The remarkable Brittany Catton , Part Two. By Popular Demand of our Readers

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Brittany   Catton     returns

Rarely has an “SD Rostra” article elicited so much comment as our
recent account of new state legislative candidate Brittany Catton.
[76th State Assembly district].

Most reactions were favorable, with some readers pledging to
change their parties and relocate their homes in order to offer
Ms. Catton their fullest support.

There was some criticism, however, wihich included audible
gnashing of Teeth, and even Rending-of-Garments.

So it is safe to say at this point, that Ms. Brittany Catton is
Not boring. And that’s the way we like it at the “SD Rostra” club.
Here then is added information we can adduce to portray her
many accomplishments to date. Our thanks to Allan Hoffenblum
and The California Target Book who first reported her candidacy.

——– Brittany Catton ——- Public Service Record

Brittany Catton, age 28, is the director of Development and
public relations at San Diego Armed Services YMCA. She
has worked there since 2006. She is also a University of
San Diego graduate.

The Armed Services YMCA renders great assistance to
local military families, mainly from the US Navy, U.S. Marine
Corps and US Coast Guard. The “Y” arranges special events
for children of military events, like the “Father-Daughter” dance,
Healthy Kids Day, and the overall “Operation Kid Comfort”.

Soldiers and Sailors who missed Christmas while deployed were
honored at an event called, “The Christmas You Missed” when they
returned in June 2009. In cooperation with the outstanding “Shea
Homes” firm, the AS-YMCA assisted in giveaways of new washers
and dryers to military families in need.

Ms. Catton helped coordinate a successful 1st Annual salute to
the Military , which included the shipping of 1500 “care packages”
to deployed forces overseas in cooperation with the Navy & USMC.

“Wounded Warriors” have been feted on special days, including a
celebrity golf event. San Diego military families have also received
needed furniture and food through actions coordinated by the

This is just a small sample of the SD Armed Services YMCA
program. Ms. Catton is one part of the leadership team which
makes these things happen, under the leadership of superb
Executive Director Paul Steffens. [source: AS-YMCA website].

—————- Summing It Up:
—————–What Kind of Experience?

Ms. Catton’s opponent in the Democratic primary, Toni Atkins,
served 8 years on the San Diego City Council (2000 to 2008)
and 7 years as a Council staffer (1993 to 2000).

That is one kind of traditional government work experience.

Compare that to the activities Brittany Catton has helped to
coordinate over the last 4 years at the Armed Services YMCA.
Then ask yourself this question:

Whose experience is more impressive?

Brittany Catton’s, or Toni Atkin’s?

That question will be answered by Voters in the 76th District
when they vote in June. The district includes: Point Loma,
Clairemont, Bay Park, Pacific Beach, Serra Mesa, Mission
Village, North Park, Mission Valley, Hillcrest, Mission Hills,
and South Park.


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  1. With the only choices being two Democrats, one a government lifer, and the other a relatively inexperienced cute blonde who has done some admirable work for our troops, is it not possible for us Republicans to find a viable candidate of our own?

  2. Methinks Mr. Sills’ overall agenda is to create a discussion about just that…the GOP candidates and their relative chances. I know Rep candidates are in the mix. Why so quiet? If your answer is that you aren’t aware of SD Rostra, maybe you either need a new consultant or a base of volunteers to advise you of what is going on under your nose. Please do weigh in, if you are a candidate for AD 76.

  3. That’s great Ms. Catton has been involved in helping out military families but that tells us nothing about how she will vote in Sacramento. Some of the most pro-tax, big government legislators in Sacramento have engaged in charitable work. But we are in a state of crisis in California. We’re setting unemployment records; jobs are fleeing the state. We’re chasing away entrepeneurs. Taxes and spending both need to be radically cut if California ever wants to be the “Golen State” once again. Otherwise, it will continue on a downward slide. How will Brittany handle the state employee unions, the teachers unions, and the trial lawyers who today are the real powers who run the California legislature? If she’s not willing to break from these powerful special interest groups, then she will just become part of the problem.

  4. D7 Voter and Rostra Admin:

    Fair questions, and here are the answers I’ve found.

    (1) There is a token GOP candidate, but in his recent
    finance statement, he says he raised NOTHING and has
    $0 “cash-on-hand”. He was the GOP nominee in 2008
    and got 31% against Lori Saldana… Not encouraging.

    (2) There are STILL two MONTHS for a new candidate
    to appear. Filing closes on March 12, and it takes only
    40 valid nominating signaures, and a check for $953,
    to get on the Ballot.

    (3) If YOU are a registered Republican, live in one
    of the neighborhoods named below, and have dreamed
    of someday being a candidate… this may be your Open
    Door. No incumbent is running. It’s an Open seat.

    (4) NEIGHBORHOODS of State Assembly District 76 are
    as follows:

    AD 76 Territory
    Point Loma, Clairemont, Bay Park, Pacific Beach, Mission
    Beach, Serra Mesa, Mission Village, North Park, Mission
    Valley, Hillcrest, Mission Hills, Linda Vista, Uptown, most
    of Downtown, and South Park.

  5. Two months out and trying to recruit a last-minute candidate is not the way to go. Doesn’t our local party have any candidates they’ve been grooming? A sacrifical lamb candidate is just a waste of time and resources.

  6. As Jim pointed out, it’s a 42-27 percent Dem district. Many would say that any GOP candidate would be a sacrifiicial lamb, groomed or not. Fair statement?

  7. Two months in Politics is an ENORMOUS amount of
    time. Ample to find a good candidate. The needed
    signatures and paper work can be done in 3 days.

    Turn that frown-upside-down, D7 voter! I’ve seen many
    candidates decide in the last week and go on to win.

    Please take another look at those neighborhoods too,
    most of them are moderate to conservative.

    GOP officials who represent part or all of the 76th district
    include Councilman Kevin Faulconer, Supervisor Greg
    Cox, and Supervisor Ron Roberts.

    This will be the best GOP year since 1994, and the
    incumbent is Term-Limited. [Banging mouse on
    table]… “Hello,Hello, Is this Thing On ?”

    Demos in trouble in Freaking Massachuetts, Demo
    Senate majority leader 10 points behind an ex-State
    GOP Chair in Nevada, New Jersey elects a Pro-Life

    Wake up and smell the Opportunity !

  8. On the one hand, yes that is is a fair statement. On the other hand, there are two less than stellar Democrat candidates, and it’ll be a mid-term election with a strong anti-Democrat (anti-Obama, etc.) contingent of voters. It seems to me that with a strong candidate we may have had a shot at an upset.

    I’m not a campaign professional and I realize it is a game of numbers, and we need to play smart with our time and money. However, I am one of those entrepreneurs Mr. Baldwin mentions, and I’d pose this question to the campaign/Party professionals on this blog: if we aren’t going to take chances in districts like this against terrible candidates then how is the Republican party going to gain strength in Sacramento and DC?

  9. Very good question.

    I will point out that while Ms. Atkins is a bonafide liberal, she is running in a liberal district that elected Lori Saldana 3 times. Plus, Atkins did win a seat on the city council, so she is no novice. She will have a lot of money and a lot of support long before anyone hits the panic button to bring in the big guns.

    Like Susan Davis’s district, it will take a boat load of cash (at least 500K to start) and a great candidate to simply be considered competitive.

    The only reason for spending cash in the 76th would be a diversion tactic to pull money from another race in the region.

    Save the money and wait 2 years for redistricting. Maybe that will even things out.

  10. The question remains, however…is the Party recruiting a decent candidate or not?

  11. We’re recruiting a Candidate right here.

    That’s the beauty of this Internet thing.
    Everyone can help, everyone can be a Leader.

    If people reading this know of a qualified man or
    woman in this district who might consider getting
    involved, please forward this info to them for their

    I heard the same “save the Money” talk when an
    unknown named Duncan Hunter ran against 18-year
    incumbent congressman Lionel Van Deerlin. Folks
    laughed at Hunter. Loudly… Guess who laughed last?

    Ditto Paul Fordem against Supervisor Lucille Moore,
    and Kevin Faulconer against Lorena Gonzalez, and
    Brian Bilbray against Congresswoman Lynn Schenk,
    and Steve Baldwin against Assemblyman Tom
    Connolly, and Shirley Horton against Vince Hall.
    NO Republican could POSSIBLY win those races.

    BUT they all did.

  12. Jim Sills, I’m in the 78th. Not that I have any desire to go to Sacramento…too dysfunctional…I’d go nuts.

    SD at Heart, I suppose we can wait two more years. We’ve lived with Saldana and her ilk, and they haven’t done much damage to our state 🙂

  13. D7 voter:

    There’s NO Republican candidate yet in the 78th
    Assembly district, a seat held for SIX years by the
    great Shirley Horton… that’s according to the Sec.
    of State’s candidate list website:

    Again, if you or other readers know of a good potential
    candidate in Chula Vista, Del Cerro, San Carlos, the
    College Area, Bonita, or Spring Valley (some key AD 78
    neighborhoods)… let them know there is an opportunity
    and it is right NOW… not in 2 years or 20 years.

  14. Mason posted this comment on Rostra a couple of weeks ago:

    “This post about being encouraged to run for the 76th Assembly district is a weak attempt by someone out of the other camp. Only ONE person has ever asked me about getting out of this race! I am running for Congress and that is the final word.”

  15. Gentlemen:

    I selected this photo of Ms. Catton because it
    captures a moment of reflection and internal
    dialogue. I’m sure that’s what Dude meant,
    that intelligent women are quite appealing…

  16. Dear Mr. Sills and SD Rostra Readers,
    Thank you for taking the time to mention my candidacy. I enjoyed reading the responses. Hi Blue! I am learning a lot. and I can assure your readers being new and free of the party and special interest support (they are all for Atkins and have been way before I came in).
    If I won, I could vote freely based on what is fair for all concerned.
    I was a Poli Sci major at USD, volunteered on campaigns etc. and nothing out there could have prepared me for the backend of this process. I encourage everyone to run for office, go get ’em!
    Thanks for your time,

  17. Ms. Catton:

    Thanks for your straight-forward and unscripted remarks
    today. They do you credit. And you are right, there is no
    experience quite like being a candidate!

    May I offer your some advice? Whatever the outcome
    of your current campaign, you have a LOT to offer to the
    world of government and public service. Learn from
    what happens in 2010, and continue to be a Leader…
    for a long time to come. San Diego needs quality
    people in both major parties.

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