The Worst State of the Union Speech Ever?

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What a joke the State of the Union speech was.  I have never heard a president utter so many cliches, phony policy ideas, and insults in what used to be considered, historically, a speech composed of substantial policy proposals.

Obama retierated his promise to use the federal government to create jobs, a phony proposition if there ever was one.  As everyone now knows, the stimulus bill created hardly any private sector jobs, a fact the Obama administration appears to have purposely misled Americans about.  Indeed, the Obamanites created 440 fake congressional districts in which they claimed they created jobs.  The only new jobs researchers can locate are  government jobs.  I’m sorry but making local government bigger and more intrusive has nothing to do with growing the private sector economy.  In fact, empowering local government may actually impede private sector growth.

Then there was Obama’s attack on campaign finance reform and throwing a line in warning us about foreign influence on our elections.  But the only candidate in memory to have benefited massively from foreign donations was Obama.  Millions of dollars flowed into his campaign from Muslims overseas.  Indeed, Obama’s campaign website allowed foreign donors to make credit card contributions in violation of federal election law. FEC records show that more the 11,500 foreign contributions were made to Obama’s campaign, totally $33.8 million.  520 contributions came from Iran alone.

Naturally, Obama blames Bush for much of the economic crises we find ourselves in but Obama has spent billions more than Bush ever contemplated.  But it’s worse than that. Obama’s party controlled Congress the last two years of the Bush administration and therefore had control of all the financial oversight committees.  On over a dozen occasions, Bush himself, his treasurer, and various Republican Senators called for hearings and investigations regarding the solvency of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.  The Senate, which included Obama, refused such requests.  The reality is that Obama and his gang have been in power for three years, not one.

Moreover, as an ACORN attorney in the mid 90’s Obama sued Citibank to force them to make more high risk loans.  This suit led to many other such suits and forced many national Bank chains to lower their lending standards.  Then, in order to cover the rear ends of these banks, the Democrats introduced legislation which mandated that Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae guarantee such loans.  This is how the mortgage crisis began and Obama was one of its pioneers.

As for his proposed “spending freeze,” you’ve got to be kidding me. Obama is spending at an unprecedented rate and now wants to freeze spending?  While all the Republican  talking heads on TV are uttering politically correct responses – “it’s a step in the right direction, blah, blah, blah, “ let me say right now, no, it’s not a step in the right direction.  In fact, to freeze spending at the rate Obama is spending will be disastrous.  It means that Obama will be allowed to continue spending at the current irresponsible rate year after year.  We need to dramatically cut spending, not freeze it at the level Obama has taken it to.

I must also say that it was shocking to witness Obama continue to push for his failed health care reform. In the wake of Massachusetts, Dems are running from his health care bill like it was the plague.  But the anointed one doesn’t seem to have noticed.  He doesn’t seem to realize that the victories in Virginia, New Jersey and now Massachusetts are a repudiation of his looney-left agenda.

While mentioning “job creation” in the same speech, Obama brought up his dead-on-arrival Cap and Trade bill, potentially the biggest job killer of all his idiotic schemes.  It is now apparent that Obama has no idea what creates jobs in a free market society, but this should not come as any surprise. After all, he associated with socialists his entire life, from his childhood mentor Frank Marshal Davis to the Marxist professors he wrote favorably about, to the Chicago Socialist community that nurtured his political career.

Obama’s speech also contained tired rhetorical gimmicks that he used during his campaign, such as his proposal to ban the influence of lobbyists and his call to reduce the use of “earmarks” to sneak pork into the budget bills.  But Obama himself hired dozens of lobbyists and signed a budget bill just a few weeks ago that contained the most earmarks ever – 11,000 – some $13 billion dollars in pork.

But his favorite rhetorical gimmick is his call to assess tax penalties on companies who move jobs overseas.  But most companies move overseas only if they have to and if they’re being slammed by a plethora of taxes and regulations domestically; yes, that’s what some companies will do in order to survive.  But the solution is to cut taxes and regulations, not propose new ones.

But the proposal is also completely impractical.  Which companies would be affected?  Those who buy their raw supplies overseas?  Those companies who have moved only their accounting or technical departments overseas?  Those who open up overseas offices?   What portion of a company’s employees would need to be overseas for this law to kick in?   Does Obama not know that multinationals already pay taxes both here at home and to the foreign country they do business in? Any further harassment of such firms will simply chase them entirely out of the United States.

The speech demonstrated that Obama is not the genius our media has made him out to be.  It should alse be now obvious to call that he has little comprehension of free markets or how to create jobs, but again, we’re dealing with someone who has no business or executive experience. We should not be surprised.  Indeed, Obama can’t even seem to deliver a coherent speech without his teleprompter and now new information has come to light revealing that his highly praised speeches were ripped off from the speeches of Massachusetts governor Deval Patrick. On top of that,  it has now been revealed that Obama’s  much acclaimed biographical books were written by Bill Ayers, the unrepentant terrorist.  In other words, his bio continues to shrink.

It is now clear that Obama lied to the American people about his background, his policies, and his credentials. The famous economist and Reagan advisor Art Laffer is predicting a full collapse of our economy by this time next year. Our Congress should seriously consider impeaching Obama before his policies drive America into another depression.


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  1. Using the word “I” 96 times, his speech was the rantings of an angry, self righteous narcissistic prig. He gave the finger to the Supreme Court and the rest of us who handed his rear to him in the past three gubernatorial elections. Obama took one year to accomplish what it took Clinton two to achieve, and then Clinton had the survival instincts to run back to center. Obama is no such animal. After the upcoming November Armageddon he will be politically castrated and that is none too soon.

  2. All true. The “spending” freeze he proposed excludes entitlement programs like social security and medicare, so it will only effect a true cut of about 1%, if any.

    Clearly, like most radicals, Obama is a victim of egomania. He believes that his agenda is “right,” and, as a result everyone else must support it without dissent. He and his handlers filter out and disregard any contradictory facts.

    Most dangerously, he does not acknowledge that the Constitution places any limits on the power of the federal government to carry out his marxist plans. In college he wrote an essay in which he concluded that the Constitution acts as an obstacle to “equality,” whatever that is. This is the source of his insult to the Supreme Court majority which struck down the awful McCain-Feingold campaign finance law as violative of the 1st Amendment.

    Congressional Democrats from difficult districts (and, perhaps, even from some “safe” ones after their Massachusetts debacle) were figuratively grinding their teeth throughout this horrible message. Unlike Obama, most of them must face the voters in a little over 9 months. Somehow, I think that the invitations to Obama come out to the districts and campaign for these incumbents will be few and far between.

  3. Oh, come on! Worst ever? Are you kidding me? I’d say that the Obama speech, as well as the Republican response, was some of the most riveting political theater I’ve seen in years.

  4. Maassive:

    Yes, you’re right; the speech was “riveting” in that it had my attention due to its rudeness, policy gimmicks, and all-consuming focus on Obama, the annointed one. The American people agree with me as well — it was pitiful.

  5. Great speech by a great leader. What is your next move teabaggers? Paint a Hitler mustache on his portrait? Vote in another vapid nude centerfold?

  6. Doc, one thing we will do is continue to allow those like you to post on Rostra, so all can see how creative you are. What we won’t allow, though, is for you to come on here and use multiple pseudonyms like you have, one week funky leucadian, the next sandy bottom, then itchy and a couple of others. This is a warning. Select a name and stick with it.

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