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I will be hosting the Rick Amato show this coming Monday night from 9-11 PM.  The call-in number is 888-344-1170.  With Roger now national, Rick’s show is one of the few locally-based conservative talk shows left here in San Diego.  I will be talking about a number of issues:

* How dissenters to Obama’s health care initiative — if it passes – may get jail time

* The impact the health care plan will have on doctors (Hint: surveys show close to half of all doctors will leave the profession)

* The impact the health care plan will have on private insurance plans

* The Fort Hood Shooter and why Obama and the liberal media have worked hard to ignore the shooter’s Jihadist connections

* Obama’s decision to give missile technology to Communist China

* The Obama decision to promote the gay agenda in the military.

* The gay agenda items Obama’s allies snuck into the health care bill

* The REAL unemployment statistics which the government will not tell you about (Hint: Its over 20%)

* The coming Cap and Trade bill and the damage it will do to our economy.

* New info from the mainstream media about how Obama did NOT write his autobiography; Bill Ayers did.

That’s for starters.  It would be great to have some of you call in and chat with me about these issues.  We will have a few guests.

Steve Baldwin


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