Supervisor Dianne Jacob signals she will seek new Term; Decision cheered by Republicans, but seen as Bad News for San Diego’s Liberal Leaders

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Your  Republican    SD   Supervisors

Dianne Jacob, who grew up and attended schools in her East County district,
will apparently seek a new term in office. Supervisor Jacob filed a Form 501
“Candidate Intention” statement in the last 24 hours, clearing the decks for a
re-election bid.

Ms. Jacob was last re-elected in 2008, with 77% of the vote, against an
active and energetic challenge by Rudy Reyes of Santee. Mr. Reyes was
endorsed by the San Diego Democratic party.

Republicans enjoy a 5-0 majority on the County Board of Supervisors,
in contrast to the 6-3 Democratic majority on the S.D. City Council.

Supervisor Jacob would be heavily favored to win again in her conservative East County balliwick.


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  1. I’ll be voting FOR her and against the SEIU sponosored measure for term limits. Once again, I call for SEIU to clean up their act and bring about term limits for their own officers.

  2. Agreed on the 6-2 number, as the Mayor is now the executive branch in a strong mayor system.

    East County Magazine: Same thing Supervisor Jacob says regularly; planning to run again. Filing papework is more formal than that, as she can now fundraise with a 501 completed.

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