Betty Rexford, you’ve lost another supporter

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I guess I’m an idealist. I hold politicians to a higher standard (Which seems like an oxymoron). I’ve been a Rexford supporter and tried to swallow through everything that has been going on regarding her and the recall efforts. But the straw that broke the camel’s back was her website. Betty apparently believes that even though she promised a press conference to answer all of the claims against her (Which I have told her constantly that she has to do), that there is no longer any need to have one because of this website. Betty might be innocent, but her constant refusal to have the promised media conference, and walking out of a Council meeting when speakers are speaking against her, has turned me from a supporter, to supporting the recall. Betty, please resign. Your actions lead credence that politicians think they are just above the rest of us. Instead of Poway being the “City in the Country”, it is becoming the “Joke of the Country”.


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  1. Poway Roger:

    For many years, the geographic divide in Poway elections
    has been Poway Road. More affluent areas north of it,
    and mainly middle-class south of that street. I’m sure
    you are aware of this.

    Does that Geographic divider still apply? Is Rexford
    someone from the North or South? Are her critics
    from the “other side of the line”?

    Neighborhood rivalries can carry on for a LONG time.

  2. You must be referring to Poway’s version of the “Mason Dixon” line which is Twin Peaks. In regards to Rexford’s recall effort, it has no boundaries. You have angry citizens from both sides of that line. Doesn’t matter if you’re part of the affluent or middle class; you have angry citizens coming from all areas. And in the same regards, Betty’s “few” supporters are also from all sides.

    Regarding the residences of the Council, I know that Merilee and Betty live south of aforementioned line and Don and Carl live north of it. I don’t know which side Jim lives.

  3. Thank you for the insights and information. Poway’s city government was run for so long by so few people. It is
    heartening to see a surge of citizen involvement.

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