Baldwin’s New Year Round-Up

Steve Baldwin Steve Baldwin


The UT misses the story regarding Al-Awlaki

In the January 10 UT, Matthew T. Hall had a misinformed story about a former local imam named Al-Awlaki whose taped pro-jihadist rants apparently influenced both the Christmas Nigerian bomber and the Ft. Hood shooter.  The gist of the article is that Al-Awlaki used to be more moderate when he was based at a local mosque on the La Mesa/San Diego border.

Hall doesn’t seem to know the Mosque’s name — Ar-Ribat Al-Islamic – nor does he seem to be aware that this is the same mosque where two 9/11 terrorists attended under Al-Awlaki’s leadership. Moreover, this mosque raised funds to bail out yet another 9/11 plotter who worshiped there.  Oh sure, they’re a “moderate” mosque.

The real story Hall should be focusing on is why this mosque hasn’t been investigated. After all, if a Christian church preached pro-terrorist sermons and harbored terrorists, it would lose its tax exempt status and the Feds would be all over them.  As long as we maintain double standards, we will not win the war on terrorism. More coming on this story.

The UT missed the boat on a story on stimulus money

It’s clear that the UT does not have any investigative reporters on staff but with minimum research they could produce better stories.  Actually, the main point of the January 10 story on the “Stimulus Bill” is accurate, and that is that Obama’s stimulus money is flooding to corporations in California with a history of fraud or corruption.

Well duh! But what the UT misses here is how these corrupt companies were chosen. Well, FEC records show that their PACs and executives poured money into the coffers of politicians.  Did anyone really think the stimulus money had anything to do with creating jobs?  Like all government hand-out programs, the stimulus program has a political purpose and, in this case, it is to reward big donors with government contracts.

The UT also missed a bigger story about how the Obama Administration boasted about creating thousands of jobs in almost a dozen congressional districts here in California that do not exist.  The real question is where did the money go that Obama claims was spent in these phantom districts?  Whose pockets did they line?  Hey UT, are you listening?

ACORN defector on Baldwin’s Radio show

I had ACORN defector Anita Moncrief on my radio show last Thursday and boy was she a treat!  She confirmed that Obama was deeply tied into ACORN and when he attempted to distance himself from ACORN during the campaign, he was lying.  No kidding. Obama has, in fact, funneled thousands of dollars to ACORN, served as an ACORN trainer, and contracted out ACORN affiliates to work on his presidential campaign.  More shockingly, Obama, as an ACORN attorney, filed one of the first “harassment” lawsuits against a bank chain for the sole purpose for pressuring them into making high risk loans – this was the beginning of the mortgage crisis we find ourselves in today.

Moncrief, of course, is being harassed by the Obama thugs and ACORN has launched a lawsuit against her. I’ve been able to download all the ACORN documents and it’s clear that ACORN is a criminal enterprise and essentially a wing of the Democrat party.

Reid’s racist remarks

Reid’s comments about Obama being “light-skin” with “no Negro dialect” is par for the course.  The Democrat Party has historically sheltered racists.  Senator Byrd was a KKK Grand Dragon at one time.  Indeed, for many decades the Klan was essentially an arm of the Democrat Party.

Illegal Aliens will likely be covered by the Health Care bill

Despite Obama claiming Illegal aliens will not be covered by the health care plan, Washington sources are reporting that key Democrats are working to make sure that in fact illegal aliens will be covered by the plan and are informing the White House that should this not occur they will block Obama’s “comprehensive immigration reform” bill that will be introduced later this year.