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Recently, while relaxing before heading off to broadcast my weekend radio show, I spent some time watching one of those Star Wars documentaries, where established professors, authors, and other professionals reviewed the very profound story George Lucas had manufactured, comparing his films to great heroic myths of history. I did enjoy what I watched until a different kind of “expert” appeared on the screen, Speaker Of The House, Nancy Pelosi. Commenting about how the evil Galactic Empire was rightfully destroyed by the Rebellion, Pelosi reminded all of us that government exists for the people. Hmm…”For the people.” Familiar words. Profound words too. That is, they might have sounded profound if they had come from anybody else. This is the same woman, after all, who not so subty implied that countless protesters of her impending health care bill are “Nazis.” Gee, Nancy, doesn’t the anti-health care crowd count as “the people” especially since polls show a wide majority distaste amongst Americans for this Trojan Horse you and Emperor Palpatine are trying to pass off as a gift?

Oh well! One expects magic from the the Bay Area princess. Every time she opens her mouth, we have to suspend all belief in order to trust her sincerity and such suspension is impossible without magic.

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