Is Brit Hume Not Allowed To Talk About Religion?

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Senior Fox News analyst, Brit Hume is receiving a lot of flack for encouraging Tiger Woods to become a Christian. You will recall an earlier blog where I said that the life of Tiger Woods is none of our business simply because the man is a celebrity. I still stand by those remarks, but today, I am not writing about Woods. I am, instead, writing about Hume. Whether or not he should be giving advice to poor Tiger is not the area of contention. After all, fellow journalists who rebuke Brit Hume openly (such as Keith Olbermann) have certainly been willing to throw their own two cents in the direction of the golfer’s latest sand trap. The problem, according to Olbermann and others, seems to be that a journalist would dare offer an opinion, especially about religion.

Are we really supposed to believe that Keith Olberman doesn’t understand the difference between a news anchorman and a news commentator? Is Keith shy about his own opinion when he pillages George Bush, Fox News or any other Conservative entity?

As for bringing up religion, excuse me, but a television commentator is allowed to comment on anything he likes. How many Liberal commentators keep reminding us of what a peaceful religion Islam is, despite all the terrorism?  That is supposed to be perfectly fine, but say something positive about Christianity and people scream for a phone to dial 911.

Oh wait! I almost forgot! It is OK to discuss Christianity on television, so long as the pundit tells us that Jesus would have approved illegal immigration and that the Bible supports Gay Marriage because God is a God of love. What? You claim that scriptural correlation is taken out of context? Just keep it to yourself. If you say it on television, it will be inappropriate.

Moral of the Story: Church and state must be kept separate unless they’re blurred together by Politically Correct ideology. Here ends the lesson.

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