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I will be hosting the Rick Amato show once again tonight from 9-11, 1170 AM (or listen on the web at  My guests are Brian Camenker and Brad Dacus.

Mr. Camenker will come on shortly after 9 PM.  He is the President of MassResistance, the leading conservative group in Massachusetts. Camenker will talk about the Scott Brown revolution and the impact Brown’s election will have upon Congress. Camenker is also the nation’s leading expert on Mitt Romney, someone we all know is once again running for President.

The media and even large segments of the conservative movement “leadership” misled many conservatives as to Romney’s real record, including the role he played in advancing homosexual marriage, massively increasing state funding of abortion, raising taxes, championing gun control, promoting global warming, funding homosexual school programs and advocating homosexual adoptions. And that’s the short list.

If you had thought Romney was a conservative due to information you received last election cycle from even some conservative groups such as the California Republican Assembly, then you need to hear about the real Romney agenda from someone who has fought him tooth and nail for a decade. If you had any thoughts about supporting Romney the next presidential election cycle, then you don’t want to miss this show.

The second guest is Brad Dacus and he will come on shortly after 10 PM.  Brad is the President of the Pacific Justice Institute Foundation, the West Coast’s leading religious civil liberties group.  It will review the assault upon religious freedom that continues to occur in America today.  We even have local governments right here in San Diego County attempting to restrict the right to host a home worship group!  Brad is doing more than most to fight the liberal Nazis as they attempt to destroy freedom of religion in America.

I hope some of you folks call in and ask my guests some questions:  888-344-1170.


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  1. Sounds like a good show. I had read quite a bit about Romney’s record so when my CRA buddies started telling me why I should vote for him I explained what I had learned and then they told me how important it was for me to support a candidate who could win. I stood tall and told them “win or lose, I’m voting for Duncan!” If there is ever a candidate who should be fully vetted it should be one who is running for president! Looking forward to hearing what your guests have to say.

  2. Thanks Dwight; yes, we really got into Romney’s record last night by interviewing Brian Camenker. Romney’s record as governor makes Arnold look like a raving right winger. I just can’t believe CRA people fell for this hoax. They all need to be slapped!

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