acting under regulations that the movement created by ACORN successfully pushed for?
Not that’s chutzpah.
Obama’s defenders have tried to play this down, saying that Obama was only one of a group of attorneys involved with the case and was not the lead attorney. That is true, but what they ignore is the fact that Obama was involved in many aspects of ACORN, from speaking at its training schools to encouraging leftist foundations to give it funding.  Obama deeply believes in ACORN’s anti-corporate, anti-free market philosophy, including the belief that banks engaged in racism even though no one has even proved this reckless allegation.
It time to face the truth folks:  Obama was part of the “social justice” movement which created the incredibly stupid regulatory climate that caused banks to make loans they otherwise would never have made. 

Well, It Looks Like Bush Didn’t Lie About “WMDs” After All

In one of the most underreported stories of the decade, it has been revealed that 1.7 tons of enriched uranium was discovered by US Special Forces in Iraq over five years ago. This is the material needed to make nuclear bombs.  The material was found at al Tuwaitha, which is where Saddam Hussein’s on-again, off-again nuclear weapons development program was based. And no, the uranium was not for the creation of nuclear energy.  Iraq is awashed with oil; they don’t need to develop nuclear energy.  

Since the Democrats based an entire presidential election on the “Bush lied and people died” mythology and polls have shown that hundreds of thousands of people voted for Obama based on the belief they were misled by the Republicans, one would think this would have been headline news, but the story was ignored by the UT and just about every other mainstream newspaper.

What happened is that after US Special Forces discovered the large cache of uranium, the Department of Energy and Defense jointly sealed off the area and then constructed special containers in order to bring the material back to the USA.  They also had to obtain official permission from the Iraqi government to do this.  All of this took a year or so and was conducted in strict secrecy due to fears that terrorists would attempt to recapture the materiel. 

During this time period, the left and the mainstream media relentlessly attacked Bush for “lying about WMDs” but the Bush Administration was unable to respond. To his credit, Bush did not want to jeopardize the lives of the Special Forces guarding this cache or, God forbid, lose control of the uranium.  

The uranium was successfully removed and now resides here in the USA in a secure location. However, even after the material was safety out of Iraq, Bush did not boast about it. Perhaps he should of.  However, his Department of Energy did send out a press release but very few media outlets reported this story.  

Bush’s reputation may never be the same as a result of the “Bush Lied” myth now ingrained in the popular culture, but he seems to not really care. He knows that his reputation was less important than perhaps saving the West from a nuclear holocaust.  Some day, perhaps, someone will write a book about this and set the record straight. 

While I was critical of Bush for many things, we should all give him credit for keeping America safe since 9/11.  Most Americans seem to have forgotten that Bush’s fanatical focus on preventing terrorism stopped 27 terrorist attacks on US soil, some of which the media doesn’t even know about to this day.  Already, Obama is unable to claim the same record and refuses to even acknowledge that the Ft. Hood shooting was a terrorist incident. 

Human Events Funds the Left

The oldest continuing publication on the right is Human Events, a DC-based newspaper that was Reagan’s favorite publication.  For decades, HE informed conservatives not only about all the hot issues but what was happening within the conservative movement.  It was generally considered the house organ of the conservative movement.

However, that may be changing.  Starting about a year ago, they have ignored the social issues and some information has come to light that may help explain why this is happening.  The president of Human Event’s publisher is Jeff Carneal, an avowed homosexual. Some people might say “so what; that has nothing to do with publishing a newspaper.”  Not so fast. I have examined Carneal’s political contributions by looking at FEC reports and it’s not pretty.  He contributed to the Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund, a PAC that supports hard left gay congressional leaders such as Tammy Baldwin and Barney Frank. He also contributed to the Democratic Campaign Congressional Committee and to the Forward Together PAC, a PAC that supports dozens of leftist politicians such as  Robert Bryd, Tom Harkin, Chris Dodd, Harold Ford,  Mary Landrieu, Kweisi Mfume, not to mention a half dozen state Democratic parties.

So if you’re a HE subscriber please understand you are helping to fund the Democrats.  Like much of the old right and national conservative groups, they’re time is over.  They played a key role at one time but have since become fat, lazy and irrelevant.  As I’ve always maintained, the power of the conservative movement now lies with locally based organizations.

Heritage Foundation and Mitt Romney Designed the Model for Socialized Medicine

As I alluded to in the previous item, the national conservative movement is out of touch with the grass-roots.  To give one example, few people are aware that four years ago Mitt Romney created a foundation and some PACs for the purpose of compromising conservative groups, all in anticipation of his presidential run. 

Few people seem to remember that, as Massachusetts governor, Romney was considered the most liberal Republican governor in America.  Indeed, he funded an array of pro-homosexual programs in the public schools, raised taxes and fees on businesses, expanded state funded abortions, initiated global warming regulations, instituted quotas, appointed hard left judges, endorsed amnesty for illegal aliens, supported gun control and presided over the worst state economy in America.  He even unilaterally implemented gay marriage even though the court did not – and could not – order him to do so.  Indeed, his administration gave the annual ‘Parent of the Year” award to a homosexual couple.   

This is why I was shocked to discover that the California Republican Assembly had endorsed Romney.  As soon as Romney decided he wanted to run for president, he hired a slew of consultants to remake his image and within months he had switched his position on over two dozen issues. It wasn’t just the abortion issue.   

But Romney knew his liberal history was well known to national conservative leaders so his

team hatched a plan.  They created a foundation a five PACS two years previous to his presidential bid.  These entities then systemically gave money to publications such as Human Events and National Review (Surprise, they both endorsed him!) and to a slew of conservative groups and think tanks.  It was a brilliant strategy as it silenced many national conservative groups who simply decided to have amnesia regarding Romney’s liberal past. 

The mythology that Romney was a long-time conservative was then transmitted to the grassroots by these compromised groups which helps explain why Romney lasted as long as he did in the GOP primaries. I expected many Republicans to fall for this ruse but I was shocked to see the hard line CRA fall for it.  

The most notorious sell-out was the Heritage Foundation which, according to FEC filings, received $35,000 from Romney.  Heritage then shocked the free market think tank community  by helping the Romney administration design “RomneyCare,” a semi-socialized medicine program which essentially took over all health care in Massachusetts.  Three years later, RomneyCare is already rationing care, chasing doctors out of Massachusetts and bankrupting the state budget. Aside from the Heritage Foundation, the plan has been attacked by every major free market think tank in the country from the Cato Institute to the National Center for Policy Analysis.

Even more alarming is how RomneyCare was touted by Sen. Kennedy, Senator Clinton, and even Obama’s appointees as a model for how the Federal government’s effort to take over health care.  Apparently, Heritage was hoping to use this health care plan to help Romney win the presidency and thereby have the kind of access to the White House they enjoyed during the Reagan years. By abandoning free market principles, however, they severely damaged their reputation.   I have published a more detailed critique on RomneyCare in NewsMax which can be found here:

There are very few national conservative groups worth supporting anymore yet they continue to raise hundreds of millions of dollars while local groups starve. Many pay their top people six figure salaries.  Folks, it time too put the dinosaurs out to pastor and focus on building the grass-roots right here at home.


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  1. Investigators of the real crimes such as ACORN would have many more resources if Bonnie Dumanis stop attempting to change California’s laws from her political position.

    Actions like those of Dumanis are only as “good” as her intentions are “legal”.

    Once the California Constitution is trampled on by the non-implementation of a 13 year old California Voter initiative like Prop215, all other actions by the rogue Politian become suspect.

    There are many reasons why NOT to re-elect Bonnie Dumanis for County DA.

    San Diego Courts find Bonnie Dumanis “unstable”. . .

    CANDIDATE WANTED: District Attorney for the County of San Diego

  2. Nice refresher course on issues in the past that seem to have been forgotten like Romney Care and Acorn’s political issues. Hope Dumanis gets on Acorn. Hope they are just building a case. Her and Breitbart had a conversation last Monday evening. Bet it was brought up.

  3. I haven’t lived in San Diego for 12 years but I do vividly remember NOT VOTING for Bonnie Dumanis when she was running for Judge back in 94. I didn’t like her political philosophy then and I don’t like it now. I have been confused about how she has she appears to have become an accepted and respected member of the Republican Party down there (btw I’m up in OC now and I doubt we would ever elect her to anything up here).

    Steve, I like your ornery side. Keep it up!


  4. Alright Steve! This is the fire under the belly that the Republican Party in CA needs – especially in San Diego!

  5. Nice refresher course on issues in the past that seem to have been forgotten like Romney Care and Acorn’s political issues. Hope Dumanis gets on Acorn. Hope they are just building a case. She and Breitbart had a conversation last Monday evening. Bet it was brought up.

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