Castaneda Campaign “Mistakes”?

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We will see where this goes. It seems that whatever train is trying to bulldoze Castaneda, they seem to keep doing it around election time – coincidence or political tactic by Cox? I wouldn’t doubt that she really is THAT afraid of Castaneda and of having to run a real campaign. Heck, she just might have to knock on a door or two (or probably more like 25,000 since most of Chula Vista dislikes her!) Remove Castaneda and who else is there? Rumor has it that McCann still hasn’t been counted out as a possible opponent but time for him to file is running out. That sure would be an exciting race wouldn’t it? Cox versus McCann, a guy who has a pretty good (and positive) name recognition and who happens to be serving our country in a war? And, in a city with a large veteran population. Now, that would be fun! I guess we will have to see whether or not Cox can get rid of Castaneda first. Maybe Cox should focus on winning re-election the old fashioned way – getting something… anything… done in Chula Vista!


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