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Since the UT seems intent to ignore national stories of serious import, I find myself having to mention stories that have been ignored or misreported. Enjoy — or cry.

  • The lame-stream media is going gaga over simulated sexual acts by blatant homosexual and American Idol runner-up Adam Lambert.  Lambert simulated fellatio on a male dancer during prime time television on the American Music Awards.  If this behavior was engaged in by a heterosexual male and directed toward a female, all hell would have broken loose, but with Lambert, he seems to have garnered nothing but positive media attention.  This type of crudeness is destroying our culture, regardless of what the “sexual orientation” is of the scumbag involved.  And the mainstream media should be ashamed of themselves for not condemning such behavior.
  • Unemployment taxes will be rising in just about every state.  Most people don’t realize that the unemployment taxes paid by employers are set in most states using a formula that factors in the number of unemployment claims. This means that states hardest hit by unemployment — like California – will impose steep increases upon the very entities already struggling to stay afloat – businesses.  A steep increase here in California will destroy thousands of jobs, thus leading to an unending cycle of higher employment followed by higher unemployment taxes. Who was the genius who designed this program?
  • Meet the real power behind the throne.  My Washington sources tell me the main pressure on Obama to try terrorists in civilian courts is coming from billionaire George Soros.  Soros funded the massive network of groups that basically elected Obama and is a strong proponent of granting terrorists all the rights American citizens enjoy.  When younger, Soros collaborated with the Nazis and somehow escaped justice for his actions.  Over 30 key Obama appointees have been hired out of organizations funded by Soros.  Moreover, Obama’s Justice Department is full of lawyers who proudly refer to themselves as the “Gitmo Bar,” and who view America as evil and to captured terrorists as “political prisoners” who were just reacting to America’s “imperialist” policies.  Holder is one of them.  The nutcases are running our government but we should not be surprised.  This is Obama’s crowd.
  • It has now been determined that the number of fictional districts in which alleged jobs were created by the Stimulus Bill is 440.  Yes, that’s right, the official stimulus report lists 440 congressional districts that don’t exist. Here in California, 8 districts are listed that jobs were supposedly created in:  the 57th, 64th, 67th, 76th, 80th, 91st, 99th, and one district labeled “00.”  The real question is what did the Obama crooks do with all the funds listed as being spent in these 440 fictional districts?  We’re talking nearly 6 million dollars in the seven fictional California districts.  How much longer are the American people going to tolerate the most corrupt government since Harding?
  • Chris Reed of the UT seems to have spent every waking minute of his life the last two weeks bashing Assemblyman Joel Anderson, but Reed needs to read up on his campaign finance law.  The main charge against Joel is the funneling of money from his ’08 State Assembly account to a ’10 State Senate account, but in order for a violation to exist, Joel would have to have filed for the Senate race and he hasn’t done so.   Moreover, he has since returned all the funds.  What a bogus law to begin with, criminalizing the funneling of one’s own campaign money to one’s own campaign.  Where was Reed when the Obama campaign accepted millions of dollars in foreign money – mostly Arabic sources – which constituted the most foreign interference in a U.S. presidential election in American history?  The FEC refused to investigate and, naturally, the UT ignored the story.
  • The Washington Times is reporting about the existence of a White House fundraising apparatus that is as unethical as was the Clinton fundraising operation.  Remember the Lincoln bedroom stayovers?  Well, Obama’s big donors are now being given access to various White House perks, like being allowed to use the White House bowling alley, invites to private White House receptions, private briefings with cabinet members, etc.  The DNC claims there’s “absolutely no correlation” between fundraising and those who are getting the special perks. Yeah right. It just so happens that all those receiving such treatment are Obama’s largest donors. I guess it’s just a coincidence. So much for “change.”
  • The New Yorker’s John Cassidy wrote an interesting piece about the health care bill on a website two weeks ago: “Let’s not pretend that it isn’t a big deal, or that it will be self-financing, or that it will work out exactly as planned.  It won’t.  What is really unfolding, I suspect, is the scenario that many conservatives feared. The Obama administration …..Is creating a new entitlement program, which, once established, will be virtually impossible to rescind.” The real goal here, Cassidy says, is the make “the United States a more equitable country.”   In other words, Obama’s main reason for pursuing the health care issue is to transform America into a socialist country.  It’s what we all knew all along but it nice to see a prominent liberal journalist admit it.
  • Speaking of health care “reform,” passage of this bill will not only set our economy back further but it will likely be the point historians will look back upon to identify when America became a European-style social democracy. I, for one, will be flying my American flag upside down.  For those uniformed about flag protocol, an upside down flag means distress.  America is on the brink of becoming a socialist nation.  If that’s not distress, then I don’t know what  is.  I would urge everyone to do the same.

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  1. Steve,
    Glad you are back in the frey. Hope to see you a regular contributor. BTW, when is the next Tea Party? Seems like Joel’s problems will be extremely self limiting.
    dr gary

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